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Shanita Hubbard
RBG died less than 2 months ago and the GOP already confirmed a new justice. We’ve been in a pandemic for almost 8 months and they haven’t gotten around to distributing struggling citizens another $1,200 relief check. This is America.
27 Oct, 01:38 AM UTC
Sarah Cooper
My reaction when the GOP complains about democrats packing the courts in 2021 @sarahcpr's photo on The GOP
26 Oct, 11:31 PM UTC
George Takei
If you are voting absentee and you have not mailed your ballot yet, please consider dropping it off instead of mailing it. Mail delivery times may not guarantee its arrival by Nov 3, and the GOP and SCOTUS are doing all it can to prevent late arriving ballots from being counted.
27 Oct, 12:55 PM UTC
Matthew Yglesias
Across the pivotal northern swing states the GOP position is: — You can’t start counting ballots when they arrive to provide an early count — Quick results are so important that you can’t let late-arriving ballots be counted Sit with that for a while.
27 Oct, 01:05 PM UTC
Dinesh D'Souza
My enthusiasm over Amy Coney Barrett is moderated by the sober recognition that the GOP has nominated 15 out of the last 19 #Scotus justices and ONLY NOW do we have a clear majority. Something is seriously wrong with the way we pick our nominees
27 Oct, 03:56 PM UTC
Anthony Scaramucci
If @TheDemocrats win Senate, who could blame them for expanding Supreme Court? The @GOP assault on voting rights - cemented by weaponizing SC - is alone enough to justify action. Size of court has fluctuated in US history. 13 federal appellate courts, 13 SC justices makes sense.
27 Oct, 11:33 AM UTC
Daniel Jacobson
I'm going to tweet this every day until election day -- the reason we won't know the results in PA and WI on election night is because the GOP legislatures are refusing to let mail ballots be processed before election day. There must be a massive public education about this.
27 Oct, 02:50 AM UTC
Joy VOTE & MASK UP!! Reid 😷)
As the nation’s growing racial and religious diversity limits the GOP’s prospects, filling the courts with conservatives constitutes what Princeton historian Sean Wilentz calls “the right-wing firewall” against a country evolving electorally away from them
27 Oct, 12:15 PM UTC
George Takei
With the GOP voting largely on Nov 3, prepare for all manner of false claims about voting machines, voter purges, electronic vote switching etc. They will try hard to delegitimize any win by claiming widespread fraud. Don’t buy into it, don’t amplify it. Steady as she goes.
27 Oct, 05:43 PM UTC
Dinesh D'Souza
No one created this “rule.” The GOP position in 2016 was we have no obligation to confirm their nominee. Obviously this rule doesn’t apply to our own nominee #SCOTUS
27 Oct, 03:51 PM UTC
Bernie Sanders
464 days ago the House passed a $15 minimum wage. The GOP Senate refused to consider it. Since then, the 4 richest Americans increased their wealth by $189 billion & are now worth $522 billion. If there's going to be class war in America it's about time the working class won.
27 Oct, 06:00 PM UTC
Garrett M. Graff
I can't get over how much the GOP has stymied pre-processing of mail/absentee ballots—while at the same time arguing that a quick count election night is critical. If you actually cared, let states count early! The nakedness of their attempt to steal is election is breathtaking.
27 Oct, 05:20 PM UTC
Bryan Behar
The GOP wants to take away your healthcare during the middle of a pandemic. How does this party even have a chance?
27 Oct, 05:41 PM UTC
Matthew Chapman
There is zero chance that Kavanaugh does not understand the difference between a receipt deadline and a submission deadline. As a lawyer in Bush v. Gore, he argued on the opposite side, for the GOP, that receipt rules needed to be relaxed. He's not dumb. He's just a liar.
27 Oct, 05:32 PM UTC
🎃🌻🍂 Lucia - Sanity in the South🍂 🌻🎃
Drag @senatemajldr out of the Capital, strip him & his wife of ALL assets, investigate them down to their fucking DNA, then make an example out of them. Mitch HAS to be made an example of. Then go down the line & do the same to the rest of the @ GOP traitors.
27 Oct, 02:44 PM UTC
Blue Future
The GOP wants us to feel disheartened. We are scared and angry about the SCOTUS nomination, but we have moves left to make. We will #VoteThemOut and #ExpandTheCourt. Together, we will fight to protect our rights and ensure we can continue to make progress.
27 Oct, 02:14 PM UTC
The Daily Beast
Burgess Owens, the GOP candidate and ex-football player running in Utah’s 4th congressional district, received at least $135,500 in illegal campaign donations, according to a report
27 Oct, 05:50 PM UTC
Rodney Latstetter 🌹 #LaborParty
192 years for the @dnc 166 years for the @gop America STILL HAS NO HEALTHCARE!
27 Oct, 02:44 PM UTC
Daniel Jacobson
My daily reminder -- almost every state in the country allows mail ballots to be processed well before election day except PA, WI, MI, where the GOP legislatures refuse to allow it. That's why we won't know results on election night.
27 Oct, 05:57 PM UTC
Katie Hill
6-3 doesn’t represent me. Flip states blue, stop the GOP. Donate: Volunteer:
27 Oct, 05:59 PM UTC
Art Martin
@samstein spoiler alert: One party does not argue in good faith. The GOP is the only party in the western world that argues that making it easier to vote, is a partisan issue. They are fortunate in that DC media go along with this and even bothsides democracy
27 Oct, 01:19 PM UTC
Had the @gop been allowed to vote for their voters instead of have to goose step with this bloated turtle, THE FUCK IS UNDER YOUR CHIN? Fix it! @senatemajldr is the reason things have stopped. Started killing healthcare before Trump got there. And his supporters are coal,energy @TitusNation's photo on The GOP
27 Oct, 05:50 PM UTC
Sheri-Lynn Gleason✒
@GeorgeTakei When Thomas eventually retires or expires, I sincerely hope we have a Democrat in the White House and a Dem majority in the Senate. If the GOP and replace Ginsburg with Barrett, then we can replace Thomas with a progressive Black lesbian. Make it so!
27 Oct, 01:54 AM UTC
Remember that Mitch McConnell is the head of the senate, yet hundreds of bills sit on his desk, not even voted on, because he doesn’t want the @gop to have a record of voting against things the people want. He’s the real reason our debt is up, no infrastructure bill, zero
27 Oct, 05:50 PM UTC
@ProjectLincoln “misogyny is hostility toward the women who threaten to remove the male status as superior to women,” We are so over it MEN of the GOP
27 Oct, 03:04 PM UTC
Stephen Robinson
It amazes how much mileage the GOP gets out of scaring voters about things that no Democratic president has ever done while Democrats don’t get nearly as much traction from what Republican presidents have actually done while in office.
27 Oct, 05:59 PM UTC
Hannah Selinger
65 million Americans voted for @HillaryClinton. I don’t know who runs this bafflingly stupid account, or why they think that Clinton is the current candidate, but it’s worth noting that the #GOP apparently thinks that 65 million of us are worthy of mockery.
27 Oct, 04:45 PM UTC
@RepDonBacon 101 years ago, the GOP of the day lynched Will Brown. The mayor Ed P Smith confronted the early Trumpistas and said "If you must hang somebody, then let it be me”. The mob hung HIM from a lamp post. That’s the legacy of NE2 courage you shit on w/your support of the racist Trump
27 Oct, 04:23 PM UTC
Sharon 🇬🇧
@ProjectLincoln @TheRickWilson Can you address the GOP party’s WH rally last night that a SC Justice willing took part in? Then allowed them to use footage as part of a campaign video? This is not normal and how will she ever get that stain out of her robe
27 Oct, 06:02 PM UTC
As someone who works in Women’s Health & reading messages from young women this morning regarding birth control. WE ARE SCARED. Fuck Trump. Fuck the GOP.
27 Oct, 06:02 PM UTC

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