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"To falsely accuse somebody of any kind of racism is a major, dishonest and dishonourable thing to do. I will die an anti-racist." @jeremycorbyn opens up about accusations of antisemitism within the Labour Party @PoliticsJOE_UK's photo on The Labour Party
22 Sep, 05:03 PM UTC
Matt Kennard
The Al-Jazeera documentary is a watershed moment for British politics. Terrifying. The Labour Party is under the control of unscrupulous thugs. It is vital they never get into power. Make sure you watch tonight.
22 Sep, 03:04 PM UTC
I’ve heard it on good authority that the baby shouter has been suspended from the Labour Party.
22 Sep, 03:28 PM UTC
Double Down News
BREAKING: Jewish Socialist Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi has been suspended from the Labour Party... again @DoubleDownNews's photo on The Labour Party
22 Sep, 04:29 PM UTC
Left Unity
Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, recently elected to the NEC, has been suspended by the Labour Party. What a truly dreadful organisation it has become. We need a mass socialist party ASAP. #EnoughIsEnough https://t.co/lYr8FAVKc7
22 Sep, 04:23 PM UTC
Christian Association of Nigeria, Kaduna State Chapter organise a Stakeholders meeting with all the Kaduna State Gubernatorial Candidates. The Labour Party candidate in person of Hon. Jonathan Asake throw the crowd in amazement with his eloquent speech and choice of words ✊ https://t.co/cITT6TAbHE
22 Sep, 01:14 PM UTC
Joe Guinan
Looks like the UK is headed into the most bare-knuckle class warfare since the early Thatcher years—and the Labour Party is nowhere.
22 Sep, 02:46 PM UTC
Cannon Post
Chief Chukwu Wachukwu has said that it will be difficult for any Igbo politician to work against the interest of the Labour Party candidate, Peter Obi in 2023. The YPP senatorial candidate for Abịa Central said he feels sorry for Igbo politicians against Peter Obi https://t.co/SzoSM5Cc1F
22 Sep, 03:03 AM UTC
Tom London
Keir Starmer has expelled more Jews from the Labour Party than all other Labour leaders combined These are Jews who speak up in defence of the rights of Palestinians The mainstream media IGNORE these Jews - shamefully
22 Sep, 03:16 PM UTC
Rachael Swindon
Wow. Sometimes it’s east to forget just what a vile cesspit the Labour Party is under the control of these despicable individuals. #LabourFiles #AlJazeera
22 Sep, 09:00 PM UTC
Simon Foster
As an ex-employee of the Labour Party I can genuinely say that nothing in the #LabourFiles surprises me. The party bureaucracy is primarily concerned with protecting their factional mates, rules are never applied consistently, and overt bigots are rewarded with top jobs.
22 Sep, 09:14 PM UTC
Saul Staniforth
"There is a problem here. If thats the way the Labour Party is conducting itself in opposition under Starmer... is Sir Keir Starmer going to behave like that in power". Quite. @OborneTweets on the Labour Party witholding evidence. From 'The Labour Files' on @AJEnglish. https://t.co/lC3QkaGMpo
22 Sep, 09:03 PM UTC
Chris Williamson
@MJJMyLovelyOne @kennardmatt The Labour Party is the same as the Tories. Both support neoliberalism. Both back imperialism. Both are in the pockets of corporate capitalism, particularly the military industrial complex.
22 Sep, 06:04 PM UTC
John McEvoy
The Labour Files exposes not only the rotten core of the Labour Party but also the British press. The crooks and bullies were given free rein because destroying the left was always the central goal.
22 Sep, 10:02 PM UTC
Mike Gapes ⚒🇺🇦🇬🇧
Watching the Al Jazeera hatchet job on the Labour Party. A collection of Trots, Tankies, cranks and antisemites spouting a litany of inaccuracies and lies. It was all a scam. Saint Jeremy was betrayed by a conspiracy of the right wing party bureaucracy and the Tory press.
22 Sep, 08:31 PM UTC
Ragged Trousered Philanderer
The image below shows the classic misdirection and sleight of hand used by the media to fool a nation into thinking not only was the Labour Party under Corbyn antisemitic, but that that was the overwhelming view of Jews living in Britain. Lying by omission is still lying. https://t.co/CJzQ0oAAxe
22 Sep, 09:25 PM UTC
Cllr Martin Abrams🌹
The reality is though, the #LabourFiles is just straightforward investigative journalism blowing the lid on some of the most repugnant, dishonest and self serving people in politics never mind the Labour Party. https://t.co/x2kX6nPHuV
22 Sep, 08:33 PM UTC
Not that any of this is new to people who have paid attention (apart from some documents in the reportage that show what a corrupt sewer the Labour Party establishment is). But it's good that a TV station is documenting it. Sadly it's not a UK one, but who really expected that?
22 Sep, 09:40 PM UTC
Cllr Sam Gorst 🕊⚖ #EnoughIsEnough
There's two quotes from the #LabourFiles documentary that ring so true. "The Labour Party is a criminal conspiracy against its members". "Keir Starmer leads a lawless Party."
22 Sep, 10:20 PM UTC
Chris Corney
Is there any other Jewish person who when referring to their experience of anti semitism would be told, provide proof within 24 hours or you will be disciplined by the Labour Party? https://t.co/IL9ZZCuxXS
22 Sep, 05:10 PM UTC
Cllr Sam Gorst 🕊⚖ #EnoughIsEnough
The Labour Party enabled a culture in which fake antisemitism was manufactured and because of this, I had many death threats, my children had cancer wished upon them and even nasty annotated letters posted through my door. It was a scary time for me. I had no worthy Party support
22 Sep, 10:20 PM UTC
Andrew Godsell 📚 💙 🎗️🌹🎶 ⚽ #GTTO #FBNHS
The factual detail on how the Labour Party actually works, in the Al Jazeera programme, is amazing compared with the lazy smears trotted out day after day by the Establishment BBC. #LabourFiles #ItWasAScam
22 Sep, 08:27 PM UTC
The unions should immediately disaffiliate from the Labour Party until everyone of the right wing saboteurs are kicked out of the Party. Or are they happy to pay money to people who actively sabotaged Labours chances of victory in the general election.
22 Sep, 10:08 PM UTC
No drama, just Sharma
A Jewish woman raised concerns about Holocaust denial within the Labour Party, and Lord Mann's response is to demand she is expelled. If you didn't think #ItWasAScam before, surely you must now. https://t.co/6wdEqkDWOe
22 Sep, 10:28 AM UTC
Heather Mendick
NEW VIDEO @Naomi4LabNEC speaks to @ComplaintsOn and me about her suspension today from the Labour Party following her election to the Party's National Exec https://t.co/LBhhlNAmPo
22 Sep, 09:19 PM UTC
MemphyDoo 💜💛
@gabemilne96 Tell us, Gabe. What was the prevalence of antisemitism in the Labour Party? Was it more than what we’d see in the general public? Was it more than what we’d see in other parties? If there was this “tide” surely you can provide quantitative data to support this.
22 Sep, 10:10 PM UTC
richard oneill
There's an irretrievable impasse between the two factions of the Labour Party. Equally as clear is the intransigence of the centrists who absolutely refuse to accept the corruption proven in the Forde report and the Al Jazeera documentary. If Starmer had any decency he'd resign!
22 Sep, 10:27 PM UTC
Tyfanwy Prudey McPrude
The misogyny is thick in the Labour Party, how they orchestrated vile attacks on women 😡 and not surprising to see Mr Akehurst involved in the absolute scam against socialists. What might have been if not for their Machiavellian plots. 😡😡
22 Sep, 09:13 PM UTC
Frank Owen's Legendary Paintbrush 🟨🟥🥀🇵🇸🇾🇪
The right-wing of the Labour Party is the biggest enemy of democratic socialism, bar none. The #LabourFiles proves it. And "centrists" wonder why the left refuses to support these treacherous scumbags. https://t.co/LqeQdrtSlb
23 Sep, 12:26 AM UTC
Peter Cronau
The Labour Party eradicated its own leadership and electoral chances to avoid moving Left. How the Right faction of the UK Labour Party did-in the Left. https://t.co/Bq9VXYuBSY
22 Sep, 10:49 PM UTC