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George Takei
Waiting for Trump to tell the French they need to rake the leaves on their church floors to prevent more fires.
16 Apr, 01:52 PM UTC
Donald Tusk
I’d like to say words of comfort and solidarity with the French nation, also as citizen of Gdańsk, 90% destroyed and burnt, later rebuilt. You will also rebuild your cathedral! From Strasbourg, French capital of the EU, I call on all 28 States to take part in this task.#NotreDame
16 Apr, 07:09 AM UTC
Andrew Pollack
Over the last month, 12 Catholic churches have been attacked in France. French officials: silent Church officials: silent Media: silent Muslim Immigrants: celebrate #FixIt
16 Apr, 02:48 PM UTC
Kaya Jones
#notredame was the 875th church to have been vandalized in France 🇫🇷 this year alone. In the last four years these are the attacks on French churches. Christians everywhere pray. Our faith is the number 1 persecuted religion in the world at this time. 🙏🏼💔😔 Kaya Jones's photo on the french
16 Apr, 04:57 PM UTC
16 Apr, 06:31 PM UTC
Katie Hopkins
Fox News invites French elected official on the show to update on #NotreDame fire. French official goes off script and updates on the attacks on churches throughout France (excrement smeared on cross etc). Fox News cuts off invited guest. The #OvertonWindow edges shut Katie Hopkins's photo on the french
16 Apr, 01:17 PM UTC
A day after Paris watched a piece of its history burn, French cellist Gautier Capuçon performed in front of the Notre Dame cathedral to send a message of hope CNN's photo on the french
16 Apr, 05:20 PM UTC
Aditya Chakrabortty
The Notre Dame exposes the paradoxes of austerity politics: Macron preaches cut for French people, yet swears a national effort to restore a cathedral Billionaires squeal at paying higher taxes, yet can throw millions at this We haven't moved far from the rich buying indulgences
16 Apr, 10:58 AM UTC
maz x
as heartbroken as I am about Notre Dame there’s something seriously wrong when French billionaires have already pledged over €300 million to fix a church while 9 million people in France live below the poverty line
16 Apr, 10:45 AM UTC
Paul Joseph Watson
The Vice-President of the French student union at the University of Lille reacted to the Notre Dame fire by tweeting, “I swear to Allah we don’t give a rat’s ass.”
16 Apr, 11:21 PM UTC
Mfanafuthi Biyela
Timbuktu oldest library in the world housing black history was torched by French backed rebels forces. How I wished people also thought and prayed for the people of Mali and the entire African continent at large. Love others hate yourself.
16 Apr, 06:40 AM UTC
United fans insulted Mourinho for this Martial. Man, Mourinho really suffered at United. Imagine a manager who has managed some of the greatest players ever being insulted by a deluded, myopic & visually challenged fanbase for a French Wayne Routledge. United fans have no sense.
16 Apr, 08:21 PM UTC
3 french billionaires have pledged 600+ million euros for the Notre Dame reconstruction in less than 12 hours. let that put into perspective how easily billionaires could end world hunger, poverty, lack of access to healthcare/clean water/education but choose not to.
16 Apr, 05:06 PM UTC
Austin Ramzy
French tycoons have already pledged $340 million to rebuild Notre-Dame, a great show of generosity, but perhaps also a sign that the inequality protesters have a point
16 Apr, 08:12 AM UTC
محمد بن زايد
"The world witnessed a terrible night with the burning of the historic Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. We stand by our French friends and mourn the damage inflicted on one of the oldest and most famous world heritage landmarks."
16 Apr, 09:23 AM UTC
Pamela Geller
Muslim Migrant Arrested for Smashing 800-Year-Old French Basilica Holding Tombs of French Kings: The judge delayed the trial and ordered a psychiatric evaluation. Apparently, Islam is a mental illness. The 800-year old church holds the tomb of… Pamela Geller's photo on the french
16 Apr, 03:03 PM UTC
french people chanting outside notre dame after the tragic event gwen's photo on the french
16 Apr, 07:28 PM UTC
Kaz Weida
Mayor Pete offering his condolences to the French in their own language. ❤️ It’s nice to have a Presidential candidate who speaks Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Maltese, Arabic, Dari, and French but refrains from telling the French how to put out their own fires with water tankers
16 Apr, 01:50 PM UTC
Sky News Breaking
The chief executive of the French oil and gas company Total says it will make a €100m (£86.3m) donation towards the rebuilding of Notre-Dame Cathedral
16 Apr, 11:06 AM UTC
Daniel Pipes دانيال بايبس
French #Islamist responses to the #NotreDameDeParis fire? Insults, derision, joy. @Valeurs: "On social networks, 100s of Internet users, Muslims especially, have made fun of it or congratulated each other with hate messages, mostly ignored by the media."
16 Apr, 09:17 PM UTC
Virginia Dare
People need to stop being surprised or angry at things like this. She just lives there. She’s not French. Why would she care about French history? Get angry at the people who imported these hateful invaders.
17 Apr, 12:13 AM UTC
Fr. Kevin M. Cusick, LCDR (Ret.)
The French are afraid of starting a shooting war now by being honest about the inexorable Islamic takeover of their country. No option. Now is better than waiting until you have to take it back later by bearing arms as the disenfranchised slaves of cruel nonbelieving overlords
16 Apr, 12:18 PM UTC
Emerald Robinson
Four days ago, a Muslim terrorist who tried to blow up Notre Dame in 2016 was sentenced. Meanwhile a Pakistani Muslim migrant is currently on trial for vandalizing the Basilica of St. Denis - where the Kings of France are buried.
16 Apr, 09:02 PM UTC
Catholic News Agency
The roses, which crown the north, west, and south sides of the cathedral, have survived numerous ransackings, the French Revolution, two world wars, and now a massive fire. #NotreDame #Catholic
16 Apr, 10:25 PM UTC
Annie Hailey
“Stand by your Nan. The German State Pension is £26,000 French State Pension is £15,811 British State Pension? Just £7,488” And for many in the UK even less. via @nyebevannews
16 Apr, 01:07 PM UTC
Dave's Not Here ⭐⭐⭐
Something is rotten in Paris. French media confirms there were NO CONSTRUCTION WORKERS at Notre Dame Cathedral at time of the fire and the church was CLOSED. So what is this guy with a towel on his head doing there? See @smoss319 video and sceenshots. 😲
16 Apr, 06:28 AM UTC
The New Yorker
The fire at Notre-Dame is not the kind of historical event that we ever expect to live through, much less watch in real time.
16 Apr, 09:18 PM UTC
Lauren Windsor
#NotreDame is beautiful, but it's insane that 3 French families have raised $700 m to restore 1 building. Meanwhile, in US we had 3000 people die + half of Puerto Rico get destroyed, and the most notable private fundraising was $2 m from Oprah and $14 m from Lin Manuel Miranda.
17 Apr, 02:27 AM UTC
The Notre Dame was built in 1163 and took about two centuries to complete. It survived the french revolutions and two world wars. Anyone who appreciates history, creativity, and beauty should be heartbroken right now. So sad to lose this part of our shared story. #NotreDame
16 Apr, 05:14 AM UTC
kojo preyman🇩🇪🇬🇭
When prez.Emmanuel Macron said he'll surely build the Notredame cathedral again,he has just received promise of £300 million from two french citizens....are you still wondering why millionaires will continue to be rich ? #NotreDameCathedralFire
16 Apr, 11:35 AM UTC
The Hill
French President Macron: "We are rebuilders. There's a great deal to be rebuilt and we will make the cathedral of Notre Dame even more beautiful. We can do this." The Hill's photo on the french
17 Apr, 04:31 AM UTC
The French soldier, historian, and patriot Dominique Venner was born on this day in 1935; he ended his life in the Notre Dame Cathedral on May 21, 2013 as a protest against Europeans' demographic replacement. Find out more about his life and work.
16 Apr, 09:08 AM UTC
YHWHuniversity™️ knowing GOD through Jesus🎚Christ
They laughed at #911attacks to see America burnt to ground zero! And so the #ReligionOfPeace laughs again at the irreplaceable; #NotreDameCathedralFire🔥 This was no accident as French authorities say, this was deliberate on #HolyWeek. @GatestoneInst YHWHuniversity™️ knowing GOD through Jesus🎚Christ's photo on the french
16 Apr, 10:47 PM UTC
⭐️⭐️⭐️ @gsPatton007 PRAY 4 FLYNN
.Notre Dame 875th church vandalized in France this year. In last four years pic 👇 shows the attacks on French churches. Christianity most persecuted religion now in the world. Time for Governments to protect Christians. Or Christians protect each other. 👇👇👇👇👇👇 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ @gsPatton007  PRAY 4 FLYNN's photo on the french
17 Apr, 03:01 AM UTC
marmuzah مرموزة
"Renting the monument free of charge" mean they built the church, owned it, had the secular french state take it from them, then were allowed to "rent" it, and then told to pay for the maintenance of what wasn't even their property anymore Just kinda funny lol, "rent"
16 Apr, 10:00 PM UTC
“Many of today's greatest challenges are global and they can only be solved when we work together. That is why Canada stands united with its German, French, and Japanese friends," To combat dictators around the world who attack the EU, UN, NATO...including trump
17 Apr, 04:05 AM UTC
What's Trending
The #NotreDame has been found structurally sound after yesterday’s fire. French billionaires lead fundraising effort to rebuild ❤️ #TuesdayThoughts
16 Apr, 04:26 PM UTC
Rubina Resists 45
The Notre Dame burned by accident & French millionaire’s pledged 300 million to rebuild it. Here, three black churches were burned down in an act of hate. Where are the millionaire donors in the US? Please help our bros and sisters.. #ResistersForum
17 Apr, 04:45 AM UTC
Karane Tuhirirwe
Can never be me faking sadness over this Cathedral. The French still earn millions from African artefacts they illegally hold but somehow we must grieve with them after that small small fire. We can only hope for many more such fires.
16 Apr, 08:45 AM UTC
The team behind the LOL project already owns #international #kindergartens, #schools ( , a #business school ( for the past 20+ years a #French #Government recognized #university ( #meet the #directors LOLEIUofficial's photo on the french
16 Apr, 02:37 PM UTC
Breaking News
The upper part of the Empire State Building was illuminated with the colors of the French flag, as a sign of solidarity after the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral. Breaking News's photo on the french
17 Apr, 04:41 AM UTC
Air Mshl S Y Savur (retd)
1/7. 1. Introduction On 10 April 2015 an Indo-French Joint Statement was made in Paris between the Prime Minister of India and the President of French Republic to conclude an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) for supply of 36 Rafale Aircraft in fly-away condition.
17 Apr, 04:16 AM UTC
Teresa † ن
@RollingStone Oh, for Pete sake. This is so ridiculously stupid. How insulting to all of us and especially the French. This is Holy Week and Catholics around the world just had their guts ripped out of their bodies. Just go away at least until after Easter. #NotreDame
17 Apr, 02:16 AM UTC
Chris Estrada
Check out this Voyage L.A. feature on the comedy talk-show web-series @LivingWithJK & the L.A. comedians who created it & star in it @katyifrench & @JonRowell.
16 Apr, 07:28 PM UTC
CTV Vancouver
A French cultural heritage expert says France no longer has trees big enough to replace ancient wooden beams that burned in the Notre Dame fire.
17 Apr, 04:31 AM UTC
• Cℓσui ✈️
French translation of the MDR Jump with Bill 👋 Part 1.
17 Apr, 01:13 AM UTC
Nasser S. Judeh
Thank God. Damage is done but structure stands. The French can show us how they revive history with class, distinction and professionalism. I have no doubt. #Notre_dame_de_Paris
16 Apr, 11:08 PM UTC
Air Mshl S Y Savur (retd)
3/7. separate process underway _ The delivery would be in time frame that would be compatible with the operational requirement of IAF…… 2.5 Assessment of achievement of faster deliveries One of objectives of the INT, which was derived from the Indo-French Joint
17 Apr, 04:16 AM UTC
Air Mshl S Y Savur (retd)
5/7. 50 months of signing of the contract. Next 18 aircraft which were to be licence produced in HAL, were to be delivered from 49th to 72nd months of signing of the contract. During negotiations the Indian Negotiation Team (INT) conveyed to the French side that it
17 Apr, 04:16 AM UTC
Carly Robinson
Kenney is speaking in French, but is re-translating himself: about his appreciation of Quebec, the respect of federal jurisdiction. Wants to end dependence on equalization for QC. #ableg #AbVotes2019
17 Apr, 04:30 AM UTC
#news #Notredame Over 850 years, Notre-Dame de Paris survived the French Revolution, two world wars, terror threats and pollution. 📷 Notre-Dame in 1944 and 1945. Its massive bell announced the liberation of the Paris from Nazi control on August 24, 1944 Source: @AFP
16 Apr, 10:41 PM UTC
Phil Lenny
Has donald offered the French his expertise on how they should other church fires?
17 Apr, 05:01 AM UTC
W. Clayton
@Breeze_CA The French (Bread) Connection in a Bourgeois California Town by @NatCounterPunch
17 Apr, 05:01 AM UTC
6'4 in my heart
French Americans really bitter that people would rather the govt donate to Flint, Puerto Rico, and Louisiana over Notre Dame. Y'all a different kinda ignorant on this app bruh... 6'4 in my heart's photo on the french
17 Apr, 05:01 AM UTC
@cnni Why didn't French firemen use an air tanker instead of watching the fire.
17 Apr, 05:01 AM UTC
Many thanks 2 Taoiseach @LeoVaradkar in sending messages of support 2 the French Government & 2 the people of Paris on behalf of the Irish Government. I will b making a personal donation 2 my local Parish Church in @Bandon towards the cost of rebuilding the iconic Church.
17 Apr, 05:01 AM UTC
Sophie Turner is My Favorite Thermonuclear Weapon
@MrAndyNgo I mean it was literally being built during the Capet monarchy's most brutal pogroms against French Jews, so... what do you think?
17 Apr, 05:01 AM UTC
Spirit of Savile
Been reading that #NotreDame was property of the French State since about 1905 - nationalised if you like - and has been falling to bits for years, and was last thoroughly renovated in the 19th Century. It all sounds a bit like #BritishRail used to be.
17 Apr, 05:01 AM UTC
Brian (neutrino78x)
@LMillerInATL @JayPixelo @avamomoh @prime1999 @TambayObenson @ReaganGomez hmm per eoin above, and verified through my own search, it appears that the French declared all churches to be state property in 1905. Weird. Still, it seems that a private organization has exclusive use so it's a different situation from the public infrastructure in flint.
17 Apr, 05:01 AM UTC
u ever thought of the possibility it’s French money because you know the monument is in France u potato
17 Apr, 05:01 AM UTC
Andrew Smith
@keithbaldrey @jkenney Bullshit. What an inane comment. He spoke French directly to the Premier of Quebec to point out the two province need to work together. It was a master stroke of diplomacy. Time to hand in your "biased journalist" credentials
17 Apr, 05:01 AM UTC
Schole Records
The track "Catching the first Moment" is availble in the french playlist "Actus Classiques" from Apple Music. Schole Records's photo on the french
17 Apr, 05:01 AM UTC

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