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CJ’s Gonna do The Jackal (Staying Home Jackal)
@ChrisGGates The Jeffersons. That is all. @IHadWootCannow's photo on The Jeffersons
25 Mar, 05:52 PM UTC
Tony Romo
Top TV Show Theme Songs In No Particular Order... 1. Fresh Prince Of Belair 2. The Jeffersons 3. Golden Girls Honorable Mention: Married With Children
26 Mar, 12:51 AM UTC
@ChrisGGates 3. The Jeffersons 2. Twilight Zone 1.
25 Mar, 10:53 PM UTC
@IHadWootCannow @AngelaShenk @ChrisGGates Googled song to make sure I was remembering a lyric correctly ["beans don't burn on the grill"] and found this interesting backgrounder
26 Mar, 12:39 AM UTC
Jenny Lawson
The Gary Shandling Show The Jeffersons WKRP
26 Mar, 12:04 AM UTC
Vernon Reid
The Twilight Zone Sanford & Son Star Trek Honorable mentions- Mission Impossible, The Jeffersons, All In The Family,The Jetsons, The Flintsones, Lost In Space, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Outer Limits, Petticoat Junction, Miami Vice, American Horror Story, LOST, The Tonight Show
26 Mar, 01:06 PM UTC
Steve & Renee Schulz
@ChrisGGates So many, I need 3 categories- Instrumental: Barney Miller Sanford & Son Peter Gunn Lyrics: Cheers The Jeffersons WKRP in Cincinnati Lyrics sung by star: Alice Frasier
26 Mar, 03:11 AM UTC
Staying Home for the foreseeable future
@ChrisGGates Top Three: The Jeffersons, Gilligan's Island, Facts of Life. Honorable mentions: Good Times, Three's Company, Veronica Mars, Brady Bunch, Hawaii Five 0, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Love Boat, Cheers #tvthemesongs
26 Mar, 02:21 AM UTC
Robert A George
The Jeffersons Batman Happy Days
26 Mar, 02:44 AM UTC
Kendall B.
TOUGH. Here it goes. 1) The Jeffersons 2) Good Times 3) Baretta - Sammy Davis ------ 4) Barney Miller 5) Sanford And Son 6) Night Court 7) Too Close For Comfort 8) Monday Night Football
26 Mar, 03:28 AM UTC
Laura Whittington #BumpstockBarbie
•Cheers •The Jeffersons •Fresh Prince
26 Mar, 12:19 AM UTC
Vinnibal Lecter
With lyrics: 1. The Jeffersons 2. Welcome Back Kotter 3. WKRP in Cincinnati Runner up: Laverne and Shirley Instrumental only: 1. Doctor Who 2. Angel 3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Runner up: Sanford and Son
26 Mar, 04:54 PM UTC
Dave Grosby
@GallantSays Barney Miller The Jeffersons Hawaii 5-0(original)
26 Mar, 04:41 PM UTC
Miriti Murungi
1. The Jeffersons (especially if you walk like Sherman Hemsley while it plays)
26 Mar, 05:06 PM UTC
The Jeffersons ( was a tough choice between this & Good Times ), Chappelle's Show & The Boondocks.
26 Mar, 05:02 PM UTC
Nora Mermaid 🧜🏼‍♀️
Pokemon The Jeffersons The Golden Girls
26 Mar, 05:31 PM UTC
#Vote2020🆘 DBlaze🌊🌊 Free 🗣
@ChrisGGates Welcome Back Kotter, Different Strokes, The Jeffersons
26 Mar, 04:48 PM UTC
Kenny 🇵🇹🌳💨
1. The Jeffersons 2. Good Times 3. All in the Family
26 Mar, 04:36 PM UTC
@CutlerRidgeLAZ The Jeffersons Sanford and Son The Sopranos
26 Mar, 03:58 PM UTC
Kurt Cartwright
@MindOfQuinn Cheers The Jeffersons Gilligan's Island
26 Mar, 05:29 PM UTC
@ChrisGGates 1. The Sopranos 2. Cheers 3. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Honorable Mentions The Wonder Years, Entourage, In Living Color, Living Single, Martin, X-Files, Knight Rider, Golden Girls, ER, Saved by the Bell, Miami Vice, M*A*S*H, The Jeffersons, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Twilight Zone
26 Mar, 05:26 PM UTC
Jaime | Big dreams never die🗽
1. The Golden Girls 2. The Jeffersons 3. Narcos Honorable mentions: Living Single - it’s a 90s bop for sure.
26 Mar, 05:10 PM UTC
How does it get any better than this?
@Kennymack1971 The Jeffersons Living Single Maude
26 Mar, 05:05 PM UTC
227, Good Times and The Jeffersons before y’all time lol. The Bernie Mac show, The Boondocks and In Living Color.
26 Mar, 05:02 PM UTC
Stacy Mitchell Nockowitz
My top three TV theme songs ever: Sanford and Son The Jeffersons Angry Beavers @MichelleDPlatt @weidiana @SFarrenkopf @DanOlexio
26 Mar, 04:46 PM UTC
Runnergal4life 👩🏽‍🦱✌🏽🌊
@ChrisGGates “The Jeffersons” “A Different World” “Good Times”
26 Mar, 04:45 PM UTC
Luke Mazur
the jeffersons all in the family the sopranos
26 Mar, 04:40 PM UTC
RJC Cards4Sale
@ichadlowe 3. The Jeffersons 2. The Sopranos 1. Cheers #Top3TVThemeSongs
26 Mar, 04:36 PM UTC
@scscheller Good Times The Jeffersons Alice
26 Mar, 04:33 PM UTC