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Geno Bonnalie
The Open Championship Rd. 3 hole 11. Standing over a 5 footer for par-Joel backs off. I walk in and ask: “you good”? Joel: “no, I’m going to miss this putt. I just can’t decide if I should miss it right or left” (He made it 💪🏻)
17 Jul, 09:11 PM UTC
Amy Lynn🧦❤️
Trump is saying that the best place to have The Open is at his Turnberry course in Scotland. That will never happen it's not called The Russian Open for fuck sake.
17 Jul, 06:33 PM UTC
JJ Watt
wife. breakfast. The Open. British Grand Prix. beautiful morning. @JJWatt's photo on The Open
18 Jul, 04:01 PM UTC
Meidas_Twyla🌊🇺🇲 #MeidasMighty
@AndrewFeinberg He bought Turnberry in 2014, so he had nothing to do with the Duel in the Sun in 1977. In fact, The Open hasn't been played there since he's owned it, & only 4 times in history. @MichaelCohen212 do you know where he got $60mil to buy Turnberry & another $200mil for renovations? @toneal115's photo on The Open
17 Jul, 05:12 PM UTC
Junaid Azim Mattu
Following tweets will tell you about the CORE of the terrorist OGW nexus that our @JmuKmrPolice has thankfully started to unearth today: (These SHOCKING revelations have been out in the open for months — yet all of this has been ignored till now) Please RT.
17 Jul, 06:34 PM UTC
Niall Horan Daily News
Niall Horan at The Open today
18 Jul, 04:07 PM UTC
Sky Sports News
Dogs on the course! 🐶⛳ Royal St George's had a few visitors to inspect the greens at #TheOpen 😄🔍 📺 Watch live on Sky Sports The Open @SkySportsNews's photo on The Open
18 Jul, 12:23 PM UTC
Niall Horan Daily News
Niall Horan at The Open today via richard_mansell’s instagram story
18 Jul, 03:29 PM UTC
American Golf
🇬🇧 WIN A PUTTOUT THE OPEN BUNDLE 🇬🇧 For a chance of winning, simply: 1) 📲 FOLLOW @AmericanGolf_UK & @PuttOutGolf 2) 👍🔄 LIKE & RT this post 3) 🏷 TAG your mates, the more people you tag, the more entries you get Good luck 👊 #AmericanGolf @americangolf_UK's photo on The Open
17 Jul, 06:18 PM UTC
Whoa whoa! Hold it right there! You didn't think getting diamonds would be that easy, did you? Not without fulfilling the demand of this handsome tall fella. (Don't ask why the diamond block is in the open)
17 Jul, 08:58 PM UTC
Charles Campisi
Jesus lived an ascetic life, dressed simply, didn't own a home, had few material possessions, slept out in the open desert, moved constantly from place to place preaching the Word. This is how "Christian" Joel Osteen lives.
18 Jul, 04:16 PM UTC
james tison like “tyson”
people getting into stand-up, heed my cry: DO NOT DO BRINGERS. Do open mics. Bomb at them. Fail hard. Write. Re-write. Then repeat 3-7 times a week until the open mics start going well & people start booking you on their bar shows. THEN start considering bringers... (1/2)
18 Jul, 12:51 AM UTC
Niall Daily Brasil
🎥 | Niall com alguns amigos hoje no The Open
18 Jul, 04:08 PM UTC
Niall Tour Updates
Niall at The Open today! [©️📹 via helloimkirst’s instagram story]
18 Jul, 04:32 PM UTC
Arun Bothra 🇮🇳
Need to add for the innocents that four and half hours on the dias is what we see in the open court. Judges have to read big case files before the proceedings and write orders afterwards.
18 Jul, 04:53 PM UTC
Satoshi Sensei
I think the Maldivian community is very tolerant when compared to other muslim countries. Majority of the people don’t judge others even when they sin. They only get outraged when the sins are committed in the open and people are trying to normalize it in the community.
18 Jul, 12:27 PM UTC
Seems like attorney really gave the family some bad advice by admitting guilt and taking the open plea. They really were set out to make an example of this poor boy and his attorney really dropped the ball by not realizing this. This is a shame! #Cameronherrin5 #Florida #tampa
17 Jul, 06:51 PM UTC
pete FREE CUBA NOW 1258
These are the people who are genuinely seeking refuge from persecution and the threat of death that the disgusting, despicable Biden administration says are not welcome in our country. Yet they've constantly falsely used that justification for the open southern border.
18 Jul, 03:37 PM UTC
Ayon Hasan
The final round of the 2021 British Open at Royal St. George's, Watch The Open Championship 2021 Final Round Live On: @opengolflive Live On: @opengolflive Golf Streams #golfer
18 Jul, 04:53 PM UTC
Good to see a large number of passengers using the Open Access Hull Trains service from Doncaster 👍
18 Jul, 02:36 PM UTC
PGA TOUR Communications
Robert MacIntyre needs 90 FedExCup points to become eligible for Special Temporary Membership on the PGA TOUR. Scenarios for The Open: 4-way tie for 7th 6-way tie for 6th 9-way tie for 5th or better Currently T7 with four players after 65-67 on the weekend.
18 Jul, 04:06 PM UTC
Bondate Thabo🇿🇲
Also make sure you mark with an X on your candidate. Where you are not sure of the name of your candidate please follow the symbol. E.g. for UPND their symbol is the open hand. The rest of the symbols I don't know...but the UPND SYMBOL IS AN OPEN HAND I REPEAT OPEN HAND FOR UPND
18 Jul, 08:09 AM UTC
PGA TOUR Communications
Collin Morikawa is making his eighth start in a major championship and first at The Open. The last player to win The Open in his debut: Ben Curtis in 2003 at Royal St. George's. Royal St. George's has hosted 15 Open Championships, most recently: 2021 2011 2003
18 Jul, 03:52 PM UTC
Robert Macintyre 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿currently 7th in The Open, the top player from UK countries. Is he in danger of becoming 'British' before the day is out?
18 Jul, 04:41 PM UTC
Patrick Reed blocked @Erin_H_Yates @MillerOfMemphis while competing in The Open then missed the cut the same day
18 Jul, 02:29 PM UTC
The open lleno y sin distancia ni mascarillas, Cataluña con las zonas de picnic precintadas. No se yo a veces no puedo más.
18 Jul, 04:46 PM UTC
Danny Pearson 💙 🙃
It's actually happening!!! Predator will be screened at the Open Air Cinema at Hitchin Lavender !!! "What's the matter? The CIA got you pushing too many pencils?" 🖤 ⚡ 👽 💪 @SundownScreens @HitchinLavender #Hitchin #predator
18 Jul, 04:50 PM UTC
1DUpdateBRA (Backup)
Niall no The Open hoje! © Instagram Stories: helloimkirst
18 Jul, 04:51 PM UTC
Nick Hedley
Oh Louis. At least there are two South Africans in the top 5 at the Open.
18 Jul, 04:59 PM UTC
To get up and down from that shit on the 16th hole of The Open while clinging to the dreaded 2-shot lead is off the charts good.
18 Jul, 04:58 PM UTC