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Itu beza privilege lelaki dengan perempuan. Masa nak kahwin dulu aku pakai baju Rage Against The Machine, siap tulis ‘Fear is Your Only God’ lagi masuk pejabat agama. Takda orang tegur. Girls pakai like this kena halau. Sbb tu bila women mengadu, kita kena dengar.
22 Apr, 01:17 AM UTC
The New York Times
Florence + the Machine wrote the end-credits song to Sunday's episode of "Game of Thrones." Read our exclusive interview with the band's frontwoman, Florence Welch.
22 Apr, 02:38 AM UTC
Florence + the Machine faz versão de "Jenny of Oldstones", música cantada por Podrick no episódio deste domingo de #GameofThrones; ouça omelete's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 02:48 AM UTC
Florence + The Machine premiere enchanting lullaby 'Jenny Of Oldstones' on Game Of Thrones – listen Bandwagon's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 05:00 AM UTC
Justice Democrats
The film does an amazing job showing the blood, sweat, and tears in running a grassroots primary challenge when the odds are stacked against you. We hope it encourages more progressive candidates to run for office -- even if it means taking on the machine. Justice Democrats's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 04:30 PM UTC
Will Bunch
Journalism is under attack like never before - and it's time for journalists to fight back! The answer won't be found in "the process," but by reconnecting w/ the soul of democracy buried in the machine. Full manifesto here Excerpt:
22 Apr, 12:54 PM UTC
Every day is #EarthDay for War Machine and The Hulk. Here's how @MarkRuffalo and @DonCheadle are helping real-world heroes solve climate change @SolutionsProj #ONE100 MTV NEWS's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 02:20 PM UTC
Sarah Reese Jones
"The desperation of the Republican propaganda machine has reached the point of blaming Obama for Trump stealing an election. This is the equivalent of blaming a store for not catching you when you steal something they had sitting out." #ImpeachDonaldTrump
22 Apr, 03:25 PM UTC
Game Of Thrones News
‘jenny of oldstones’ sung by florence + the machine Game Of Thrones News's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 02:49 PM UTC
David Jacobs
"Canada, is run by an elite who crush and spit out whoever breaks ranks or their code of omerta, or silence." Trudeau's arrogance is fueled by his knowledge that the wealth and power of the Liberal machine stands behind him. #cdnpoli #LavScam #Trudeau
22 Apr, 01:42 PM UTC
JM Rieger
New analysis of Trump’s washing machine tariffs finds: - Consumers bore between 125% and 225% of the costs of the tariffs - The tariffs brought in $82m to the Treasury but raised consumer prices by $1.5b - Created 1,800 jobs at a cost of $817,000 per job
22 Apr, 01:44 PM UTC
Ashley StClair 🇺🇸
Google claims that they “had an entire home page experience for Easter for those on desktop,” that only didn’t show up on mobile. Today, they have an Earth Day home page. A quick look at the Wayback Machine (internet archive) shows that Google had nothing for Easter yesterday. Ashley StClair 🇺🇸's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 03:46 PM UTC
the clip video for "jenny of oldstones" by florence + the machine (the song podrick sang) is literally one of the most beautiful things game of thrones has ever done. try not to cry I dare you. #gameofthrones (the whole video: 𝘴𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘢 𝙂𝙊𝙏 𝙎𝙋𝙊𝙄𝙇𝙀𝙍𝙎's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 01:58 PM UTC
EXOinEU Union
👾 VOTING GAME | EXO members have been locked into the Red Force’s basement. They need your help to escape! 🔐 Find all passwords to open the doors 🔋 5 attempts before the Red Force find out 🗝️ Answer with #⃣ to avoid getting the machine broke #BBMAsTopSocial EXO @weareoneEXO EXOinEU Union's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 04:34 PM UTC
Ajaaaaa! Interesantísimo artículo sobre la canción que cantó Podrick en el capítulo de hoy, la historia detrás y como esta ha podido predecir el final de la serie.
22 Apr, 03:14 AM UTC
луна гарри
Оф видео песни Florence+ The Machine,которая звучала в титрах второй серии и которую напевал Подрик. Мурашки. #GameOfThrones луна гарри's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 02:59 PM UTC
Eddie Dempsey
The EU is a privatisation machine. We were right to vote Leave. You can watch the progress of the EU privatising national assets - From the EU's own Rail Market Monitor.
22 Apr, 05:04 PM UTC
La música ha sido uno de los medios mas efectivos para manifestar los mensajes de inconformidad en una sociedad. YA está disponible el episodio más reciente de #Precursores dedicado a Rage Against The Machine @RATM. CONVOY's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 04:13 PM UTC
Brandon Wright
Now that they aren’t my account I can spill the beans that they’re ALWAYS broken because they never get cleaned, then cockroaches and mice crawl in, chew wires or get sucked into machine and damage them. Don’t eat McD “ice cream”
22 Apr, 09:49 AM UTC
Adam Zyglis
The propaganda machine is in high gear... #Trump #Spin #MuellerReport #Obstruction #Collusion #Russia #POTUS #Lying #Barr #Propaganda @TheBuffaloNews Adam Zyglis's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 04:52 PM UTC
david ross
The Double C.....Cult Classic. The First in a series. The First ⁦@OrendaBooks⁩ signing. The First shed-based, smoke machine assisted sex scene. It’s all here, for just £0.99. The Last Days of Disco eBook by David Ross - 9781910633014 | Rakuten Kobo
22 Apr, 02:26 PM UTC
Allan Is Wang
@billianton This is the reason that we must #DefundCBC!!! #CBC has totally become #JustinTrudeau #Liberal #propaganda machine. Sick to the core! #CBCLies #TrudeauIsDone #TrudeauMustGo #SaveCanada #cdnpoli
22 Apr, 04:35 AM UTC
Make no mistake about it. If trump remains in office the corporate and foreign powers will massively fund trumps propaganda machine in an attempt to remain in power, and to continue to line their pockets ! If our democracy is not already lost, only our votes will save us!! 🌊
22 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
Making music for fans not the machine... sounds familiar to me... was it once stated by a wise man named Zayn Malik?
22 Apr, 04:48 PM UTC
@0fficialnaif These are sex machine; includes vibrator, candle, huge cucumber, borehole arm and maybe dildos. But the serious one is feminism(lesbianism)
22 Apr, 05:27 PM UTC
Topher Mathews
The technology for this is already around. No autonomous vehicle breakthrough is required. No massive enforcement campaign (with arguably inequitable fines) needed. Just a mechanical limit on the possible harm a dangerous machine can produce.
22 Apr, 04:11 PM UTC
Sean Orlikowski
After a crazy weekend of flying and battling 10 hours of holiday traffic to LA from Vegas, we finally made it back with my new future-car. I named it Epoch after the best damn time machine out there. @Tesla @elonmusk
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
l g
Jennifer Cohn @jennycohn1 Why did @IvankaTrump get a voting machine trademark from China, why did she meet with Brian Kemp on the same day as Georgia’s contentious hearing re: controversial new voting equipment, & where is the effing media?!
22 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
Is this the next step in #IoT connections? A new sewing machine #robot is capable of stitching electrodes into the brain. #artificial #intelligence #machine #learning #ai #technology #techtrends #future StorageCraft's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 01:00 PM UTC
@metalgear__rex Tf .. girl they better give you a the first month free trial using the CPAP machine
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
Voor De Poes
The Cowgirl Premium seksmachine -> Voor De Poes's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 05:24 PM UTC
Slammin House
Florence and the Machine Debut New Song on “Game of Thrones”:Listen #housemusic #slamminhouse
22 Apr, 12:44 PM UTC
James Parle Δ
SLIDE AWAYYYYY. Ironically what I've done just moments ago in the kitchen after accidently knocking a spare water valve on while fitting the new washing machine. #BestofBritish
22 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
Nas Escobar
@AOC @knockdownmovie It is amazing how much money is being put into you now. I have never seen someone who has done barely anything get so much favorable press coverage. It is obvious you were chosen. And the Democratic Propaganda Machine is in full force pushing you.
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
@theofficialFEMI Please where’s the joke?? Since when did they amend the laws?? what is the job of the card reading machine, to verify voters or record results??
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
Rich Goodall
@_The_Swede @JohnMeddUK I know Caravan a bit but Soft Machine have always frightened me a bit, probably because of the word 'jazz' attaches itself to them. Although why this should be is a mystery as Theo Travis has worked with Steven Wilson & Crimson and I rate them both.
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
Gene E. Manning Jnr
@russ_mc_876 How safe is it? Because the whole purpose of me being required to use a fax machine is to keep the information confidential and to avoid being hacked as much as possible. Even though fax machines can somewhat be hacked, the chances are lower.
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
CV MakerSpace
Simple Ultrasound Machine Shows The Skeleton Lurking Inside Us All CV MakerSpace's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
Florence And The Goal Machine (5.2) Always The Bridesmaid 2022-2023 [via @totalfootball71] #FM19 #BlogFM #WeAreTheCommunity FM-Base's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
12Years a Side Nigga 🍌
Florence and the machine made that masterpiece "Jenny' sung" GOT ep2 track
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
Walter Coan
On this article we show how to create a machine learning model using PyTorch, than train, export and compile this model with Microsoft Embedded Learning Library and run the model into an IoT Azure Dev Kit. Walter Coan's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
@ezralevant @manny_ottawa No surprise there from the BS Left wing media Trudeau's propaganda machine
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
MachineLearning Tuts
TensorFlow and the Google Cloud ML Engine for Deep Learning ☞ #ai #DeepLearning MachineLearning Tuts's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
angel | #1 hands on me stan
can my mom hurry up and put the damn washing machine in ur house already...done with these self services ones...
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
Smart machines help increase fuel efficiency and bolster performance, but they also present new obstacles. From electrical systems and electronic controls to safety and support, read more about the common challenges machine designers face: #Hydraulics Eaton's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
Did you miss #DuckerFrontier's Audrey Courant share key takeaways from #bauma2019? Click below to watch the short video with insights on machine electrification, next-level machine connectivity, autonomous machines, and more!
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
Today is officially #EarthDay! Are you a mean green sustainable machine? Take the quiz below to learn how much you are helping Mother Earth and the community you share. Fill in the blank: To keep a sustainable lifestyle, this year I will __________. PITT OHIO's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 02:29 PM UTC
@baleficent Ehhh can’t use Apple Pay on the gum ball machine :/
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
KSPS Public TV
Smog, soot, toxic pollutants… What’s coming out of your tailpipe? Take the highroad with a greener ride and safely donate your smog machine to KSPS. It’s easy, free, and clean! Call 844-KSPS-CAR or visit KSPS Public TV's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
The vending machine got the nerve to be broken, U damn right I didn't block that blessing.
22 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
北 glsk †
@OrientBtz @VirtueZorb ik but the caption is talking about mexican girls when the vending machine doesnt give them their hot cheetos
22 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
Rumunek/ 162 ✈️
SING WITH ME! Wish that you could build a time machine So you could see The things no one can see #BBMAsTopSocial Louis Tomlinson @Louis_Tomlinson
22 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
Florence + The Machine x Game of Thrones is the tear-jerker we all need.
22 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
JW:Because I had a row in the shop with a chip and PIN machine.「なんでってスーパーのセルフレジと大喧嘩したから」SH:You...You had a row with a machine?「は?機会と喧嘩した?」JW;Sort of. It sat there and I shouted abuse.「僕が一方的に怒鳴ってただけだけどな」(S1E2)
22 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
cryin lightnin
@neilbromage @ChrisTwigger2 @garybristowuk @CraigM_88 @Lord_Sugar @jeremycorbyn If it was as easy as just going out and doing it I think most of us would, sadly too many of us are exploited by the capitalist machine to get to that point.
22 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
@admford @SwiftOnSecurity Yeah, I mean it's been a while but that looks like it. Then there was this external cable harness from hell that connected the video ports together. The thing I remember most about that machine was the main video connector that looked like a vacuum cleaner attachment. Apple...
22 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
Alisha Foor
Thank you @SCHLunch for this treat today!!!! Delish!!! Maybe we should try to get a machine for the @SSeLearn conference!!! #schk12 Alisha Foor's photo on The Machine
22 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
They wanna keep the machine running, they pick the right tool for the job.
22 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
Northwestern MSiA
Adding fuel to the fire? fire = AI and job discussion. This is a big curve ball. Are you relieved or worried?
22 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC

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