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The official end of an era. The Spurs' trio won 701 regular season and playoff games together, more than any trio in NBA history. @ESPNNBA's photo on The Klaw
10 Jun, 04:37 PM UTC
JJ Watt
Major props to the Raptors players for getting the situation under control. Cheering for an injury is unbelievable, no matter who you’re a fan of or what team you’re pulling for.
11 Jun, 01:54 AM UTC
Tony Parker! ◾️ 18 Seasons ◾️ 4 x NBA Champion ◾️ 2007 NBA Finals MVP ◾️ 6 x All-Star ◾️ 4 x All-NBA @Ballislife's photo on The Klaw
10 Jun, 04:10 PM UTC
Toronto Raptors
Another piece of art 🎨 @Raptors's photo on The Klaw
11 Jun, 02:25 AM UTC
All eyes on Kawhi. Will the Klaw bring Toronto its first NBA title tonight? #NBAFinals
10 Jun, 01:00 PM UTC
Klay couldn't escape the Klaw 🤚 @espn's photo on The Klaw
11 Jun, 02:05 AM UTC
Tim and Sid
Following the initial reaction... @Raptors fans give KD a standing ovation as he's taken off the court. #WeTheNorth | 📽️: @theScore @timandsid's photo on The Klaw
11 Jun, 02:38 AM UTC
🖐️ THE KLAW 🖐️ 🚨: GSW 1-3 TOR, Game 5 ⏰: 9:00pm/et 🇺🇸: ABC 🇨🇦: Sportsnet @NBA's photo on The Klaw
10 Jun, 07:00 PM UTC
The Klaw. 🖐 The Robot. 🤖 The 2x Champ? 🤔 Will Kawhi lead the @Raptors to their first-ever NBA Championship tonight? 🏆 @NBATV's photo on The Klaw
10 Jun, 11:38 PM UTC
11 Jun, 03:24 AM UTC
McDo Philippines
Maramihan ka ba kumuha ng fries like The Klaw? O are you a Splash Brother na mahilig mag-dip ng Chicken McDo sa gravy? Reply below! Enjoy the game and order your McDo favorites via! @McDo_PH's photo on The Klaw
10 Jun, 10:59 PM UTC
@SportsCenter Klay Locked the klaw up no lie
11 Jun, 03:52 AM UTC
Joel Villanueva
And then the Klaw says.. MY TURN 🏀 #NBAFinals2019
11 Jun, 03:25 AM UTC
Ur favorite Babydaddy
The Klaw bout to grab Lowry whole skull in that locker room
11 Jun, 03:40 AM UTC
All props to KD playing but I low key think he was forced to play when he wasn’t ready to play and that’s why the klaw left San Antonio
11 Jun, 04:10 AM UTC
Bubba Rivas
@dsmooth210 @CarolinaTeague_ I think the coach should of never called timeout with 3 minutes to go the KLAW was heating up the game would of ended sooner than it did MOMENTUM KILLER
11 Jun, 03:54 AM UTC
BACK TO BACK 3’s from Kawhi!! Its the #Klaw #NBAFinals
11 Jun, 03:24 AM UTC
Juan Porter
@RealSkipBayless The Klaw should have pulled a James Harden and went to the free throw line to ice the game. 😂😂😂
11 Jun, 04:31 AM UTC
Blake Fisher
@ajcharles57 Not that it was Lowrys fault cause it wasnt just him who had the ball it was just the fact that they didnt have that first pass into Leonard. If it aint broke DONT FIX IT! Man im upset. Whole team was great but WHY would you not let the Klaw continue his game man
11 Jun, 04:20 AM UTC
@GQSmooth92 @esaidiaz8 U stupid for doubting the Klaw
11 Jun, 04:01 AM UTC
Excitement reach the raptors players and they lost the composure , most of them haven’t been in this spot before so it natural , unnuh calm down man , the Klaw Nah Mek next game miss him
11 Jun, 03:58 AM UTC
Tariq Irving 🎲
@coreyh521 Have faith in the Klaw
11 Jun, 03:56 AM UTC
The Klaw scares the Shit outta me glad we shut his ass out n 3rd or this coula went way differently
11 Jun, 03:46 AM UTC
@TJDhoops I’m gonna tell my grandkids about the Klaw
11 Jun, 03:55 AM UTC
splash bros were too much for the klaw
11 Jun, 03:54 AM UTC
Robbie Davis
Without KD got to be impressed with what Klay & Steph do & that is move & shoot 3's! The Klaw gave up the ball on a soft double with a chance to win it. Warriors still may be poised to rise to the occasion while the Raptors fade when it matters. #FadeAwayRaptors #RiseUpWarriors
11 Jun, 03:50 AM UTC
@stromio1 You might be right unless The Klaw takes over.
11 Jun, 03:50 AM UTC
Richard Wagner
@JimBobFisherman Yes! The Klaw obviously had it under control.
11 Jun, 03:46 AM UTC
(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)
@davidemodii @jedyfreebandz The klaw about hand y'all your 3rd home L of the series
11 Jun, 03:47 AM UTC
The Klaw, big jaw, hee haw idgaf dubs in 7
11 Jun, 03:47 AM UTC
@saeedk211 Well the Klaw didn’t hear any of that ... look where it got him .. no need to risk your future for an organisation that will dump u in a heartbeat.. players aren’t machines that mentality is phasing ou the game
11 Jun, 04:42 AM UTC
I really hope @KDTrey5 is alright man. Praying it isn’t too serious. We could have had a game 7 between KD and the KLAW
11 Jun, 04:36 AM UTC
@Freestyle_gen @rorbaabax @NBA Am indifferent about those guys, I only love THE KLAW, humble and commitment like my man GERRAD
11 Jun, 04:34 AM UTC
SwaSantNèfPapi ♋️
Dear @BR_NBA we are waiting anxiously for the meme where @KlayThompson sent the Klaw flying out of the stratosphere. Thank you. 🤣🤣😅
11 Jun, 04:34 AM UTC
I mean it was fuck GS before this but now it’s mega ultra fuck GS and I hope the Klaw fucks on y’all in the bay
11 Jun, 04:32 AM UTC
@MwanaFA Hahaha.. The Klaw sio poa.
11 Jun, 04:32 AM UTC
greg jacobs
@timandsid Tough loss, but move on and get ready for game 6️⃣🏀. The Klaw, @Klow7 @DGreen_14 and the rest of the @Raptors have it in them to bring this thing home. #NBAFinals #WeTheNorth
11 Jun, 04:29 AM UTC
Edmund Joachim
The Klaw was clutch but so were the best backcourt shooters we’ve ever seen..Splash brothers...experience is going to play a big part now...players and coaches alike as seen tonite in the final seconds of the game....the series goes on which is excellent for a neutral
11 Jun, 04:28 AM UTC
This is not the night, it will be done on a monster night from the Klaw. Nick Nurse blew this one. #GoRaptorsGo
11 Jun, 04:27 AM UTC
Ephraim James
@madmanleek @Shaunp_Rapper He gotta be, the Klaw go crazy haha
11 Jun, 04:24 AM UTC
Toute façon tout ceci n'est que spéculation, ne pas vite se projetter The Klaw terminera ce qu'il a commencé et confortera sa place de meilleur joueur des 9 planètes currently et Spicy P celui de meilleur lieutenant. Ceci est une information, pas un débat! Bonne nuit 😑
11 Jun, 04:22 AM UTC
Why’d they call a timeout when the klaw was going off!
11 Jun, 04:22 AM UTC
nicco mickens
@SkipBurnerAcc @CuffsTheLegend both shitty people. pelinka can up his ranking if he can finish the details on AD and bring in either KD or the klaw
11 Jun, 04:19 AM UTC
Daniel Fava
@BrendanUStern @Powhog Well, it gave warriors an edge to put best defense player on khawi "the klaw" (double on him when he drives to the perimeter). He's on some spectrum, shouldn't distrupt him with his flow of the game?
11 Jun, 04:16 AM UTC
Ephraim James
@madmanleek Hol on we got recipes on Free Game of you sayin Kawhi not top 5....was I not telling y’all bout the Klaw @Shaunp_Rapper
11 Jun, 04:15 AM UTC
Bubba Rivas
@spurs Yeah already Tony Parker stop trying to steal the spotlight from the KLAW
11 Jun, 04:15 AM UTC
Smooth_Operator 💰📈
@SirGillis3 The klaw 😂
11 Jun, 04:14 AM UTC
Jordan Williams
Raptors timeout after the klaw scored 10 straight didn’t make sense when you have all the momentum behind you and the crowd going nuts why call that there? They scored 2 points the rest of the game
11 Jun, 04:12 AM UTC
Derrick Basoah
The fact that the raptors called a time out whiles the momentum shifted was a very bad move you don’t do that not in the finals they had no way of stopping the klaw
11 Jun, 04:12 AM UTC
Shif (シフ)
Game 6 FF7 Remake Raptors #FinalFantasyVIIRemake Splash Brothers Durant The Klaw
11 Jun, 04:12 AM UTC
Gárbh Madigan
He and The Klaw have been my favorite players in the league for 4 or 5 years... so tonight was so much fun. Give Klay his due!
11 Jun, 04:09 AM UTC
Bubba Rivas
@DwainPrice That's what I thought crowd was going crazy the KLAW was heating up and here comes the timeout with 3 minutes MOMENTUM KILLER
11 Jun, 04:09 AM UTC
Nostalgic M
Get back again the Klaw🔥🖐🏾
11 Jun, 04:06 AM UTC
Neighmar Castellon
@followingDAM @kris_cr0ss We were talking about the klaw and you bring an Irrelevant stat from last year
11 Jun, 04:05 AM UTC
@USC_26 @TdotSmith32 No one nervous. Lmao the klaw just blew the warriors out twice in the bay. Lmao
11 Jun, 04:05 AM UTC
BIG⚡️park TMC🏁
Is the Klaw gone stay in T.O.
11 Jun, 04:04 AM UTC
Dominique Soucy
@Juliushoops Wanted to rest the klaw I think
11 Jun, 04:03 AM UTC
Martine Sheff
Not enough from the Klaw
11 Jun, 04:01 AM UTC
Neighmar Castellon
@followingDAM @kris_cr0ss The klaw finals mvp
11 Jun, 04:00 AM UTC
This game gave me anxiety 😒 I’m not tryna see a game 7 the Klaw need to bring it home for them boys
11 Jun, 03:59 AM UTC
Daniel A. Mayorga
@MadMan320 @kris_cr0ss It wasn’t the klaw, it was the San Antonio Spurs
11 Jun, 03:59 AM UTC
Neighmar Castellon
@followingDAM @kris_cr0ss Too much hype for a guy that doesn’t say a word but has ice In veins. Ask Lebron how the klaw did in 2014 when he basically shipped him back to Cleveland
11 Jun, 03:58 AM UTC
Kevin KD Duhaney
@AlexisIsKavkas Bro clay is fine.. Did u see his shooting display tonight? And regardless of health he couldnt stop the klaw.. Besides if the warriors can't function missing one of their 37 Allstars on that damn team well I dunno what to say lolll
11 Jun, 03:58 AM UTC
Mario Andretti™
That boy the klaw shoulda just took that double team 2 the hoop and got fouled
11 Jun, 03:57 AM UTC
@ZayyanUmar I was hoping they would run a play to counter that given obviously the Klaw was the main man
11 Jun, 03:57 AM UTC
Gilligan 🌴
@Daveoooo__ The KLAW taking 6 foo
11 Jun, 03:56 AM UTC
Dohn Doggett
Coach Nurse I need answers on that timeout. The Klaw was going off my G. 😅😅😅
11 Jun, 03:56 AM UTC
Roy Lara
@Juegos1990 I would want the Klaw to get that last shot too! But everyone in the world knew he was gonna get it and they were gonna double him . Lowry should’ve EXPECTED that shot ...
11 Jun, 03:56 AM UTC
@RoyBoi92 He was never supposed to get it. They doubled The Klaw and ended up with it.
11 Jun, 03:54 AM UTC
Chuck Jones
Another thing I keep telling y’all is The Klaw ain’t the last second go to bucket guy. Don’t let that Philly shot fool u
11 Jun, 03:54 AM UTC
Tadd Tatum
@brooksBROmanley Klay is the glove to the Klaw
11 Jun, 03:53 AM UTC
@ShannonSharpe unc you was right bout this KD thing being the same the Klaw now look? Who the hell signed off on this! 😒
11 Jun, 03:53 AM UTC
Keon Willis
The Klaw started his Championship moment and Kyle hit him with the “hold my beer” 😂😂😂
11 Jun, 03:52 AM UTC
If Toronto had a timeout left and Nick Nurse really opted not to use it, then this loss is on him. He could've drawn a play for Kawhi. Live or die with the Klaw. #NBAFinals2019
11 Jun, 03:51 AM UTC
What the Klaw did is exactly what the King does every final. When trapped or doubled, defer to your teammates. MJ and Kobe would never. But “it’s the right basketball play.”
11 Jun, 03:50 AM UTC
@kiddblackrapgod Nope the Klaw just had to drive the ball to the paint to draw contact
11 Jun, 03:50 AM UTC
Brodie Gmann
He hates bron and now hates the Klaw 🤣
11 Jun, 03:50 AM UTC
The Real Alex⚡️
The KLAW was taking over and then the splash bros said nope!
11 Jun, 03:50 AM UTC
@Hboog11_ So draymond switched with Curry to get the Klaw clamped up? Curry hit those last 6 points too. Gotcha lol who’s your plug? He got the GAS 😂
11 Jun, 03:49 AM UTC
@AceIzNice Lmao they wrong for that but my boy Kawhi the Klaw Leonard finna be a two time finals MVP
11 Jun, 03:49 AM UTC
nnl. 💖
@Mister_Ward91 i thought the KLAW had it?
11 Jun, 03:49 AM UTC
@Cosmas007 @frankostylez @DinoFarai The death line up showed up. Klay made the klaw fly on that closing minutes 3🔥🔥💦
11 Jun, 03:48 AM UTC
Blane Burnett
@T_Pending Should have went to the klaw
11 Jun, 03:48 AM UTC
Damn Kawhi Nolan North O Canada The Klaw Canadians #NBAFinals2019 Jordan Bell
11 Jun, 03:48 AM UTC
If I’m the warriors I’m letting anyone on the raptors beat me except the Klaw
11 Jun, 03:48 AM UTC
@kelbentong Di na need ng the dragen, may the klaw na e 🤣
11 Jun, 03:47 AM UTC