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Sara (fan account)
This era isn't as exciting as the Revival Era if we're gonna be honest. She used to be so active talking to us, going to multiple talk shows & performing everywhere during Revival Era & now she literally disappeared on us. In the middle of the Era. We waited 4 years for this. 😔
06 Dec, 06:37 PM UTC
The Hollywood Reporter
Jennifer Beals (@jenniferbeals), star and executive producer of #TheLWordGenQ, writes about how the revival was born out of a Trump victory and shares her hopes for what the new series can accomplish in today's politically divisive landscape
06 Dec, 03:50 PM UTC
Nazim Sattar
Wahhabi scholars are notorious for cherry-picking what they want from Sufi text while calling them haram. In today’s khutba they quoted “not cutting down trees bit” from imam ghazalis “ihya uloom al-din” (the revival of religious sciences) the greatest Sufi text ever
06 Dec, 10:43 AM UTC
Laura O'Sullivan
Today we cut the ribbon on The Ivy at Berlin Place. What once started as an idea now stands today as a monument to the revival of our downtown core. These apartments represent another milestone in the resurgence of @CityofSouthBend. Thank you @AndrewTBerlin.
06 Dec, 10:39 PM UTC
the sg2 era has been pretty boring like the album is out very soon and the bitch has barely promoted it like c’mon the revival era was more exciting than this
06 Dec, 07:09 PM UTC
сняis сндмеLеои
cell phones have done wonders for the revival of the nazi salute @chrischameleon's photo on The Revival
06 Dec, 07:55 AM UTC
WWE sleeping on Heavy Machinery every time. I could careless about the Revival, they had their chance and still boring AF. 😕
07 Dec, 01:53 AM UTC
Tina Thee Snowflake ❄ Millinneal from Hell
The Revival talking about somebody else complaining? I know not! Fuck outta here with that dry ass promo.
07 Dec, 02:03 AM UTC
The Revival wins! They say "it's a New Day NO MORE," and that they're going to take the #SmackDown Tag-Team Championships back to old-school wrestling at TLC!
07 Dec, 02:02 AM UTC
Mr. Warren Hayes
The four-way match and the Revival's promo was probably my favorite #SmackDown segment since the night #NXT invaded.
07 Dec, 02:03 AM UTC
Kev Castle
God The Revival sucks even in victory. These 2 have fooled only the biggest marks. That they are worth something in the majors. Totally expendable team. Laughable to hear of threats to go to aew. Please. Aew has enough probs. They Don't need Revival's ho hum no reaction stink.
07 Dec, 02:02 AM UTC
New Era
2 Matches Are Now Official For #WWETLC. Reigns vs Corbin In A TLC Match & The New Day Will Defend Their #SmackDown Tag Team Titles Against The Revival.
07 Dec, 03:03 AM UTC
Madolen Lenoir
They keep trying to make The Revival happen.
07 Dec, 02:02 AM UTC
Joseph Conlin
Man I’m really excited to see The New Day vs The Revival for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships ONCE AGAIN for the hundredth time in 2019. They could have at least make this match a ladder match to make me care but nope same old shit. #SmackDownOnFox
07 Dec, 02:05 AM UTC
FOX Sports MX
¡TODO LISTO PARA LA LUCHA POR EL CAMPEONATO! #WWExFOX En Friday Night SmackDown, The Revival se impuso a tres equipos para conseguir el derecho a buscar el campeonato de parejas ante The New Day👇
07 Dec, 03:24 AM UTC
#kailaasa support the revival of #sanatana #Hindu #dharma
06 Dec, 05:24 AM UTC
Anthony Smith
@rachelmillman @BudrykZack Rachel I’ll take you to the revival, my treat. It’s...... genuinely breathtakingly transgressive in a way I never thought a Broadway musical could be
07 Dec, 02:56 AM UTC
Fightful Wrestling
Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz, The New Day vs. The Revival Set For WWE TLC; Updated Card
07 Dec, 02:41 AM UTC
Pappadopolis 🔜 Twitch Chicago
Massive Entertainment : The revival of a video game that brought about joy and entertainment. - Sign the Petition! via @Change
07 Dec, 03:31 AM UTC
WrestleZone on Mandatory
Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross In Great Spirits, The New Day Welcome Challenge From The Revival
07 Dec, 03:38 AM UTC
Cathy Clause
Did the revival play baseball? They sure slide a lot Dash could slide into my dms.. ...just saying...
07 Dec, 03:00 AM UTC
NSS Network (News feed)
So there is 35 picks each show. The Smackdown tag team champions The Revival have been assigned to Smackdown. Vince Albright has been assigned to RAW.
07 Dec, 02:51 AM UTC
KC Currie
#fatal4way. Who else is tired of seeing The Revival wrestle The New Day. I'm about tired of The Revival all together. #FridayNightSmackDown
07 Dec, 02:38 AM UTC
The Revival of Shenron...
07 Dec, 03:42 AM UTC
Massive Entertainment : The revival of a video game that brought about joy and entertainment. - Sign the Petition! via @Change
07 Dec, 03:24 AM UTC
Cameron McDonley
The Revival got my vote for the best promo of the fuckin year, good Lord. The passion in their voice, their conviction in how they say those words, the anger in their body language, like holy shit I love it. That's all I want in my wrestling, I wanna believe #SmackdownOnFOX
07 Dec, 03:04 AM UTC
Genuine Wrestleboys Podcast
I want more Ali and Gable as a) a tag team and b) fighting the revival that was great when they were in the ring together
07 Dec, 03:01 AM UTC
Kenny Herzog
There could not possibly be a pair of #SmackDownOnFox talent more tailored for AEW than The Revival.
07 Dec, 02:54 AM UTC

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