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Adam Schefter
Former Baylor HC Matt Rhule is taking the Carolina Panthers’ HC job, as @PeteThamel reported. Rhule was supposed to interview today with the Giants; he didn’t make it there.
07 Jan, 03:01 PM UTC
Breaking: The Giants are finalizing a deal to make Patriots special teams coordinator/WR coach Joe Judge their next head coach, sources tell @AdamSchefter. @SportsCenter's photo on The Giants
07 Jan, 04:17 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
The #Panthers are hiring #Baylor coach Matt Rhule, source says (as @PeteThamel reported). They are working out the deal as we speak. They did not want him to get on the plane to the #Giants.
07 Jan, 02:54 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
The #Giants have requested permission to speak with former #Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, sources tell me and @MikeGarafolo. He’s still under contract in Dallas until Jan. 14, so permission is required.
07 Jan, 03:44 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
One note on the #Giants: Matt Rhule called them before signing his 6-year deal with the #Panthers and gave them the opportunity to match and lure him to get on the plane. They declined and hired Joe Judge instead.
07 Jan, 04:17 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
#Patriots coach Bill Belichick knew early on Joe Judge was head-coach material, meeting with him on a regular basis to go over program-building and what it takes to become a head coach. Now, he’s the #Giants coach.
07 Jan, 04:22 PM UTC
The Giants have requested permission from the Cowboys to interview Jason Garrett as offensive coordinator under new head coach Joe Judge, a source told @WerderEdESPN. @SportsCenter's photo on The Giants
07 Jan, 04:39 PM UTC
Stephen A Smith
My reaction to the Giants' head coaching hire. @stephenasmith's photo on The Giants
07 Jan, 05:00 PM UTC
NFL Memes
The Giants hired Daniel Jones on steroids
07 Jan, 05:24 PM UTC
MyBookie Sportsbook
Schefter: Joe Judge is the Giants new head coach. Giants fans: @betmybookie's photo on The Giants
07 Jan, 04:23 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
Joe Judge has an offer to become the new coach at Mississippi State, his alma matter. He takes the Giants instead.
07 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC
Giants Videos
when the Giants don't even get an interview with Matt Rhule @SNYGiants's photo on The Giants
07 Jan, 02:57 PM UTC
Dave Rothenberg
Don't try and spin this. It's a miserable day for the #Giants and the #Giants fan base.
07 Jan, 04:07 PM UTC
Steve Wyche
So, here come the “(Bienemy) isn’t the play caller,” excuses....So the new hire with the Giants was?.....Keep trying people. Whole lot of A’s being handed out for effort.
07 Jan, 04:49 PM UTC
A transcript of Joe Judge’s interview with the Giants has leaked
07 Jan, 05:31 PM UTC
Art Stapleton
Bill Belichick started his career in the NFL as a special teams coach, and people forget he coached special teams with the Giants in addition to his defensive duties until 1984. Point is, Belichick doesn't hand his special teams units over to just anybody.
07 Jan, 05:38 PM UTC
Giants Daily
I am on board with Joe Judge. The way I see it is — he’s looked at under a different lens than the rest of the Giants brass.
07 Jan, 04:25 PM UTC
Jordan Raanan
My understanding is that Rhule called the Giants last night. They still wanted to have him come for an interview but also informed him there was another candidate seriously in the running. Obviously at that point Rhule had to take that mega-offer from the Panthers.
07 Jan, 05:30 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
From NFL Now: How did the #Giants end up hiring Joe Judge? It began with #Patriots coach Bill Belichick taking him under his wing. @RapSheet's photo on The Giants
07 Jan, 06:10 PM UTC
Robert Mays
This is true: When I heard that the Giants hired Joe Judge, I thought it was to be their WRs coach.
07 Jan, 05:10 PM UTC
Herd w/Colin Cowherd
"The Giants panicked. This was a bad move to me... A once proud organization that has patted themselves on the back too long." @ColinCowherd reacts to Joe Judge being named the next head coach of the New York Giants: @TheHerd's photo on The Giants
07 Jan, 05:48 PM UTC
Shaun Morash
Full roller coaster of emotions. I've gone through shattering my phone case to convincing myself the Giants just hired John Harbaugh 2.0 in 2 hours time
07 Jan, 04:41 PM UTC
Gordon McGuinness
Funny that everyone is getting mad about a ST coach getting the Giants job. Incredibly rare, but Coach of the Year elect John Harbaugh wasn't an offensive or defensive co-ordinator in the NFL and that worked out just fine.
07 Jan, 05:32 PM UTC
🇵🇰گمنام سپاہی🇵🇰
Deosai National Park Known as “Land of the Giants,” a backdrop of snow-dusted mountains rises from the alpine plateau of Deosai National Park. Each spring, the lush valley is swept by wildflowers and butterflies, earning the name “Summer’s Palace” #PakistanTopTourDestination
07 Jan, 11:23 AM UTC
EverythingNYG DJ8💙
Welcome to the Giants, Joe!
07 Jan, 04:51 PM UTC
Chris Long
Follow up question... are the giants on the weed @stephenasmith
07 Jan, 06:15 PM UTC
Big Blue United
Joe Judge's top choice for OC is Jason Garrett. He is not allowed to approach him right now because he is under contract until Jan 14th. The Giants on Judge's behalf requested permission to speak with him about the OC job.
07 Jan, 05:36 PM UTC
Michael Kist
The Giants fans are already selling themselves that Joe Judge is John Harbaugh. That's what you're going to hear all off-season. I'm... skeptical, but who knows?!
07 Jan, 04:33 PM UTC
Giants Nation
Everybody that’s saying “who?” and bashing the Giants for going with Judge: what did you initially say and how did you feel at first about Daniel Jones? 🤔
07 Jan, 06:04 PM UTC
Take away the Giants keys, they’re drunk.
07 Jan, 04:20 PM UTC

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