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ellie 🌤
Cha Eunwoo previews for Decibel !! Decibel's total production cost is 12 Billion KRW. They opened pre-selling for prospective audiences earlier than other films because of the rush of inquiries from domestic & foreign audiences about the release date.
13 Oct, 01:07 AM UTC
Paul Brand
The report covers much of what is already known. But it adds significant weight to the evidence that the care sector was badly let down during the pandemic, partly in the rush to protect the NHS. We spent months trying to uncover the truth about that policy 👇
12 Oct, 06:31 AM UTC
NHL Watcher
ESPN has this segment on the TV broadcast called "The Rush" where they turn the mics off and let you hear the play on the ice. I like it. #SeaKraken #VegasBorn
13 Oct, 04:00 AM UTC
Andy Swan
13 Oct, 02:48 AM UTC
txt lyrics bot
can you feel the rush? — blue hour
13 Oct, 03:23 AM UTC
melodrama lyrics bot
Cause I remember the rush, when forever was us Before all of the winds of regret and mistrust
12 Oct, 08:24 AM UTC
Cadaverous Pallor
Guys, I had the opportunity to read THE RUSH and it's yet ANOTHER triumph from @thevaultcomics - give them a follow so that you don't miss out on the awesomeness!!
13 Oct, 01:57 AM UTC
the neighbourhood bot
Lately I can't find a beat I used to feel the rush
13 Oct, 01:43 AM UTC
If nuclear power has to be economically viable, why don’t wind, solar and hydrogen? The rush to force a hydrogen industry into existence is repeating the RE industry debacle.
12 Oct, 08:05 PM UTC
$BOE seller unloading today..... concerns me tbh Makes me think "whats the rush"?
13 Oct, 03:41 AM UTC
⌖ kiwi ⌖
the rush of adrenaline i get from booking a tattoo appointment feels very similar to doing poppers
13 Oct, 03:56 AM UTC
AyCartii 
@DoubleH_YT They could atleast throw the rush event in there 💀
13 Oct, 04:27 AM UTC
The Brutal God. 🐷💀
A truly depraved loser can't resist my glare. You tremble of the thought of ruining your life for me, yet can't resist the rush of crushing debt and emotional damage. #findom #locktober #chastity #humanatm #cashmaster @MASTER_UPDATES @GOPalphamales @rt_slave_ma @PromoRTpig
13 Oct, 02:09 AM UTC
Elizabeth Eisele
🙌 to the NHL on @espn! Loved The Rush segment and AJ between the benches is miles better than Pierre. I mean she knows how to pronounce Pietrangelo.
13 Oct, 04:27 AM UTC
Bella Taboo
I’m available for @cashpointmeets all day tomorrow in Nottingham city centre Come & experience the rush of hanging over all your money to moi. I’ll spend it better than your wife ever could anyway #cashpointmeet #findom #finsub #losersfundeverything
12 Oct, 09:12 PM UTC
@_prayharder Honestly I pull for the rush but I would like to have him.... I also kinda wanna save up for itto though cuz I crave him
13 Oct, 04:33 AM UTC
the rush of serotonin that went straight into my veins you don’t understand
13 Oct, 04:31 AM UTC
✁ - -
Daily fight w myself trying to figure out why i like to sh. Blood? The rush? Looking at it? Scars? Bandaging myself and feeling taken care of and clean? Idk man
13 Oct, 04:26 AM UTC
Moofles :D《little ellie mun》
Take the rush sketch but :D
13 Oct, 04:20 AM UTC
you just love the rush of me taking every cent you have & fucking your wallet • finD findom feet domme footfetish soles walletdrain humanatm paypig finsub footbitch cuck beta footsub whalesub
13 Oct, 04:18 AM UTC
The Piggiest Piggie
@MapleMash That's understandable you shouldn't have the rush into it
13 Oct, 04:07 AM UTC
Mrs. The Frog @ tech week
@ChristinaCactus he’s chasing the rush of drinking from the faucet
13 Oct, 04:04 AM UTC
me going to the back to run trays during the rush so that i don’t have to deal w hangry, entitled wh¡te ppl
13 Oct, 04:03 AM UTC
Shane R
@Cori_RichieShow Love “The Rush” segment
13 Oct, 04:01 AM UTC
𖧵 yin⁵
13 Oct, 03:53 AM UTC
@IM2WestCoast Oh yea the rush is real! 🤙
13 Oct, 03:51 AM UTC
can't ignore the rush, stuck forever, can u stay and make me feel better?
13 Oct, 04:44 AM UTC
@paytmitch how else are we supposed to wake our brains up in the morning, if not the rush of cortisol from expected social interaction
13 Oct, 04:42 AM UTC
Suddenly, while waiting for the righteous acceptance of Satan, you meet the rush of otherworldly titillation. Something practiced—something...soft. 'Will this happen again?' you wonder. You cry out.
13 Oct, 04:42 AM UTC
#NowPlaying Big City - The Rush --> Ecoutez et Suivez nous sur - Classic Rock Radio #liveshow Premier en France sur le Melodic Rock
13 Oct, 04:42 AM UTC