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Dr Ellie *Wash your hands* 😷
The Ham The Polite Stink Wet Shop Boys Vulture Club Bot George What Spandau Bullet An 80s themed answer 🎵
22 May, 09:59 AM UTC
Gareth Harris - Bespoke Online Training Developer
@BethRigby The Polite
22 May, 09:58 AM UTC
James Andrews
@FelicityHannah Yeast 17, Green Dad, The Sinks, Pear Jam, ZZ Tip, The Polite, Fleetwood Sac, Guns 'n Poses, The Beagles, The Pho, Pine Floyd (why, yes, it is my lunch break as it happens)
22 May, 12:26 PM UTC
Force Majeure
@joee_kam @dananessel Actually, this IS the polite way to tell him to f-off without actually saying it. Well, this and just continuing to do her job.
22 May, 12:14 PM UTC
Jay Marshall Wolman
Zerosmith Rash (or Tush) The Meatles The Rolling Stores The Pho The Yeastie Boys The Boobie Brothers The Polite The Belch Boys
22 May, 11:58 AM UTC
aph - r00t folding team #258829
@Jumble1972 the polite! so good
22 May, 11:49 AM UTC
Laura M. Nelson
@jaketapper Bing Crimson. The Polite. The Bund. Band of Typsys. (I can't stop!!!)
22 May, 11:54 AM UTC
Stephen Jones, Esq
@jaketapper The Polite, lead singer Stink
22 May, 12:28 PM UTC