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Field Yates
The potential #1 pick in the NFL draft was suspended for accepting a loan - that he paid back in full - from a family friend. The potential #1 pick in the NBA draft was ruled ineligible because his coach helped his family move while in HS. Another banner day for the NCAA.
08 Nov, 11:04 PM UTC
Stephen A Smith
It’s official. The @NCAA is a damn travesty. This kid Wiseman is ineligible — after already starting the season — because COACH Penny Hardaway is a booster? This is straight B.S. no wonder @KingJames and so many others are so against the NCAA. Hey @NBA, I’ve got an idea:
08 Nov, 11:15 PM UTC
Adrian Wojnarowski
The NCAA has ruled Memphis F/C James Wiseman -- the possible No. 1 overall pick in 2020 NBA Draft -- ineligible, his lawyers said in Memphis.
08 Nov, 10:42 PM UTC
Stephen A Smith
Go ahead afterall and add a 3rd round in the @NBA draft. Just make sure to create a route where kids can finish their education, plus have an insurance policy for potential injuries. Enough with the @NCAA. They just need to go. They make me so sick. Why’d the kid start the season
08 Nov, 11:17 PM UTC
Adrian Wojnarowski
Memphis coach Penny Hardaway assisted Wiseman and his family's move to Memphis in 2008, attorney Leslie Ballin said in a news conference --- and the NCAA has deemed Hardaway a booster.
08 Nov, 10:51 PM UTC
James Wiseman, being ruled ineligible by the NCAA...only to have a judge immediately overrule it @NOTSportsCenter's photo on The NCAA
08 Nov, 11:31 PM UTC
Brandon Walker
I’m about done with the @ncaa ruling players ineligible for this bullshit. I want to see Chase Young and James Wiseman play. Nobody gives a shit about a little money.
08 Nov, 10:52 PM UTC
Pete Thamel
Today will be remembered as the day that two potential No. 1 picks in different sports, Chase Young and James Wiseman, were found ineligible by the NCAA. And another searing reminder why NCAA rules needs to evolve, quickly.
08 Nov, 11:17 PM UTC
Jonathan Jones
In less than 12 hours the NCAA has sidelined arguably the best college football and men's basketball players for nothing related to academics on-court/field performance. Solid system here.
08 Nov, 10:57 PM UTC
what leaves me confused: if they were gonna pop penny and wiseman for this, i don’t see why the ncaa even let him set foot on campus. you expect me to believe they couldn’t get this before?
08 Nov, 11:13 PM UTC
“i feel like kemba walker when he was playing at uconn, when he hit that dagger shot to win the ncaa title, and that's like how i feel right now, that we're just starting to pop off right now” —@eladiocarry_on on “kemba walker” full #verified episode: @Genius's photo on The NCAA
08 Nov, 05:31 PM UTC
Devin Walker
The NCAA is full of haters. Memphis v Errbody. Always and forever.
08 Nov, 11:23 PM UTC
All For Memphis
I hope to God Leslie Ballin embarrasses the NCAA.
09 Nov, 12:53 AM UTC
brian clarke
Just wait til the NCAA finds out what penny did for jayden hardaway.
09 Nov, 01:31 AM UTC
ben schmidt
@jeffborzello They should just keep playing him. Make a huge statement and give the ncaa the middle finger.
09 Nov, 01:28 AM UTC
Ricky Ledo
The @NCAA is the worst !!! I’m telling you!! You can do everything right and they will still hold you back!! I passed my SAT did everything they wanted me to for mid season evaluation had A 3.2 gpa at PC and still said I couldn’t play they are really a joke
08 Nov, 11:25 PM UTC
Courtside Films
James Wiseman will play tonight. Memphis is working with the NCAA to restore his playing status! 👀 Full Video Link:
08 Nov, 11:34 PM UTC
BGSU Basketball
Redshirt-freshman center Dylan Swingle has received a waiver from the NCAA. He is immediately eligible to play this season, and has four years of eligibility. He will be dressed and available for tonight’s game at No. 22 LSU. #AyZiggy // #Team105
08 Nov, 11:39 PM UTC
Another SDSU XC team that swept a conference championship was the 1981 women's team. They also won the NCAA D2 meet with a scant 26 points. 3 student athletes ran in the D1 meet 2 days later- Vicki Coyle (44th), Kristen Asp (53rd) & Audrey Stavrum (62nd).
08 Nov, 03:56 PM UTC
Kyle Bonagura
Utah's 94-point win against Mississippi Valley State is the largest margin of victory against a D-I opponent since 1938-39. The first year of the NCAA Tournament. via @ESPNStatsInfo
09 Nov, 04:01 AM UTC
Justin Tinsley
They must really want Penny out of the NCAA that bad
09 Nov, 04:00 AM UTC
Jeffrey Waddilove
James Wiseman is another in the loooong line of catastrophic mistakes & blunders by the @NCAA . I really wonder why P5 & the rest of collegiate athletics puts up with this living joke of an institution. Seriously, just govern yourselves. Get rid of this pathetic middleman already
09 Nov, 04:14 AM UTC
Big N’s Gaming
The NCAA is such a joke, like what is the big deal. God damn why do they ruin everything
09 Nov, 03:35 AM UTC
James Wiseman was allowed to play tonight, after Memphis was granted a temporary emergency restraining order against the NCAA... #GoTigersGo
09 Nov, 04:11 AM UTC
Bob Poogach
@kelsimahoney @meilynbautista @Jr0land12 @marchmadness Yeah her heart is trying to work with her head to figure out a way to get from New Orleans over to Atlanta for some concert that’s taking place during the NCAA men’s Final Four.
09 Nov, 04:16 AM UTC
〽️e🐅phis 🔟
@AllForMemphis Punish NO ONE! The NCAA cleared him to play back in May! This is a complete transparency of the bullshit organization called the NCAA.
09 Nov, 04:15 AM UTC
@OfficialSwintt You had a damn good HS career!!! A lot to be proud of and motivation to enter the next chapter in full grind mode!!! Best wishes in the NCAA!
09 Nov, 04:17 AM UTC
The NCAA is full of haters. Memphis v Errbody. Always and forever.
09 Nov, 04:16 AM UTC
Matt Baxendell
F the NCAA. That's how every school should handle their BS.
09 Nov, 04:16 AM UTC

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