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PAOLO BANCHERO GOES NO, 1‼️ Paolo joins an elite class of No. 1 picks for the Magic 🪄 @SportsCenter's photo on The Magic
24 Jun, 12:11 AM UTC
Adrian Wojnarowski
The Magic have kept their final decision tight, but Banchero has emerged as a significant possibility to be drafted No. 1 overall, sources said. https://t.co/Vi3iPSMAsG
23 Jun, 11:42 PM UTC
Bleacher Report
With the No. 1 pick, the Magic select Paolo Banchero 🔥 @brhoops Banchero, Jalen Suggs, Franz, Cole Anthony. Orlando's young core should be fun to watch 🍿 @BleacherReport's photo on The Magic
24 Jun, 12:10 AM UTC
Josiah Johnson
When Jabari Smith found out Paolo Banchero going #1 to the Magic @KingJosiah54's photo on The Magic
24 Jun, 12:10 AM UTC
The Magic got a SQUAD. Cole Anthony Jalen Suggs Franz Wagner Paolo Banchero Wendell Carter Jr Bench: Markelle Fultz Terrence Ross RJ Hampton Jonathan Isaac Mo Bamba @statmuse's photo on The Magic
24 Jun, 12:09 AM UTC
Rip Paolo man🙏🏿he’s not dead, he’s just gotta go play for the Magic
24 Jun, 12:13 AM UTC
Why did the Magic have to ruin the fun for everyone? Life is not fair
24 Jun, 12:16 AM UTC
Lakers Nation
And there it is, Paolo goes number 1…kudos to the Magic for keeping this under wraps until the last minute
24 Jun, 12:10 AM UTC
polshev shipoknik
Nets fans don’t hang your head. You guys accomplished a lot fr. Beat the Celtics on national tv once and Kyrie dropped 60 on the magic. That was peak television
23 Jun, 08:28 PM UTC
Front Office Sports
Paolo Banchero is the son of WNBA star Rhonda Smith. He’s won state titles in basketball and football. He was a consensus 5-star, ACC ROTY at Duke, and the first active college player featured on NBA 2K. At 19, he believes he’s the best player in the draft. The Magic agree. @FOS's photo on The Magic
24 Jun, 12:11 AM UTC
Ricky O'Donnell
Only one outlet called Banchero to the Magic at No. 1? Damn that's wild. https://t.co/q8YmdWzpT5
24 Jun, 12:10 AM UTC
Jonathan Givony
Orlando ultimately elected to select Paolo Banchero with the No. 1 pick, giving the Magic a 6-foot-10, shot-creating dynamo who should be able carry a significant offensive load early in his career with his ability to handle, pass and shoot. My early ROY favorite. @DraftExpress's photo on The Magic
24 Jun, 12:20 AM UTC
Kyle Brittain
Poor man's lightning photography 101: Shoot video in high frame rate (ie. slow motion) and scrub the timeline until you capture the frame with the magic! #abstorm #videoscreenshot ⛈️ https://t.co/YyEOHh9Wpb
23 Jun, 11:02 PM UTC
amar chet okc truther
23 Jun, 11:57 PM UTC
O'Dea Athletics ☘️
NUMBER 1 PICK! IRISH IN THE NBA! 🏀👏☘️ From the walls of Phil Lumpkin Court to Duke to the Sunshine State & the Magic! A huge O’Dea congratulations to @Pp_doesit ‘21 on being drafted by the @OrlandoMagic as the 1ST OVERALL PICK in the 2022 @NBA draft! #NBADraft2022 https://t.co/zr5CIfQVZb
24 Jun, 12:32 AM UTC
BEAN 🏁🏁🏁
The Magic just shook up the world. GREAT PICK!!!! FRANCHISE HIM!!!!
24 Jun, 12:12 AM UTC
Andrew Sharp
Can’t make jokes about what the Magic and Kings have done because there’s still so much the Wizards could do.
24 Jun, 12:44 AM UTC
The Athletic NBA
“I love this pick. I absolutely love this pick.” — @talkhoops What do you make of the Magic taking Paolo Banchero with the No. 1 pick in the 2022 #NBADraft? @TheAthleticNBA's photo on The Magic
24 Jun, 12:21 AM UTC
Can’t believe the Magic passed on the next KD for a floor spacing nightmare and defensive liability. Feeling blessed…
24 Jun, 12:43 AM UTC
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23 Jun, 11:43 PM UTC
Jeff WeltGawd 
Welcome to the Magic @Pp_doesit! We've been waiting you for! Shout-out to the OG Paolo to Orlando believers! https://t.co/cdO5dQpYKC
24 Jun, 12:43 AM UTC
UCF Sports Info
Uh, what has the Magic Front Office been doing in the last few months? https://t.co/8K4PhHe6ii
24 Jun, 12:43 AM UTC
Maybe it was Stones game plan all along 🤔… Confuse the Magic and cause so much hype with Paolo. Meet with him in person, force the Magic to think they are drafting the wrong guy… meanwhile Stone wanted the true #1 pick Jabari Smith after all. What a Legend, GET STONED https://t.co/PQRnd32c4L
24 Jun, 12:44 AM UTC
John Boyle
Well darn, the Magic ruined this years-in-the-making Seattle revenge plot. https://t.co/NAnEcjAsOd
24 Jun, 12:43 AM UTC
Let the magic of love put joy in your heart, add beauty to your world… and bring life to your dreams. TUMAKAS PARA MAHANAP #RunToMeFinaleConcert #KDEstrada l #AlexaIlacad #KDLex https://t.co/vCglxv3Fat
24 Jun, 12:45 AM UTC
@Rockets_Insider He’s forever gonna try to destroy the magic every time they play. Dude seems angry they played him
24 Jun, 12:44 AM UTC
Huncho Hoops
We really got @Pp_doesit The Magic are the most lowkey Franchise and i guarantee you Paolo was playing along with the game plan from the start This video shows Mike Miller telling Coach Mosley that he “got his #1 guy” at the draft lottery He’s the Agent for Paolo 4D Chess 🤫 https://t.co/SI7Qr9d0na
24 Jun, 12:44 AM UTC
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24 Jun, 12:45 AM UTC
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24 Jun, 12:45 AM UTC
Big B-mo🤴🏾🦍
Bluffed the magic into picking Paolo?? https://t.co/FddBOaVDKh
24 Jun, 12:45 AM UTC