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“The Daily Mail supported Adolf Hitler.” RMT’s Mick Lynch responds to a Daily Mail journalist who described him as “the Grinch of Christmas” @PoliticsJOE_UK's photo on The Grinch
23 Nov, 04:42 PM UTC
Cris Parker
First Poster for the Grinch Horror Movie “The Mean One” coming to select theaters December 9th https://t.co/CsiTcZjjuw
23 Nov, 10:00 PM UTC
Jim Carrey & Eddie Murphy on the set of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” (2000) https://t.co/tGLckNJ35p
23 Nov, 09:53 PM UTC
𝗨𝗻𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗮𝗹 𝗛𝗼𝗿𝗿𝗼𝗿
🚨 Here is First Poster for the Grinch Horror Movie “The Mean One” coming to select theaters December 9th https://t.co/vtuieIeupi
23 Nov, 10:48 PM UTC
David Niño Rodriguez
If you don’t see it by now you’re the problem. Fauci is asking ppl to wear a mask till the end of the year? Don’t let the Grinch steal Christmas folks. This is an evil occult. Do some REAL research.
23 Nov, 04:48 PM UTC
The Rail Companies and the strikers reached a deal, but the Government blocked it because they don’t want pay rises over inflation. Who is the Grinch?
24 Nov, 08:22 AM UTC
Lady Stevie Cureton
Anyone tell me why it's the RMTs fault that Xmas will be ruined but not the train companies fault for refusing to pay fair wages and keep safe working conditions? If you buy papers spinning Lynch as the Grinch give your stupid heads a wobble. Don't buy the S"n or the Daily Fail
23 Nov, 05:07 PM UTC
A portrait of Boris Karloff and the Grinch https://t.co/lrh1nDjS5Y
23 Nov, 09:00 PM UTC
Gnight luvz🩵🩶 Ft- the grinch https://t.co/KglWG8t49i
24 Nov, 05:53 AM UTC
Ad: Dropping December 1st adidas Forum Low 'The Grinch' => https://t.co/BxFfD70wg7 https://t.co/G2IHTDRfwl
24 Nov, 01:34 PM UTC
Mick ‘The Grinch’ Lynch. It’s all about politics isn’t it?
24 Nov, 11:37 AM UTC
Ann Johns, Grumpy Geordie Gran #PAL #Save our NHS
@GMB @susannareid100 Don't blame the unions, you clots! Blame the bloody govt (3 transport ministers in quick succession) for preventing the rail companies from reaching a deal! Stop kicking the wrong people & tell the Grinch Scrooge TORY GOVT to save Xmas!
23 Nov, 05:38 PM UTC
Ryan Park
Mail call/haul call! Got in my glow gecko from @FunKoldBlooded with a spare code of theirs, and got the chase grinch! 🤩😍 also picked up the older glow soldier supreme cause imo it’s better than the newer Amazon one 🔥 both amazing glows and love the flocking on the grinch 🙌🏻🤘🏻 https://t.co/hqjMtxDPjT
24 Nov, 12:48 PM UTC
Mick Coffey
Mark Harper (another transport Secretary you never heard of) is the Grinch not Mick Lynch, Susanna. Get him on. Stop playing the government stooge. #EnoughIsEnough #RMTUnion #GMB https://t.co/hQuioaViQS https://t.co/0DikHMlzL2
24 Nov, 01:44 PM UTC
Marjorie is the Queen of this ship
@ValGal1212 @fitncurvy89 The grinch stole my grandma… https://t.co/lxw8rEPeRx
24 Nov, 01:48 PM UTC
sleepy is kinda lame
incineroar killed the grinch
24 Nov, 01:55 PM UTC
sleepy is kinda lame
the grinch has been dead for 4 years
24 Nov, 01:54 PM UTC
Anthony Saracino
@MissNursey123 sexy love the GRINCH Happy Thanksgiving
24 Nov, 01:51 PM UTC
Scott Smith 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Question 8: In a Seinfeld Thanksgiving episode, Elaine wins a spot on the parade route for her boss, Mr. Pitt, to hold which balloon? Papa Smurf Woody Woodpecker The GRINCH Smokey Bear #scottstrivia
24 Nov, 01:48 PM UTC
The Light Banbury
Looking for a festive family experience? We’ve got the perfect one for you! Come and enjoy breakfast and meet & greet with Santa in our brand-new Lower Decks bar and kitchen followed by The Grinch movie 🎅 More information on our website: https://t.co/UeDAwD2VJF #Christmas https://t.co/DlIIeMxOKC
24 Nov, 02:00 PM UTC
i wanna cuddle and watch the Grinch😭😖
24 Nov, 02:00 PM UTC
Surely someone that stole £29m of NHS cash is worthy of the "grinch" moniker
24 Nov, 02:00 PM UTC
Colleen Hillerup
@12Kitkat16 The Grinch stole my life #dark
24 Nov, 01:57 PM UTC
Fog weaver
@3CFilmss https://t.co/G8W3PI1gR4 Just add a bit of blood dripping out of the ornament and a little puddle
24 Nov, 01:57 PM UTC
L. Max Gravy
@Apricot064 Indeed. Santa brings gifts to the naughty Volksfrei children and the Grinch even dies at the end. What's not to get?
24 Nov, 01:56 PM UTC
@HutchTweeting Thunk you're better off watching The Grinch or It's a Wonderful Life... or just watch World Cup match re-runs? 🤣🤣
24 Nov, 01:56 PM UTC
I hate all the stupid media ahit about strikes where Mike Lynch is 'The Grinch' or 'Are you going to give us an early Christmas present by calling off the strikes?' As if we're all sodding 6 years old and can only understand these things through analogies.
24 Nov, 01:53 PM UTC
Ian Liddle
@AbMo77 @Sarah47__ @RMTunion These strikes are Labour provoked. Lynch the Grinch is a militant socialist, who when all this is ended will keep his job and fat cat salary whilst some workers lose theirs ! Shameful
24 Nov, 01:52 PM UTC
Lu 🌾
The Grinch 100% eats ass
24 Nov, 01:51 PM UTC