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Inna lillahi wainna illayhi raajiuun I just learnt my uncle passed away in the NZ mass shooting. My grandfather is also injured and in the hospital. Make dua please.
15 Mar, 04:46 AM UTC
Donald Trump Jr.
Don’t give the POS NZ shooter what he wants. Don’t speak his name don’t show the footage. Seems that most agree on that. The questions is can the media do what’s right and pass up the ratings they’ll get by doing the opposite? I fear we all know the answer unfortunately.
15 Mar, 04:08 AM UTC
Shahid Afridi
Horrifying tragedy #Christchurch. I found NZ one of safest, most peaceful places, people are friendly. Spoke to Tamim big relief B'desh squad/staff is safe. World must together! stop hatred!Terrorism has no religion! Prayers for bereaved families. May Allah bless the departed.
15 Mar, 07:39 AM UTC
Kevin Roose
Media: be careful with the NZ shooter's apparent manifesto. It's thick with irony and meta-text and very easy to misinterpret if you're not steeped in this stuff all the time (and even if you are).
15 Mar, 04:12 AM UTC
Vianna Goodwin🏳️‍🌈💜💖💙
While you're still horrified by the mosque shooting, I'm going to share something I don't normally share. Because tomorrow, it won't be so fresh, and that feeling you have right now, where even a small, kindhearted country like NZ isn't safe won't be filling your heart the 1/
15 Mar, 04:32 AM UTC
Mike Stuchbery💀🍷
The usual suspects in the online Right tying themselves in knots trying to distance themselves from the horror in NZ. No, they've played this game for years. They don't get to walk away when blood is spilled. They own this, with their views, language and rhetoric. Enough.
15 Mar, 09:34 AM UTC
Stefan Molyneux
The NZ shooter hated Conservatism. He called himself an “eco-fascist.” His favourite government was Communist China.
15 Mar, 04:54 AM UTC
David Leavitt
NZ shooter. White supremacist from Australia. Don’t use his name/picture. Don’t post his video. Don’t give the satisfaction. Honor the victims of this terrorist attack. #Christchurch
15 Mar, 05:59 AM UTC
Hugh Riminton
@sydney__watson This white Australian guest in NZ felt so marginalised there that he destroyed lives and the sense of safety of an entire multicultural but largely white community. You’re a fuckwit.
15 Mar, 09:05 AM UTC
Tom Watson
If YouTube don't have the capability to halt the spread of the NZ massacre videos - because they are going up faster than they can take them down - then they should suspend all new uploads at this time.
15 Mar, 09:53 AM UTC
Claude Taylor
NZ shooter. White supremacist from Australia. Don’t use his name/picture. Don’t post his video. Don’t give the satisfaction. Honor the victims.
15 Mar, 04:32 AM UTC
New Straits Times
#NSTnation: One Malaysian injured in the #Christchurch shooting incidents of which two took place in mosques has been identified as Mohd Tarmizi Shuib. #christchurchshooting
15 Mar, 05:08 AM UTC
Imran Khan
In NZ it's a random act of violence. But in Kashmir or Palastin a stone in the hand a child is an act of terrorism. One day the world 'll pay the price of its dual standards.
15 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
Susan Carland
In comparison: these are the people who came to, and the pile of flowers left, at a mosque in Wellington, NZ. You can choose to be a good person in the face of these events, or you can be Senator Fraser Anning.
15 Mar, 07:54 AM UTC
Guy Benson
Had trouble sleeping because of the NZ shooting. People being slaughtered while practicing their faith is especially sickening & we’ve seen it happen repeatedly in recent years — to Muslims, Jews and Christians. Evil surely exists, and is not tidily confined to any one group.💔
15 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
Bill McKibben
Blocks apart in Christchurch NZ, kids protesting for climate action and a gunman shooting up a mosque. The best and the worst of our world, side by side.
15 Mar, 03:05 AM UTC
David Cameron
Horrifying news coming from New Zealand; a sickening attack on peaceful worshipers. My thoughts & prayers are with all those affected & with the people of NZ. We must cont to stand united against hatred & extremism. Let’s celebrate our diversity to show that this evil cannot win.
15 Mar, 09:21 AM UTC
Mehbooba Mufti
Odd that neither PM nor anyone from Congress has condemned the NZ attack. Terrorism has no religion but unfortunately its become easy & even convenient to associate it with Islam. Is the criminal silence just because the attacks were against muslims in a mosque?
15 Mar, 12:27 PM UTC
Shireen Mazari
Watching @BBCWorld now and shocking how BBC reporter from Australia not prepared to use word "terrorism" when discussing the NZ mosque terror attacks! Instead saying "mass killings" ! Sick. Why the reluctance to use the word "terrorism" for what is clearly a terrorist attack?
15 Mar, 10:18 AM UTC
First off, prayers for those impacted by the NZ attack. Pure evil... With that said, those who lurk 8chan know that shills have been ramping up the calls for live-action violence for a while now, and this also takes the attn away from the "Facebook server change"... 100% FF.🤬
15 Mar, 12:15 PM UTC
Mohammed Afridi
Lynton Crosby promoted and exploited vile #Islamaphobia in NZ, he did it in Auz, and he did it in the UK. He was hired to do it here by Cameron, Johnson, Goldsmith and May. Not only did the conservatives pay him, they knighted him. British Muslims are supposed to call him sir 🤬
15 Mar, 12:44 PM UTC
"The poor guy passed away" Witness describes distressing chaos of Christchurch shooting scene Newshub's photo on The NZ
15 Mar, 05:44 AM UTC
Pratik Sinha
Including his tweet about the terror attack in NZ today, here are some of @ippatel's tweets over the years including calls for mass-murder. How does one believe that @TwitterIndia is serious about controlling hate on their platform when such accounts continue to operate? 1/3
15 Mar, 12:37 PM UTC
hend amry
She accuses the media of unfairly reporting that she inspired the NZ shooter by reporting the words in his manifesto where he states “The person that has influenced me above all was Candace Owens.”
15 Mar, 12:34 PM UTC
David Walker
This morning in Manchester #WeStandTogether with #Christchurch NZ as fellow targets of terror. May your love for each another unite you. May it strengthen you to defy the forces of evil and hate. And God bless you.
15 Mar, 07:07 AM UTC
Twitter Moments
Update on the Christchurch shootings: - 49 people killed - A man in his late twenties has been charged with murder - “This can only be described as a terror attack,” said NZ PM Jacinda Ardern - Trump sent his “warmest sympathy” following the attack
15 Mar, 12:37 PM UTC
Former Australian PM Turnbull hits the nail on the head here in his comments on the NZ terrorist attack. The cyber military style psy-ops warfare being conducted by Russia against the West using fake & bot accounts very much is feeding RW extremism @thespybrief @LouiseMensch
15 Mar, 09:50 AM UTC
Jim Hoft
Australian Senator: Real Cause of NZ Bloodshed is "The Immigration Program that Allowed Muslim Fanatics to Migrate to New Zealand" via @gatewaypundit
15 Mar, 01:34 PM UTC
Mizi Wahid
We’re all hurt & devastated by the events in NZ today. We’re angry. It’s understandable. Those who were murdered could’ve been our own friends & family. I urge my fellow Muslims however to refrain from suggesting counter-violent responses. Let us now grieve tgthr w those grieving
15 Mar, 10:39 AM UTC
Jim Spence
I’m just catching up on this NZ tragedy. The darkness in the hearts of some folk is beyond comprehension. Innocent folk at prayer in their mosque murdered by terrorists with hearts of pure evil. Folk need to find common ground in their daily humanity and stand together
15 Mar, 12:45 PM UTC
Curtis Ingraham
My sister's continued stoking of anti-immigrant sentiment is right in line with today's tragedy in Christchurch, NZ. Has she no idea where the end game leads? Does she even really care? Perhaps she should look within herself to see what demons are at play. Apologies to all.
15 Mar, 12:43 PM UTC
Birmingham DSA🌹
Today we mourn with the people of NZ and the worldwide Muslim community. We can see that the inspiration for white supremacist violence like this largely originates in the U.S., where is it normalized or simply ignored. The U.S. is the largest exporter of terror in the world.
15 Mar, 06:24 AM UTC
Malik Amin Aslam
Strongly condemn the shocking act of terrorism in NZ. The heart bleeds for the victims of this atrocity
15 Mar, 09:40 AM UTC
🔹🔴REMINDER🔴🔹 (Allegedly) 📍potus is a bigot 📍he incites violence 📍he empowers hate groups 📍his rhetoric & prejudice inspire terrorists 📍he takes no responsibility for his words or actions 📍he was motivation for the terrorist attack in NZ 📍he is a disgrace 💗🖤BohoGirlResists🖤💗's photo on The NZ
15 Mar, 12:50 PM UTC
The Lightning Thief Musical is Lost in the Woods
one of the most powerful things about the pjo community is that it spans the globe—all are welcome at camp half-blood—and rn we want to lift up our fellow demigods with 💙 and support. let's use #DemigodsForNZ as a place for our NZ and Muslim demigod siblings to find hope.
15 Mar, 01:38 PM UTC
𝕤𝕒𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕙𝕒 𝕞𝕒𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕟
Gunman shot nearly 100 victims: - At least 49 people were dead as of 9pm - 41 at the Central Mosque, 7 at Linwood Mosque, 1 in hospital. - 48 people are in hospital with gunshots wounds including young children. 12 operating theatres working on survivors
15 Mar, 09:43 AM UTC
John Podesta's clone was in NZ to prepare the attack. More people have already been recruited for more False Flags. Multiple handlers involved. Random places will be hit ongoing. Airports, Sports Events, Churches, Schools, Shopping. Pleiadians in full force. Do not lose hope!
15 Mar, 01:39 PM UTC
💐🏳️‍🌈Lulu🏳️‍🌈💐 🍔🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟
Hello, today there was a mass shooting in Christchurch, NZ. Before going further, be sure to uncheck the autoplay on twitter, just in case someone decides to upload videos of the shooting. Here's a link to donate money for the victims Please, share.
15 Mar, 11:56 AM UTC
Please consider donating to the Christchurch shooting victims’ fund to help financially support those affected by this horrific event (note that the page may be down intermittently due to traffic, if it won’t load right now try again in a few minutes).
15 Mar, 01:34 PM UTC
Cyrus Toulabi
@Jersey_Craig So heartening! Also, incredibly heartening...students in NZ and Australia kicked off these global #ClimateStrikes, around the same time as the horrifying mosque attacks. The best and worst of humanity on display at the same time. Let's focus on the best.
15 Mar, 01:34 PM UTC
em @ wen ning protection squad
This is the last I'll share for now, but if you are in a position to do so, please consider donating to the victims and their families #Christchurch
15 Mar, 11:39 AM UTC
Ruwayda Mustafah
This is the most irresponsible comment I have seen today from an Australian Senator in the wake of Muslims being massacred during Friday prayers in NZ. Shameful!
15 Mar, 01:17 PM UTC
Feeling v drained by the current state of the world after the terrorist attack in NZ and I'm saying that as a white man so I can't even imagine how the Muslim community is feeling rn.. Solidarity to all Muslim people today and always, you deserve better
15 Mar, 01:04 PM UTC
1/ Angry but not surprised. Repulsive ingrate, Fraser Anning blames Muslims for their own deaths by immigrating to NZ. Not the gunman who is a literal white supremacist. The real victims being white colonisers 😡 Sen's photo on The NZ
15 Mar, 09:09 AM UTC
Shabir Pandor
In the light of the terrorist attack in NZ, I've been briefed by @KirkleesCouncil officers and @WestYorksPolice. Council community staff are visiting mosques this afternoon across the borough, and there will be an increased, visible police presence at and around local mosques.
15 Mar, 01:36 PM UTC
Alternative view Ireland
Muslims in Ireland ''fearful'' for their safety following NZ incident. The implication is that Irish people (who are irretrievably racist as we know from the race hysteria belted out by MSM daily) might do something similar
15 Mar, 01:39 PM UTC
Nami Grimaldi⚜
NEETsocs and altoids unironically saying the NZ massacre was a good thing Nami Grimaldi⚜'s photo on The NZ
15 Mar, 01:34 PM UTC
patricia wiler
I am embarrassed for my country that trump was named by the NZ terrorist in his manifest. What has happened to the republican party that they have their heads buried in the sand when it comes to trump
15 Mar, 01:38 PM UTC
I still can't believe what happend in NZ why we're (the Muslims) always the target for any hate?
15 Mar, 01:44 PM UTC
@joshtpm This is Trump’s attempt to divert attention from being named as White Supremacist killer’s inspiration for the Christchurch, NZ massacre that killed 49, and injured 40 people.Does he really believe that Jewish people will flock to joint the White Supremacist Republican Party?
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Perfect Balance
wait why are people blaming pewdiepie for the nz shooting what
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Kath Johnson
This speaks pretty amazingly into the horrific events in our beloved NZ - attempting to explain the rise of extremism in the world today... worth a listen!
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Zarina Baber
@RepDeanPhillips We have to call it for what it is. White Supremacy Terrorism! Pittsburgh, Charleston and many many more are examples of this ideology on the rise. Prayers are with NZ victims and their families.
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
also reading that statement from the senator of nz... what and i cannot stress this enough the fuck
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Space Force Commander Dawn
@stucam7771 What are the odds he f's up as normal and during his veto of the blocking of his State of Emergency links what happened in NZ to the Southern Border issue. Would would the under/over be on that I wonder?
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Thames Darwin
Let’s be clear about this: the NZ shooter called himself a fascist. He hedged on whether he saw himself as left or right wing, but his credulousness for D’Souza-esque arguments makes him stupid, not left wing. When you hear someone say this kid is a lefty, show them page 27. Thames Darwin's photo on The NZ
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Jo Morrissey
@SRuhle RE: NZ Mosque shooter. This a.m. you read a statement that stated that the shooter expressed "far right & far left" sentiments...Please specify what "far left" refers to. This implies both that both sides have equally deadly political view. "Far left" needs clarified. Thx
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Genome Editor 🐻🇺🇸
@JerryMack317 @IvankaTrump NZ requires licenses to own guns. If he mentioned the US second amendment, that makes him a left wing terrorist, you dim twit.
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Mike Wickett
@DonaldJTrumpJr @SteveDaines "Trump is a symbol of renewed white identity” ~ the NZ hooter.
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Beyond fucking sad for NZ, for Christchurch and for the Muslim community. Fuck fuck fuck!!!
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Les Lyon
Sad news from NZ today. Violence is not the answer. Maybe the world leaders reseeding the planet to create their world vision will realise it's not working.
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Falaq Nazir
May Allah grant them all paradise. Sending my duas to the families affected in NZ😔🙏🏼
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
The husband and I were just discussing about migrating to either AUS or NZ yesterday 😔 and then news of the terrorist attack in Christchurch begin to spread on Facebook this morning. Stay strong NZ! 💪
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Anna Kealey
Like most people, I am still reeling from all the horrific news - from NZ to Brazil - these past few days... But walking alongside passionate and informed young people in the #ClimateChangeStrike march gave me some hope. Anna Kealey's photo on The NZ
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
my charlie amour
What happened in New Zealand is the kind of thing that conservatives hope happen. There are people all the way at the top who share beliefs with shooters from Charleston, here in PGH, now in NZ, and wherever the next one is.
15 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
From @Skynews we're learning Brenton Tarrant, the NZ mass murderer, is mentally ill. Can't be a 'terrorist'. Wrong colour, I imagine.
15 Mar, 01:44 PM UTC
Mariam Rafo
Super frustrated with what happened in #Christchurch and very sad that religious institutions are being targeted. Reminds me of when Sayidat al-Najat was targeted in Baghdad in 2010. My prayers are with the Muslim community in NZ as they mourn their loved ones.
15 Mar, 01:44 PM UTC
@RSelomulya @Happyheart411 @KingTafari13 @BBCWorld @King Taferi 13 & BBC World Don’t spread lies saying the NZ Terriost (from Australia) is a Christian. He is a terriost.
15 Mar, 01:44 PM UTC
Well, finally something is happening in NZ. They are like Asutralia, like their news are "David, the kangaroo moved from Canberra to Sydney"
15 Mar, 01:44 PM UTC
#InternetBillofRights 4Jose
@JackPosobiec The “Eyes” if Evil thru NZ
15 Mar, 01:44 PM UTC
Frank Schaeffer
The NZ killer praised Trump and commentator Candace Owens as the figure of inspiration for him to carry out the attack. “The person that influenced me above all was Candace Owens. Each time she spoke I was stunned by her insights her views helped me into the belief of violence."
15 Mar, 01:44 PM UTC
Palestine Williamson
I need someone to explain why we aren’t supposed to take the NZ terrorist at his word?
15 Mar, 01:44 PM UTC

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