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Ben Shapiro
Do not share the shooter's name. Do not share the shooter's evil video. Do not share the shooter's evil manifesto. Mass killers desire fame and attention. Starve them of it.
15 Mar, 03:36 AM UTC
Mark Tighe
"Having watched all of the Bloody Sunday shooters testify, I can say with certainty that they include not only unapologetic killers, but unrelenting liars."
14 Mar, 03:01 PM UTC
Atlanta Antifascists
In the manifesto of the Christchurch, New Zealand murderer, he is explicit that he is a fascist, and that his actions are informed by "white genocide" conspiracy theories. The organized far-Right & white nationalist movements breed these killers.
15 Mar, 04:22 AM UTC
Brad Betts
When I hear someone on the right screaming “baby killers”, I always want to yell back “elderly killers”. We are only called “baby killers” for believing women should have control over their own bodies. Republicans legitimately make it harder for the elderly people to survive.
14 Mar, 07:44 PM UTC
Ruth Dudley Edwards
How can the government put a soldier in the dock while letting IRA killers go free? Ruth Dudley Edwards's photo on The Killers
14 Mar, 06:37 PM UTC
Sir Cumference
I see The Killers and The Cure are to headline Glastonbury. Won't they cancel each other out?
15 Mar, 10:09 AM UTC
Tara Moss
Out of respect for the victims, their families and common decency, please DO NOT watch or share the footage of the #NZMosqueShooting. Do not share the hateful manifesto of killers. We do not need to amplify this hate and terror.
15 Mar, 05:13 AM UTC
MadhuPurnima Kishwar
Yes our lives are cheaper because our own people have joined forces with our killers. Also our governments have not bothered even when all out ethnic cleansing took place. They have in fact always rewarded the killers & jehadis.
15 Mar, 11:51 AM UTC
Wajahat Ali
I wrote this in the summer. Although it applies to United States, I believe it will be helpful to understand the Christchurch killers' ideology. Similar fears and grievances. "Deradicalizing White People" via @nybooks
15 Mar, 09:27 AM UTC
Will Bunch
The 21st Century technology meant to bring the world together -- hijacked by those who spew hate, broadcast murder The leader of a nation once the world's beacon of hope and freedom is cited as an inspiration to racists and killers This tragedy must be the day we turn it around
15 Mar, 10:17 AM UTC
Arti Agarwal
1. She admits INC is corrupt 2. Hindus are killed the MOST, current figure at 511 MILLION. No justice for them 3. INC committed Sikh Genocide, forgave killers: Kamal Nath 4. INC killed Maharashtran Brahmins after Godse incident I'll let ppl decide instead of floating jumla Arti Agarwal's photo on The Killers
15 Mar, 12:17 PM UTC
Barbara Morrill
One of the killers called you a "symbol of white identity." Go to hell.
15 Mar, 11:42 AM UTC
As well as hosting this awful video, the Daily Mail are also letting users download the killers manifesto. The DM are just as complicit. A disgusting low life scum paper preying on life's most horrific crimes
15 Mar, 12:17 PM UTC
Leah Greenberg
Never, ever share the videos or the words of killers. But we absolutely need to recognize that the motivation for this horror was rooted in Islamophobia and white nationalism, poisons that are actively being spread by our elected officials and media ever day.
15 Mar, 12:37 PM UTC
Wild Geerters
@sheckyyoungman I can't control what message these crazy killers take away from my youtube video "The Great Replacement: How Muslims Are Committing White Genocide"
15 Mar, 12:42 PM UTC
Stop sharing the videos fuckheads, it’s disrespectful to the families of the dead. Nobody needs to see how they died and ur doing what the killers wanted. If u see any subhuman gutter fuckshits circulating and mocking the footage, report ASAP but don’t engage. Peace & ❤️ x
15 Mar, 12:29 PM UTC
Jimmy Casas
#ThoughtForTheDay Gossip is one of the biggest culture killers of any organization. By staying silent we may be sending the wrong message. How will you defend those in your organization who are the victims of gossip? Start today by responding in a different way…via #Culturize Jimmy Casas's photo on The Killers
15 Mar, 12:41 PM UTC
15 Mar, 12:06 PM UTC
هشام الشريف‎ 🇾🇪
It is a sad Friday. Around40 have been killed and more that20 seriously wounded after two mosque shootings in New Zealand. One of the killers has posted a manifesto online spouting hate against Muslims and minorities
15 Mar, 12:45 PM UTC
Lynn Hamer
The latest odds on Chelsea winning the Europa League after drawing giant killers Slavia Prague via @NewsNowUK
15 Mar, 12:46 PM UTC
Suzanne Mullinnix
@nathanTbernard Just keep spreading the hate. Keep publicizing these killers. Blame others for their actions. Yep.
15 Mar, 12:46 PM UTC
lil young zee
How an innocent boy turned into one of the world's worst killers
15 Mar, 12:46 PM UTC
Teco Edukator
@jnflesch Um festival que tem The Cure, The Killers, Chemical Brothers e Liam Gallagher não tem defeitos
15 Mar, 12:45 PM UTC
The Heckler
@realDonaldTrump When are the BALLESS #GOP ASSHOLES going to realize that your Hateful Rederic & divisiveness is not only affecting the US but is now affecting the world which is obvious in the killers 70-page manifesto
15 Mar, 12:45 PM UTC
Peter Bitten
these are the cunts that grow up to be serial killers
15 Mar, 12:45 PM UTC
Now who are the terrorists there are those who distort Islam, Islam means peace, and you do not know that God will punish you killers #Christchurch#ChristchurchMosque
15 Mar, 12:45 PM UTC
Wood Gross
Remember the kids that got perfect attendance in elementary/middle/high school? They're all serial killers now.
15 Mar, 12:45 PM UTC
@IvankaTrump Condemn your racist father you hypocrite good for nothing plastic bimbo. Orange shit inspired the shooter like so many other white supremacists, haters and killers. You should be ashamed 😡🤡
15 Mar, 12:45 PM UTC

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