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Bleacher Report
The Great One wants to see if @Brinksy97 is really like that 👀 @WayneGretzky challenges the Blackhawks star to see if he can keep his NHL 22 X-factor @BRGaming @BR_OpenIce Watch a new "Underrated" with @AdamLefkoe 👉 @BleacherReport's photo on The Great One
13 Oct, 06:12 PM UTC
Andrew Marchand
TNT goes big on Gretzky to start pregame. He is the Great One. Gretzky doesn’t have to be Barkley, just needs to be loose and laughing.
13 Oct, 11:15 PM UTC
Steve L
@PFTCommenter “The Great One” doesn’t even hold a candle to “Paul Miss-the-net”
13 Oct, 11:24 PM UTC
B/R Open Ice
The Great One puts The Cat to the test 👀 @Brinksy97 is out to prove to @WayneGretzky he’s got the X-factor on this episode of "Underrated" with @AdamLefkoe @BR_OpenIce's photo on The Great One
13 Oct, 05:36 PM UTC 🗽
The Great One on 104” in screen! LETS GO RANGERS! #nyr
13 Oct, 11:20 PM UTC
Oh TNT is already 50 times better then ESPN The Great One in the studio for the night!!! #ALLCAPS #CapsRangers #NHLonTNT
13 Oct, 11:06 PM UTC
$DDD $DDD.AX $DDDOA Looks like the great one @great_martis might of nailed it...well done ..just the beginning for #gold and for $DDD Comrades when is the best time to buy into a stock???🤔🤔🤔🤔 $ ???? $DDDOA great value here in my opinion ...only 0.0042 strike...
13 Oct, 10:17 PM UTC
Erin Brown
🤣🤣🤣 Sir Charles: “YOU LOST (a fight) TO A GUY WITH A PERM?!” The Great One: “Yeah, I did.”
13 Oct, 11:29 PM UTC
Ok THIS will he fun Charles Barkley v The Great One #NHL #NYRangers
13 Oct, 11:34 PM UTC
Richard Fontaine
@hvymetaldano @Super70sSports Put Connor McDavid with every advantage of today , against the 1980's players and goalie ...he will score 200 goals ..., nothing against the great one ...far from it , he is a God in Canada ...but in today hockey I would bet my house that he woudnt have 1000 pts by 23 ....
13 Oct, 09:20 PM UTC
viscount of vicodin & marshaller of marshmallow
Ok, Sir Charles Barkley on TNT hockey broadcast pre-game. Along with The Great One. They've known each other over 25 years. Charles paid Gretzky a nice compliment. Wonder if this is just for tonight that they're both on?
13 Oct, 11:27 PM UTC
@NHL_On_TNT is AMAZING!! Look at that set! @BizNasty2point0 is on point and of course the Great One is just such an amazing addition to this group!! Hockey fans can CELEBRATE this new era!! #NHLonTNT #nhl
13 Oct, 11:27 PM UTC
Cameron Newton
The Great One & Wayne Gretzky. #NHLFaceOff #NHLonTNT
13 Oct, 11:26 PM UTC
Drew McCoy
I'd love a Last Dance type thing with Gretzky. Narrator: After that rando 4th liner hit Gretzky, the Great One scored the game winning goal. Gretzky: Oh, I didn't take that personally. He was a great guy. It was a pleasure to be out there competing with him.
13 Oct, 11:21 PM UTC
Finnigan's Ghost
Gretzky got the Just for Men when he's clearly into his Touch of Grey years. Rookie move from the Great One
13 Oct, 11:39 PM UTC
Charles Barkley and The Great One Nothing but Class Acts so awesome to see hockey on TNT #NHLonTNT
13 Oct, 11:34 PM UTC
Kieran M. McGirl
Charles Barkley on a Hockey broadcast with The Great One was not on my 2021 bingo card #LGR #Rangers #NYR @kieran_mcgirl's photo on The Great One
13 Oct, 11:27 PM UTC
Seeing @BizNasty2point0 sitting next to The Great One on the pregame NHL on TNT is blowing my mind #NHLonTNT
13 Oct, 11:22 PM UTC
Mike Celeri
Is it me , or does The Great One , Wayne Gretzky look like “Data?”
13 Oct, 11:22 PM UTC
Tony Cordasco
It's awesome that The Great One is a part of the TNT studio team. New studio is really cool for the Faceoff Show #NHL
13 Oct, 11:21 PM UTC
Sarah Jamieson
Really enjoying the new @NHL_On_TNT pregame show, love the back and forth with all the guys. Can’t believe they’re chirping The Great One! 😱🤣
13 Oct, 11:17 PM UTC
Kyle Nelson
TNT may actually kill hockey coverage. I was skeptical. First ten minutes with the Great One and @BizNasty2point0 put that to rest
13 Oct, 11:14 PM UTC
Lauren Joffe
Not gonna lie, watching this #NYRvsWSH game on @NHL_On_TNT to see Wilson drama, Biz Nasty, and The Great One vs Barkley. Hockey’s Back!!!
13 Oct, 11:44 PM UTC
Treat Tweets
It’s good to see Gretzky on the TNT Pregame show to officially kick off their coverage, but you’re “The Great One”. Stop coloring your hair. I’m old with gray & white hair. You’re older. Just let it do what comes naturally.
13 Oct, 11:39 PM UTC
Charles Barkley gonna wear hockey pads now? So cringe @tntdrama @NHL don’t turn the great one into a circus act
13 Oct, 11:38 PM UTC
Notorious Wojo
For those of us who were around in the early days of twitter and @BizNasty2point0 getting his account suspended. Did you ever think back then he’d be sharing a studio show and playing tummy sticks with the Great One? Bravo Biz…Bravo. @spittinchiclets
13 Oct, 11:38 PM UTC
The Maximum Leader
@Machovell1an @JohnTheMainGuy1 I hope so. But it’s The Great One…
13 Oct, 11:38 PM UTC
David Turner
The Great One is not amused with TV work.. #TNT #NHLFaceOff #Gretzky
13 Oct, 11:32 PM UTC
Adrian Luevano
@MaxCohan Shootout vs. The Great One too!
13 Oct, 11:31 PM UTC
5 minutes for cat fighting. -The Great One
13 Oct, 11:29 PM UTC