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Sarah Hanson-Young💚
It is good news young Saudi woman Rahaf is now safe and on her way to Canada. She will now be able to live her life as a woman with freedom & equality. Australia took too long to decide to help her. @JustinTrudeau showed Scott Morrison up, did the right thing and acted quickly
12 Jan, 02:31 AM UTC
TicToc by Bloomberg
Saudi teen Rahaf Mohammed Al-Qunun has been granted asylum in Canada. "We have accepted the UN's request that we grant her asylum," Canadian PM Justin Trudeau said TicToc by Bloomberg's photo on the saudi
11 Jan, 11:40 PM UTC
CJ Werleman
Saudi Arabia is deporting scores of stateless Rohingya Muslim refugees to Bangladesh. These Rohingya were rounded up by Saudi police and imprisoned for years inside a Saudi detention centre. Remember this the next time Saudi Arabia gives lip service to the "ummah." CJ Werleman's photo on the saudi
11 Jan, 07:57 PM UTC
Gad Saad
Lowest ranked countries in the world for gender equality & women's empowerment: Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco, Jordan, Oman, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mali, Congo, Chad, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, & Yemen. I'm trying to identify a common link but nothing comes to mind. Suggestions?
12 Jan, 05:24 AM UTC
CBC News
BREAKING: Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, the Saudi teen who was granted asylum in Canada after fleeing from her allegedly abusive family, has arrived in Toronto. CBC News's photo on the saudi
12 Jan, 04:05 PM UTC
The Spectator Index
International students studying in the US by nationality, 2017. China: 350,755 India: 186,267 South Korea: 58,663 Saudi Arabia: 52,611 Canada: 27,065 Vietnam: 22,438 Taiwan: 21,516 Japan: 18,780 (IIE)
12 Jan, 04:00 PM UTC
Paul Joseph Watson
Arrested for vocally criticising an elected MP. If this happened in Saudi Arabia or Russia, the media would be freaking out. Absurd. Paul Joseph Watson's photo on the saudi
12 Jan, 03:51 PM UTC
Judicial Watch 🔎
There were reports of the FBI looking into the Clinton Foundation. JW forced Dept of State to release conflict of interest docs showing Clinton's paid speeches in China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Turkey, Cayman Islands, + elsewhere worth millions.
12 Jan, 03:30 PM UTC
Katie Simpson
The fact that Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s foreign Affairs Minister, is there to personally welcome al-Qunun in front of cameras is a big deal. While it will likely be celebrated by most of Canada and the world, those images will anger Saudi Arabia.
12 Jan, 03:32 PM UTC
Ali Haider Zaidi
It was an honor for me & Min of Petroleum Ghulam Sarwar Khan to host HE Mr. Khalid Abdulaziz Al-Falih, Minister of Energy, Industry & Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia in Gawadar today. Inshallah the oil refinery will further strengthen the bond b/w our two brotherly countries
12 Jan, 04:52 PM UTC
I can't believe I read this right! This should OUTRAGE ALL American Patriots! God help us! How quickly fools forget the truth! LIBERALS DID WHAT?! 9-Foot Sculpture Honoring Saudi Arabia/Islam Placed At World Trade Center Grounds!
12 Jan, 12:01 AM UTC
Bessma Momani
My latest op-ed: By granting asylum to Rahaf, the young Saudi woman, Canada shows its moral leadership /via @globeandmail
12 Jan, 02:25 AM UTC
As a Woman who escaped Saudi Arabia, I do not feel safe in Justin Trudeau's Canada. Hope the news travels...
12 Jan, 12:33 PM UTC
Yvonne Fortin
Have you posed this question to IRVING OIL? Canada does not import Saudi Arabian oil as you very well know. THE IRVING OIL COMPANY on the other hand does. How stupid do you really think Canadians are? WE ALL ARE NOT YOUR BASE. #cdnpoli
12 Jan, 02:24 AM UTC
Sky News
The Saudi teenager who fled her "abusive" family to seek asylum abroad has arrived in Canada. Foreign minister Chrystia Freeland described Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun as a "very brave new Canadian" as they met at a Toronto airport. Read more on the story here: Sky News's photo on the saudi
12 Jan, 05:26 PM UTC
"I here because I'm fed up of the Tory govt, of 10 years of austerity, of selling weapons to saudi arabia, and fu*king over the world." "The only way to get us out of this mess, is to have a General Election, and get Labour into 10 Downing street." C0RBYNAT0R's photo on the saudi
12 Jan, 04:46 PM UTC
Update: Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, the Saudi teen fleeing her family, has arrived in Canada after being granted asylum NowThis's photo on the saudi
12 Jan, 05:33 PM UTC
Kenneth Roth
Her flight from Saudi persecution complete, Rahaf is welcomed by Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland @cafreeland. Because of Rahaf's bravery, the world is much more aware of the plight of Saudi women under the kingdom's infantilizing "guardianship" system. Kenneth Roth's photo on the saudi
12 Jan, 05:05 PM UTC
#Human_Rights_Watch Claiming they're keen 4 human rights! Syrian refugees: sickened by the disease & cold in a shabby camps? In Greece, they're inside the fence? A lot of children were victims of the sea. Why #HRW moved within 48 for 1 Saudi & never move for millions of humans?! Mar✝íN🇪🇸's photo on the saudi
12 Jan, 10:52 AM UTC
anand mahindra
Feast your eyes on that people. On the podium at 3rd in the first race in Saudi & now right on top at the #MarrakeshEPrix puts @thereal_JDA in the lead for the drivers’ championship...Wow, I don’t think I’ll get much sleep tonight...
12 Jan, 04:43 PM UTC
Barbara Malmet
#MomsWickedTruth my 90 year old mother says “Can you believe this with the FBI? Is he gonna fire the whole FBI now? He should send Jared to Saudi Arabia, Moscow, or Turkey to look for a nice place for the whole family to live. Let him build his tower in Moscow. Just go already.”
12 Jan, 05:32 PM UTC
More effort and focus on Saudi citizens than Canadians who have been detained in China and killed worldwide. Photo ops is the main driving force of the is GVT. For Justin Trudeau Virtue signalling is more important than good government. Manny_Ottawa's photo on the saudi
12 Jan, 03:40 PM UTC
Mona Eltahawy
As we celebrate Rahaf’s courage and safety, remember the other courageous #Saudi women who tried to escape what I call gender apartheid in their country but weren’t successful. We remember you #DinaAliLasloom. Call on Saudi Arabia to #EndMaleGuardianship
12 Jan, 05:34 PM UTC
The Saudi cam girl is not fleeing death for apostasy for fucks sake. She was slutting around for at least 3 years in KSA, partying, fucking, smoking & PUT IT ALL ONLINE. Yet she’s still alive and even able to travel freely out of the country without a male gardian. Grab a brain
12 Jan, 03:57 PM UTC
I probably would’ve stopped talking about the Saudi teen whore by now but last night a Liberal threatened to report and harass me until I shut up about it. So, of course, I have to continue.
12 Jan, 04:41 PM UTC
Where is the outrage??? Sculpture Honoring Saudi Arabia Has Been Placed On World Trade Center Grounds 15 of the 19 hijackers responsible for the murders of roughly 3,000 Americans came from Saudi Arabia. Daily Wire
12 Jan, 04:04 PM UTC
Amnesty UK
Speak out for #IsraaAlGhomgham, she could be the first woman ever to face the death penalty for participating in peaceful protests in #SaudiArabia.
12 Jan, 03:30 PM UTC
Mona Eltahawy
As we celebrate that #RahafDidIt, remember #Saudi women’s rights activists and feminists imprisoned and tortured for working to #EndMaleGuardianship, the foundation of gender apartheid and their country’s extreme patriarchy
12 Jan, 05:37 PM UTC
Herry Rodin
Hello Emiratis, Houthis, Iranians and Saudis, Open your eyes to the pain and suffering of the children in #Yemen. STOP the war in Yemen, it is #Saudi and #Iran proxy war #YemeneSesVer
11 Jan, 07:19 PM UTC
CBC Radio
If the government insists on "milking" Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun's arrival in Canada for political brownie points, it could put the young woman in danger, says Canada's former ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
12 Jan, 01:00 PM UTC
Yemen: Graphic images of deformed babies due to the chemical weapons that we sell Saudi Arabia. When will we the people rise up? How much genocide is the right amount, how much is too much? What is the sweet spot, the perfect amount of mass murder? What is YOUR red line? 😭😭😭
12 Jan, 05:31 PM UTC
Farida Deif
.@sunaibkk with the incredible backstory on Rahaf’s ordeal. “This is a victory for everyone who cares about women’s rights, values youth boldly seeking change, and demands that governments operate in light and not darkness.”
12 Jan, 05:27 PM UTC
Mr. Sta-Puft
@RealJamesWoods This is the same UN that has Saudi Arabia sitting on the Human Rights Council.
12 Jan, 02:03 PM UTC
سكس عربى محارم
مصريه بتتناك بالتليفون فاشخه وبتلعب فى كسها وتبعبص وهى تكلم عشيقها رابط فيلم العنوان 📥🔻 #دياثه #سكس روابط الفيديو كامل 📤🔺 سكس عربى محارم's photo on the saudi
12 Jan, 05:44 PM UTC
Kyle Matthews
Good reminder of the cruelty Saudi Arabia is directing at human rights activists. #FreeRahaf was a victory but many more battles are ahead of us.
12 Jan, 03:11 PM UTC
We have literally created the largest humanitarian crisis in Yemen by providing Saudi Arabia with $350 billion worth of weapons within the past 10 years and now an additional $110 billion.
12 Jan, 05:23 PM UTC
Fareedah Ibrahim
@AreejZair @RealOilsheikh I thought they said Saudi women are subjugated more than any women in the world? This sounds “muah”. Very sweet!!!!!
12 Jan, 02:49 PM UTC
Delbert Riley Jr.
@Scott_Gilmore Ironic Freeland and Canadian Government uses the fleeing Saudi national to embarrass and disgrace Saudi Arabia when Canada is engaged in Constitutional Anarchy at #unistoten on #Wetsuweten peoples. Embarrassing the government doesn't have open arms to welcome First Nations ppl.
12 Jan, 03:40 PM UTC
But I swear to goodness, the way this Gov is parading this story of young Saudi woman, have to wonder, Do they actually want to antagonize Saudi Arabia..On one hand every expert saying SA will not be happy, on other Gov is practically saying "in your face Saudi Arabia."
12 Jan, 05:37 PM UTC
@CBCCanada Thank you Canada for hosting her and will, hopefully, continue to help more in Saudi. I’m sure Canada can utilize her sex tapes and that of others in the future to a good use.. While SA discard its useless people in Canada’s garbage
12 Jan, 05:44 PM UTC
Eddie Du
Canada's decision to offer asylum to al-Qunun may do little to mend relations with Saudi Arabia, which nosedived last summer after officials in Ottawa accused the kingdom of human rights violations.
12 Jan, 05:44 PM UTC
Hasan H.
@KenRoth @hrw There is another case still unresolved at the same airport in Bangkok. Saudi origin Bahrain citizen Hakeem who is football player in Australia was arrested with the request of Bahrain. He is under the detention for 2 months. Why? Because, Hakeem is still Muslim!? Hasan H.'s photo on the saudi
12 Jan, 05:44 PM UTC KSA
@Aziz_Journey Hello, We provide free return service within 15 days from the date you received your order for more details here Thanks
12 Jan, 05:44 PM UTC
Melvin Argue
@mrsinisterlefty @BernadineJoel @JohnPeate5 @Corbynsmama @NoLore The Saudi deal was done during the Conservative government. It is the Conservatives who are connected, giving the Wheat board assets to a Saudi company. John Baird criticizing Canada from there. They need to own this, not the Liberals.
12 Jan, 05:43 PM UTC
@ReutersWorld Just remember the Prince and his henchmen got khashoggi, if I were her, I'd be going underground. Saudi wahhabiest terrorist S have infiltrated America and North America prior to 9/11.
12 Jan, 05:43 PM UTC
Chris Tashi
@mehdirhasan @ggreenwald Wow! So I can go to Saudi Arabia and tell the "the Truth?" a guest in a foreign country You, yourself Should show more class than to criticize your host
12 Jan, 05:43 PM UTC
Apollo 11
@markberrytweets @business Part of me wonders if its partly to do with the recent Canada-Saudi relations and how theyve soured over the past year. Freeland was all front row centre at the arrival
12 Jan, 05:43 PM UTC
A. Mackay
@Mohalidera @CBCNews If we were in Saudi you could probably run me or any other foreigner over in the street and get off scot free. But we ain't. And neither is your "sister", she's on to a better life... voting, driving, having her own bank account, all that good shit. A. Mackay's photo on the saudi
12 Jan, 05:43 PM UTC
The Observatory
🚨 Alert #SaudiArabia 👉🏽Tomorrow #IsraaAlGhomgham will appear before the Court 👉🏽The Prosecutor required the death penalty 👉🏽If convicted, she would be the 1st female #HumanRights defender sentenced to death in #SaudiArabia #إسراء_الغمغام Read: The Observatory's photo on the saudi
12 Jan, 05:43 PM UTC
Waqas Hamid
Prime Minister Imran Khan is the only regional leader meeting freely both Saudi and Qatari leadership.
12 Jan, 05:43 PM UTC

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