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Matt Zarb-Cousin
A political party or group receiving this level of coverage and exposure but that hasn’t declared who’s funding it is dodgy as hell, and tbh it’s quite telling that liberal journos who have spent three years going on about campaign financing in the EU referendum are quiet on this
20 Feb, 09:26 AM UTC
Sebastian Payne
The Independent Group is now the same size as the Liberal Democrats in the House of Commons. One more defection and they’ll become the fourth biggest party.
20 Feb, 11:13 AM UTC
Jo Swinson
More MPs have made the difficult decision to leave their parties so they can fight for their values. If only the PM & Jeremy Corbyn would be as brave & finally put country before party. I stand ready to work with anyone who shares our liberal values.
20 Feb, 11:52 AM UTC
Eddy Jokovich
Julie Bishop saying the Liberal Party will win #Election2019, but is so confident of this happening, she's decided not to run in the seat of Curtin and will leave politics. Now rabbiting on about how great she is. #AUSPOL #QT
21 Feb, 04:43 AM UTC
Jim Chalmers MP
Scott Morrison should not leave Parliament today without first launching a full investigation into the ongoing scandal around his Government, Liberal Party heavyweights and multi-million dollar contracts #chumgate #auspol Jim Chalmers MP's photo on The Liberal Party
21 Feb, 02:26 AM UTC
Jim Pembroke
Just to be clear, this #Hockeyowesme bombshell Should see Liberal Party Fund raising chief, Joe Hockey friend and #Helloworld CEO Andrew Burnes Getting a please explain from the ASX 'Did you just lie to us?" #Chumgate #auspol
21 Feb, 04:13 AM UTC
Nadine von Cohen
21 Feb, 04:52 AM UTC
Cathy Thomson
The Liberal Party. The natural party for women to leave. #auspol #JulieBishop
21 Feb, 05:07 AM UTC
Rick Morton
The most effective Liberal Party fundraiser, Julie Bishop, is getting the hell out.
21 Feb, 04:37 AM UTC
Boomer, Ms Jenny Frecklington-Jones
Serving the Liberal party & serving the people of Australia have become two very different things under Howard, Abbott, Turnbull and now Morrison. I will not miss Julie Bishop. #auspol
21 Feb, 05:12 AM UTC
David Marler
#Chumgate Liberal Party fundraising chief Andrew Burnes told an executive of his company, #Helloworld, that he was able to arrange a meeting with Australian ambassador to the US Joe Hockey on very short notice because, "Hockey owes me." #auspol #qt
21 Feb, 03:27 AM UTC
The Democratic Party is getting less white, more educated — and significantly more liberal
21 Feb, 08:56 AM UTC
Jess McGuire
It says a lot about how absolutely mind numbingly awful and incompetent the current incarnation of the Liberal Party is when the likes of Julie Bishop is getting feted and mythologised as though she’s one of the most brilliant, game changing politicians of our times.
21 Feb, 06:29 AM UTC
Mrs & Mr Wilma Slurrie
The Liberal Party doesn't have a problem with women - there are now no women left to have a problem with.
21 Feb, 04:46 AM UTC
Sarah Ludford 🔶 #FBPE
Of course the response of @libdems led by @EdwardJDavey, to Javid macho move regarding #ShaminaBegum, is not only a properly Liberal one - and if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be in the party! - but it’s also the properly sensible and practical response too. Right-wingers out on a limb
20 Feb, 10:35 PM UTC
This is a tragedy for Oz. Always popular with the Australian public, but not with her own party, Julie Bishop was the smartest woman in any room she walked in. That the Liberal Party failed to use her is their fault @thespybrief @lauferlaw @LouiseMensch
21 Feb, 08:21 AM UTC
That Dr Sheep Person
Please remember that when invited to contribute to the Museum of Democracy Ms Bishop chose a pair of red shoes as her personal symbol of the first female Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party & FM. High heeled shoes as a woman’s symbol of democracy.
21 Feb, 07:32 AM UTC
China Daily
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday calmed restless legislators at a meeting to discuss two resignations that rocked his Liberal government, but side-stepped questions about how he planned to handle the crisis, party sources said. China Daily's photo on The Liberal Party
21 Feb, 08:32 AM UTC
Tides Of History
#OTD 1903. The Labour Representation Committee meet in Newcastle. A Parliamentry Fund is set up to provide central campaign funding. It was said be the conference where the Liberal Party began to ‘take Labour seriously’ Tides Of History's photo on The Liberal Party
21 Feb, 07:35 AM UTC
Trish Corry
Bishop: “I believe that the Liberal Party will win the next election.” “On that basis, I’m resigning” Totally believable, Julie. #JulieBishopRetiring #Auspol #QT Trish Corry's photo on The Liberal Party
21 Feb, 05:23 AM UTC
Jonny Will Chambers
Yes, The Independent Group is the same size as the Liberal Democrats as a Westminster force, but worth bearing in mind every Lib Dem won on an aligned Liberal Democrat ticket as a party, it's a total gamble as to whether the Indy's will be able to do the same.
20 Feb, 11:20 AM UTC
Financial Review
'Hockey owes me': Wealthy Liberal Party donor was able to arrange a meeting for one of his executives with Ambassador to the US @JoeHockey at short notice, Senate estimates has heard. @andrewtillett #auspol
21 Feb, 07:00 AM UTC
Judy Buchanan
@BelindaJones68 @ScottMorrisonMP @JulieBishopMP 😂😂😂 Another rat/ cockroach (JBish is known as 'The Cockroach amongst some of her WA Liberal party colleagues) abandoning the #Morrison ship! 😜 Judy Buchanan's photo on The Liberal Party
21 Feb, 05:10 AM UTC
Michael Sadgrove
Was brought up in a Liberal household, so never voted Tory. But if @Anna_Soubry is correct & the hard right have won control of the @Conservatives, it’s a sad day for this once great #OneNation party.
20 Feb, 06:08 PM UTC
Vince Mahon
Tim Wilson’s discredited #frankingcredits inquiry has its travel arrangements organised by the company that runs the Morrison Govt’s travel management services & also Liberal Party donor HelloWorld. Let that sink in. #auspol #HelloWorld
21 Feb, 08:39 AM UTC
Marcus Foo🇦🇺
To call Bishop a "fierce opponent of the left" is hilarious, she never laid a single glove on Labor/Green. She was a walking traitor to Tony Abbott and the Liberal party. A self-ambitious driven women.
21 Feb, 08:51 AM UTC
In typical fashion, @JulieBishopMP the best of our parliament and the Liberal party leaves us, while those who cause damage to the party and are plagued with scandal, stick around forever (@SenatorCash @MathiasCormann. Probably because they’re unemployable elsewhere. #auspol
21 Feb, 06:52 AM UTC
21 Feb, 06:28 AM UTC
@theresa_may You are killing the Tory party I may as well vote liberal
21 Feb, 08:56 AM UTC
The Democratic Party is getting less white, more educated — and significantly more liberal
21 Feb, 09:01 AM UTC
RT CNN "The Democratic Party is getting less white, more educated — and significantly more liberal"
21 Feb, 09:01 AM UTC
Badr Alsiri
The Democratic Party is getting less white, more educated — and significantly more liberal
21 Feb, 09:01 AM UTC
Dan Davies
@simonk_133 @crookedfootball @nosemonkey "if you want to get involved in politics - and you should! you lovely little backbone of democracy you! - then the thing to do is join the Liberal Democrats, have fun at your conference, then campaign and vote for an independent MP who your constituency party stood down for"
21 Feb, 09:00 AM UTC
Gary Stanford
Not surprised at all, they have their middle class issues and this trendy, not the boring LibDems centrist party fits their neo liberal beliefs perfectly, there's a huge demand for it
21 Feb, 09:00 AM UTC
Talal AlRoqi
The Democratic Party is getting less white, more educated — and significantly more liberal
21 Feb, 08:59 AM UTC
Bush Gothic
Typical @GladysB attitude to rural/regional NSW No Liberal pre-selection for seat of Goulburn, but according to @GladysB constituents "don’t really care about the process.” Oh we do Gladys. A lot. @PruGoward @GoulburnPost @ursulastephens @VoteSustainable
21 Feb, 08:58 AM UTC
Stirring Beasty Kraken🤖🌏
@dotrat I’ve given up on #abc730 - Tingle dismissed the Liberal Party trash fire as “white noise”?!?!?? The #HockeyOwesMe ? The #PaladinAffair ? Andrew Robb quitting b4 he’s questioned about corruption? Cormann “forgot” to pay for holiday? Run out of room for it all Stirring Beasty Kraken🤖🌏's photo on The Liberal Party
21 Feb, 08:58 AM UTC
Roy Q Israel
@workthegooery @Lrihendry @ChatByCC 6) You are a product of your environment, probably raised by mom thus the lack of respect for others and sense of entitlement. Probably unemployed and maybe attending a college that is feeding your head with liberal garbage. Probably smoke pot and party a lot with no real goals
21 Feb, 08:57 AM UTC
@IanDunt Any sane right wing liberal, economically neoliberal, Zionist, whore of big business and the bankers party. Yes.
21 Feb, 08:57 AM UTC
Anton Ehrola / Karppinen
RT CNN "The Democratic Party is getting less white, more educated — and significantly more liberal"
21 Feb, 08:57 AM UTC
Be Good Do Good
@DaveSharma There. Are. No. Medical. Services. On. Christmas. Island. You are just another lying liberal party member. Join the queue! #NoConfidenceVoteNOW
21 Feb, 08:56 AM UTC
Julie Shivers
Lower college tuition by lower the professor's, the president of the college and the other high paid people who ( work) there. Stop paying high price speeches to the liberal crap people like Obama, Clintons and others. Stop the very high expenses like the party's they throw.
21 Feb, 08:56 AM UTC
valley boy
@7NewsSydney @LiberalAus @JulieBishopMP @Riley7News Typical indecisive female. Malcolm Turnbull decided to undermined the Liberal Party many month ago.
21 Feb, 08:56 AM UTC
Josh Tarle
CBC narrative tonight: let's run a story on Ukrainian sailors and the extreme corruption of the Russian dictatorship so that Canadians might be more willing to look past the extreme corruption of @JustinTrudeau and the @liberal_party
21 Feb, 08:53 AM UTC
@JulieBishopMP @LiberalAus Julie i wish you all the best in your future endeavors I do believe that you would have been a great female leader of the liberal party. Thank you for your service to the nation
21 Feb, 08:53 AM UTC
Steve Milley
@liberal_party Thanks! We need all the help we can get proving the concept of #FakeNews. Thanks for helping us out. AKA, you're #FofS.
21 Feb, 08:52 AM UTC
@Lisa_Wilkinson Sadly leaving would have made a great leader but not given the opportunity to lead the Liberal party will be a big loss to the nation.
21 Feb, 08:51 AM UTC

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