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Ramona Shelburne
The Knicks and owner Jim Dolan were not prepared to offer Kevin Durant a full max contract due to concerns over his recovery from the Achilles injury, league sources tell me and @wojespn. Knicks officials are in Los Angeles tonight, meeting with free agents such as Julius Randle.
30 Jun, 11:17 PM UTC
Brew City Bucks
BREAKING: After missing out on literally every single free agent, the Knicks have signed Stephen A Smith to a 4 year max contract @mkebucks34's photo on The Knicks
30 Jun, 09:42 PM UTC
Bryan 🥶
After failing to sign damn near everyone, The Knicks have offered Quavo a max contract of $143 mil. league sources tell ESPN. @matte_bIack's photo on The Knicks
30 Jun, 10:16 PM UTC
Adrian Wojnarowski
Taj Gibson has agreed to a two-year, $20M deal with the Knicks, agent Mark Bartelstein tells ESPN.
01 Jul, 12:54 AM UTC
Adrian Wojnarowski
Free agent Bobby Portis has agreed to a two-year, $31M deal with the Knicks, agent Mark Bartelstein tells ESPN.
01 Jul, 04:12 AM UTC
Desus Nice
KD didn’t have the heart to save the Knicks and that’s the narrative me and mans dem are running with innit
30 Jun, 09:24 PM UTC
Marc Stein
If today's events don't make Jim Dolan take a step back and think about where the Knicks are as a brand -- after, remember, Dolan himself promised big things in free agency in March -- I'm not sure what will
30 Jun, 09:11 PM UTC
Complex Sports
James Dolan didn’t want to give Kevin Durant the max. The Knicks gonna choose Julius Randle over KD @ComplexSports's photo on The Knicks
30 Jun, 11:21 PM UTC
Skip Bayless
Now ESPN is reporting both KD and Kyrie took less to sign with the Nets, so KD's friend DeAndre Jordan could sign, too. So maybe it wasn't just about the Knicks offering KD less. Maybe it was DJordan, who was with the Knicks last year, telling KD he wanted no part of Dolan's Team
01 Jul, 02:04 AM UTC
Complex Sports
The Knicks signed Julius Randle, Taj Gibson, and Bobby Portis today. All play the same position Knicks fans: @ComplexSports's photo on The Knicks
01 Jul, 04:16 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
Bobby Portis has agreed to a 2-year, $31M deal with the Knicks, per @wojespn @BleacherReport's photo on The Knicks
01 Jul, 04:14 AM UTC
Cash ✌🏾HYPE
I would like to offer the Knicks family and fans my deepest and most sincere condolences.
30 Jun, 11:23 PM UTC
Chris Broussard
I'm not buying that the Knicks weren't willing to offer KD the max. That has got to be "spin'' ordered by James Dolan in hopes of making them look better. It actually makes them look worse, though.
01 Jul, 01:55 AM UTC
The Knicks traded away their 23 year old franchise player to sign KD and Kyrie Ended up with nothing @kenny_817's photo on The Knicks
30 Jun, 09:36 PM UTC
SB Nation
What the Knicks ordered vs what came in the mail
01 Jul, 01:38 AM UTC
Josh Lewenberg
The Knicks traded Kristaps Porzingis so that they could sign Julius Randle, Bobby Portis and Taj Gibson so that they can preserve their cap space so that they can be rejected by Giannis in 2021.
01 Jul, 04:21 AM UTC
SLAM Rewind
Kevin Durant’s game-winner against the Knicks 🔥 @SLAMRewind's photo on The Knicks
01 Jul, 12:19 AM UTC
pat stiso
@andre Andre: nobody going to the Knicks Andres agent: @Stuce_'s photo on The Knicks
01 Jul, 03:39 AM UTC
Yahoo Sports NBA
Bobby Portis has agreed to a two-year/$31M deal with the Knicks, per @wojespn. @YahooSportsNBA's photo on The Knicks
01 Jul, 04:14 AM UTC
Eli Bashi
Pistons please sign Anthony Tolliver before the Knicks give him 4-years $198 million.
01 Jul, 04:20 AM UTC
Nah I get it for Jim Dolan because if you sign KD and his Achilles blows then he doesn’t play and that ruins the long-standing track record of the Knicks winning. Can’t take that risk.
30 Jun, 11:39 PM UTC
Adrian Wojnarowski
Michael Jordan has come out of retirement and agreed to a two-year, $25M deal with the Knicks, agent David Falk tells ESPN.
01 Jul, 04:38 AM UTC
SI Extra Mustard
We're roughly 15 minutes away from the Knicks giving Clay Thompsong a max deal @SI_ExtraMustard's photo on The Knicks
01 Jul, 04:18 AM UTC
*hears the Knicks are interested in Bobby Portis and Reggie Bullock* Stephen A: @DimeUPROXX's photo on The Knicks
01 Jul, 12:13 AM UTC
Will Manso
The rest of the NBA is playing chess while the Knicks are out here playing Yahtzee.
01 Jul, 04:23 AM UTC
Yaron Weitzman
A good example: why are the Knicks not absorbing Iggy into space and taking a pick to do so? There's just no reason to be giving these contracts to Gibson and Portis
01 Jul, 04:22 AM UTC
J u s t i n ®
*BREAKING NEWS* Free agent Troy Bolton has agreed to a 5 Year, $131M deal with the Knicks, according to @wojespn
01 Jul, 04:26 AM UTC
Sam Vecenie
I will at least give the Knicks credit for this: Bobby Portis can at least shoot the ball at a high clip. That fits with RJ Barrett and some of their younger guys. I like that about him.
01 Jul, 04:32 AM UTC
Jackson Edmundson
What the Knicks wanted: -KD -Kyrie -Zion What the Knicks are getting: -Nacho fries -beefy five layer burrito -Julius Randle
01 Jul, 01:22 AM UTC
Eli Bashi
If you’re here rn, my sources tell me the Knicks just gave Stanley Johnson a 1 year deal worth $38 million. According to the reports, the Knicks front office called Johnson “a healthy mix between Zion and KD, and a perfect fit for our team.” We’ll see how that works out for them.
01 Jul, 04:38 AM UTC
Eric Rosenthal
Bobby Portis gives the Knicks a punchers chance in the Eastern Conference
01 Jul, 04:37 AM UTC
35ventures shareholder
The Knicks could sign Adolf Hitler to a max deal and you’ll be cheering it
01 Jul, 04:41 AM UTC
Lynx | Koffee Stan
Yup, I'm done with the knicks bruh
30 Jun, 11:25 PM UTC
Kyle McLernon
SOURCES: the #knicks suck FUCKING balls and are the WORST run organization in ALL of sports.
01 Jul, 04:41 AM UTC
J. Mack
20 years from now it’ll come out on 30 for 30 that Jim Dolan purposely ruined the Knicks
01 Jul, 04:36 AM UTC
Ben Pfeifer
RJ Barrett found himself in his worst case scenario, assuming the Knicks treat him like a primary. I have serious reservations about his ability to do that.
01 Jul, 04:43 AM UTC
😂😭 yo the Knicks are comedy gold
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
Andre Roberson
@aonethelp I told you a long time ago.....NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY FOR THE KNICKS! I don't know why the media keeps trying to push that narrative.
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
@MusabvsMorgan No cap the knicks might sign me to a 4 year $60m contract
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
The Knicks got no Kd, John boye is gonna start again for Ghana and we won’t make it the knock round and I have to go to work tomorrow
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
So far I think we will have a better record than the Knicks, Cavs, Hawks, and Hornets for sure
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
Lakers Keys
So the Knicks could have had @Dloading but instead chose to split his salary between Bobby Portis, and Taj Gibson after already signing Julius Randle, Imagine if Pelinka had done that...?
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
Idk.. but I think we should all forget about the Knicks for the next couple of years or so @BenStinar
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
Lesley 🏳️‍🌈🇵🇷 Ryder
The Knicks have been working towards next year’s free agent market for 15 years.
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
@wojespn Golden State is no longer that dynasty they build it’s falling apart which is shocking to say after how well the team was. The Knick’s fumble the ball but I have to say this off season the warriors had it worse then the knicks WHATS going on in the bay.
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
@TommyBeer And I was talking the Knicks up for hours about how I liked their moves. Then they go and sign Portis. Waste of money. Why not use the cap space for additional assets? Such a stupid oversight. Not good at all.
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
Nick Powell
@joelmsiegel @howardmegdal Everyone is overpaid, in fairness. Tobias Harris just got $180M, D'Angelo Russell is somehow a max player after one good season. This is the nuttiest market I've ever seen. Did you want the Knicks throwing those contracts around?
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
That Tobias Harris move and all 3 of the Knicks moves 🤦🏽‍♂️
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
Cuchara Y Jeringuilla
Thats before he got injured and he was high and mighty. Knicks would've offered him that bread he wanted he would've came to the Knicks. fuck him.
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
Lawrence, AKA... 🤔... Writer from Woodhaven
The #Knicks are stockpiling on young guns. They got a bright future like the Pelicans. Randle, Portis, RJ, Mitch, Trier, Knox, DSJ... Patience. We'll sign our big guy later. I'll no doubt root for this team in the meantime.
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
Steven Baeza
@DSmithShow Why would anyone want to go to the knicks as a free agent when they have the worst owner and are more dysfunctional than a jerry springer audience?
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
lil b
Meanwhile the Knicks have like 70M in cap space, signed like 4 Power Forwards, and lost Zion, KD, & Kyrie LMAO
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
Justin González
Ya gotta think if the Knicks held on to Porzingis they would have signed one of the top tier free agents. Then again, i have no clue what I’m talking about so.
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
Mike Bowers, Registered Presidential Candidate
So wait...are the Knicks signing all the power forwards now because they missed out on drafting Zion?
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
Kiss my ass Bitch, Don’t you compare my team to the Knicks
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
John Cassillo
What kills me about the Knicks is equal parts their own stupidity, and the fact that other teams show how quickly rebuilds can be done. Nets, Grizzlies, Pelicans, Hawks all examples of smart resets to varying degrees.
01 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC