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Brian Krassenstein
A) President Trump knows what the Trail of Tears is and yesterday made a joke out of genocide or B) President Trump has no clue what the Trail of Tears is and is an ignorant fool Or C) He's ignorant and a bigoted idiot. I go with 'C'
10 Feb, 12:20 PM UTC
Ron Perlman
The FACT is, When you took over this country we were a vibrant democracy. Respected around the world. Restoring a soaring economy and miniscule unemployment rate. You turned us into a joke, a blemish, an embarrassment! You are a thief, a felon, a Russian plant, and a traitor!
10 Feb, 09:42 PM UTC
Joseph M. Pierce
I am Cherokee. My ancestors were forcibly removed from our homelands. They were rounded up at gunpoint and sent to stockades. They were sent on a death march in the middle of winter. It was genocide. But we survived. It is not a fucking joke. #TrailOfTears
10 Feb, 06:09 PM UTC
Charlie Kirk
If Rob Lowe had made a joke about a Republican candidate for President it would be heralded by the media and he would be asked to host the next awards show The left has killed comedy in America
10 Feb, 03:59 PM UTC
andrew kaczynski
Why is a racist joke from the president’s son about genocide not a bigger story? Do we just expect this from Don Jr. ?
10 Feb, 08:11 PM UTC
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
What the WHAT is CBS doing?? “I know this has been a very difficult week for you” Our media is a joke. A sick joke. This is a complete disgrace. Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸's photo on The Joke
10 Feb, 05:10 PM UTC
Ppl of this country must be told only these 3 things 1. SC has certified that there is no scam in #Rafaledeal 2. IAF needs aircrafts 3. RaGa and Media want to weaken IAF. Rest all is big sick joke by likes of The Hindu
11 Feb, 06:45 AM UTC
Vivek Agnihotri
Hahahahaha. This is a big joke. It’s because of Arnab’s investigative journalism the Sunanda case is on. Else, brokers like you would have covered it up like hundreds of other cases. @republic @Republic_Bharat नासूर की तरह तंग कर रहा है RADIA के दलालों को।
11 Feb, 04:34 AM UTC
Ed O'Keefe
So... Alicia Keys is coming back every year to host the Grammys, right? Trust me, I did 15 years of piano growing up — playing two at once without looking at one of them is no joke. That’s quadruple lutz toe-loop level good.
11 Feb, 02:54 AM UTC
Eric Alper
Read these lyrics. Know these lyrics. They just might save someone’s life one day. Or even yours. The Joke by Brandi Carlile. #GRAMMYs Eric Alper's photo on The Joke
11 Feb, 03:58 AM UTC
Minnie Driver
.@brandicarlile just won a #Grammy for her song The Joke and I can’t stop smiling ♥️This woman is the most talented songwriter and singer of the last 20 years ( in my opinion) she was also the most nominated female artist this year. Excellent job @RecordingAcad ✨🏆✨
11 Feb, 12:41 AM UTC
Mike Cernovich | 📽
I don’t get the joke. What is so funny? Watch the video. Then tell me what I am missing.
11 Feb, 03:00 AM UTC
James Ducker
Is this some sort of in joke the rest of us aren’t supposed to get?
10 Feb, 11:17 PM UTC
Reese Witherspoon
This song. This songwriter. “the Joke“ is a masterpiece . Congrats @brandicarlile ! 🎼⭐️
11 Feb, 05:49 AM UTC
Khulani Qoma
Everyone has been chair of the African Union including Idi Amin, Mobutu Sese Seko, Siaka Stevens, Denis Sassou-Nguesso, Robert Mugabe, Blaise Compaore & Gnassingbe Eyedema (Wikipedia). AU has been a bad joke since when it was called OAU. Clowns meet here to mess up our future.
10 Feb, 02:33 PM UTC
can ppl stop using freddies teeth as their joke u may think it’s just “fake teeth” that rami wore but an actual man had those teeth n he was insecure about it... he is a beautiful man and did so many good things. if the only thing u wanna talk about is his teeth then fuck u!!
10 Feb, 10:47 PM UTC
『UPDATE YOUR MUSIC』現在、グラミートーク中! Jean-Ken Johnny(MWAM)がグラミー賞ノミネート作品から選んだのは、 GRETA VAN FLEET「HIGHWAY TUNE」 蔦谷好位置さんが選んだのは、 Brandi Carlile「The Joke」 #JWAVE #UPDATE813 @mwamjapan @KoichiTsutaya
11 Feb, 02:25 AM UTC
Kendrick Lamar not winning a Grammy for kgmc Drake winning a Grammy for hotline bling in the rap category Logic's Everybody album not nominated for a Grammy God's plan wins rap song of d year Invasion of privacy wins a Grammy over kod,kamikaze,ysiv The rap category is a joke
11 Feb, 07:07 AM UTC
Pablo Noser
That awkward moment when you crack a joke but no laughed because they didn't get the joke but you still go on to explain but they still didn't laugh because they still didn't get the joke 😩
11 Feb, 07:16 AM UTC
Eddy Jokovich
Joke of the day, surely. Morrison said the Liberal Party has had three good prime ministers since 2013. Two of them were so excellent, they had to be sacked for incompetence. And the least competent PM is still there. #AUSPOL
11 Feb, 06:32 AM UTC
Christine Phillips
@cpyne So you were hiding Ann Sudmalis in a cupboard after flying her back from the US because 🤨 ... any of you talking about Parliamentary convention after what @TimWilsonMP did is BEYOND A JOKE #auspol #JustVoteLabor
11 Feb, 08:00 AM UTC
Kathy Valentine
@SopanDeb her performance here if anyone missed it:
11 Feb, 06:31 AM UTC
Fatima🌚🕊(Prima fillia🍭)
What is Haram will always be Haram for decades. What is Haram will always be Haram, no matter the popularity. What is Haram will always be Haram, No matter how beautiful it looks. If you sin for fun, remember, a second in Jahannam isn't a joke. 🦋✨
11 Feb, 08:03 AM UTC
The moment @RebelWilson and @priyankachopra walked into the press junket. I loved that they could joke around with each other and be supportive. #rebelwilson #PriyankaChopra #isntitromantic @isntitromantic #strongwomen #empoweringwomen Deanna's photo on The Joke
11 Feb, 07:16 AM UTC
Jin, yoongi, tae all downed the champagne like that too but y'all just wanna joke about jimin and call him alcoholic? Im sick
11 Feb, 07:56 AM UTC
Repulse God
the servers can handle it, is this a joke? u lag a little but it is playable, i have played 2 alphas and i dont even lag that much, i feel fine. people use lag as an excuse, the servers arent disconnecting anymore for me, lag doesnt kill me in 90 man lobbies
11 Feb, 09:16 AM UTC
h a i l ❄
Tsaka for me, ibang level na yung "I love you". That's not a good joke kung nagbibiro ka man. Maybe, you're just infatuated or such. And the only reason you're telling me that is because I look beautiful? Bruh, "love" is more than the physical appearance. I hate people like u
10 Feb, 09:20 AM UTC
Øre Bølarin
The Grammys are officially a joke
11 Feb, 09:00 AM UTC
J.Cole,Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Jay Rock, Eminem, Nas were not even nominated and they give it to Cardi B someone who was not supposed to be nominated in the first place #GRAMMYs are a true joke!!!! #SBzoBABA's photo on The Joke
11 Feb, 09:11 AM UTC
Why are there Mcdonalds in some hospitals???? Is this some type of sick joke??? It’s like the biggest irony of all time.
11 Feb, 12:03 AM UTC
Ayman Al Balushi
Valentines day is a joke, You don't see me showing my love and affection towards my mirror once year then relegating it to the rest of the year. I show my appreciation every day, that's how my reflection and I maintain a healthy and stable relationship thank you very much.
11 Feb, 09:09 AM UTC
The power of the mind is not a joke
11 Feb, 08:56 AM UTC
Joke of the Day #littlebilly #littlejohnny #littlejonny #jokes #funny Ladzio's photo on The Joke
11 Feb, 09:17 AM UTC
wheeen im fat ang old and my kids think im a joke coz the stories that i told i tell again and again!!!!!😣💗
11 Feb, 09:17 AM UTC
Fela Cutie
@_reratilwe I wanted to joke that someone should Photoshop him out the frame. But if she doesn't keep a literal eye on him for a second he's already cheating... So stressful.
11 Feb, 09:17 AM UTC
✪ Pokey 🇦🇺
@cricketcomau @ARamseyCricket The fact that Mitch Marsh had 8 votes is an absolute joke
11 Feb, 09:16 AM UTC
Néha ledöbbenek, mennyivel jobban meg lehet csinálni egy 404es hibaüzenetet. "Humor is, of course, subjective, and when it comes to humor in UX, it can be even more so. UX writing is probably not the place you want to tell that mama joke your little cousin told you."
11 Feb, 09:16 AM UTC
Who the fuck are those guys? The academy knows that Therion, Leaves' Eyes, Kamelot and Amaranthe released new albums in 2018? This awards are a bad joke!!
11 Feb, 09:16 AM UTC
Everybody knows Daytona was the best rap album to come out last year. Grammy’s been a joke. Remember when Macklemore won over Kendrick Lamar?
11 Feb, 09:16 AM UTC
@JollyRoger1289 @theneedledrop @TomiLahren Or you know, make fun of the situation as if it’s a joke lmao.
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
The stress that teachers go through is NO JOKE! I know that I wouldn't be able to deal with it in a healthy way...I admire those that get up every day and go to work to try and make a difference!
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Lora with an O
@AmberRuddHR You are a fucking joke. No one is even slightly convinced by your pure bullshit. Get in the sea. @getinthesea
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Henry Campbell
We are the last generation with a real opportunity to save the world. Just think about that for a solid minute. A real minute. A whole 60 seconds. It’s not really a joke anymore 😢
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Lady Tsunade💎🌺Zombea Arthur💀
@HighSoociety1 EXACTLY! like idgaf about all the politics behind this stuff, it's about talent esp in a category like rap where even the academy acknowledges the strain in the relationship Drake, Childish & Kendrick declined performing & they wonder why shows a joke now,they don't represent art
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Pakhton Khan
@michaelchristo_ @United_PHD @LPHCA @LouiseLphca @Yaseenaslam381 @IWGBunion @MoyerLee Hahaha nice joke mate :) I work only the weekends when I am off from my main job and top of that we don’t have much road knowledge as you guys have that’s why we don’t go on no entry ⛔️ Pakhton Khan's photo on The Joke
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Union Free Press
All The Things F**kJerry Did That Led To Comedians’ Boycott Movement - HuffPost
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
I’m terrified of love Now no Joke I can’t even look at the opposite sex in the eyes anymore that’s how terrified I am of falling in love because that’s just me I fall in love Easy and hard
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Paul Milner
@StanAndOllie Biggest joke is the favourite winning 7 are they real that films pure rubbish
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
I made a joke the other day that Pledis would pull a Kingdom Hearts and do a 2.5gen registration instead of just 3rd looks like that might actually be happening???? aheurhdfgkahdfjkgg IT WAS A JOKE. WHAT? LOOOL #NUEST #뉴이스트
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Andrew Ducker
@FirstNorwich @FirstNorwich and the 9.00 bus (40A) hasn’t yet either. This beyond the joke now.
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
gυєѕѕ ωнσ ρяєѕєηтє∂ αт тнє gяαммуѕ?
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Grownish Gambino
Imagine🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️...I'm baffled, bewildered, perplexed, WHAT??? The grammies are a joke these days. SMDH
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Leicester Libraries and Community Centres
Challenge accepted @thesparkarts, here's our joke... Q: What did the frog say when he landed on a book? A: Reddit!reddit!reddit! 🤣🤣🤣 @KidsComedyFest #kidsjokeaday #UKPunDay
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Shot To The Heart - Aging Mildred was a 93 year-old woman who was particularly despondent over the recent death of her husband Earl. She decided that she... - Daily Joke For You -
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Piquant Summer Groover
@LizzieMarvelly Is "it seems my satire missed the mark" the new, fancy "lighten up it was just a joke"?
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
“Black Face” and the KKK Are Not a Joke (The Spark, USA) Virginia’s governor says it’s not him in that yearbook picture which features two white men, one dressed in the hood and robe of the Ku-Klux Klan, the other sporting “black face.” Whether or not …
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Les Dalton
@LBC @NickFerrariLBC No because they have already offended what a joker it’s simple you get caught carrying you get 5 years min you stab someone and kill them 20 years minimum no parole the sentences I see handed out are a joke
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC

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