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all u DJs mixes have the same shit in it why don’t u try pushing at least one or two underground ass artists who could use the spins instead of playing travis scott lmao
13 Aug, 04:57 AM UTC
Rod 🏁
@XXL @tktoocold The Spins & Good Evening.
13 Aug, 02:18 PM UTC
the spins brings back too many memories to count
13 Aug, 01:59 PM UTC
Andrew Ferrelli
And just like that Hova is back at UF. Let’s see the spins
13 Aug, 03:14 PM UTC
the spins, and if you say anything different, you’re wrong
13 Aug, 01:37 PM UTC
Dirk Diggler.
Koolaid & frozen pizza or the spins
13 Aug, 01:31 PM UTC
Larry Fisherman
Outside, The Spins, Paper Route, Don't Mind If I Do
13 Aug, 02:45 PM UTC
John C. Mattiucci
The Spins #FollowUrDreams
13 Aug, 02:35 PM UTC
@unitycitlali The spins. your wack for that one
13 Aug, 02:29 PM UTC
@Kimcvdi Someone be cutting onions everytime The Spins comes on! 😣
13 Aug, 01:50 PM UTC
i need some hugs brother
Outside, The Spins, Good Evening, Koolaid and frozen pizza, traffic in the sky, Nikes on my feet
13 Aug, 03:08 PM UTC

Listen to The Spins by Mac Miller #np on #SoundCloud
13 Aug, 03:03 PM UTC
SoaR Zemrics
@parallelmachi Damn son you got the spins on lock
13 Aug, 03:00 PM UTC
chia seed
the spins is an underrated masterpiece prove me wrong
13 Aug, 02:53 PM UTC
Traffic in the sky or The spins 🖤
13 Aug, 02:51 PM UTC
Wolf Thunderous
Knock knock, all I want is you, don't mind if I do, good evening and the spins.
13 Aug, 02:49 PM UTC
Garth Algar
@XXL The Spins and Paper Route were never talked about enough
13 Aug, 02:29 PM UTC
Ariana Valdez
All I Want Is You , The spins, Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza, good evening, traffic in the sky.. there ain’t a bad song on this mixtape
13 Aug, 02:27 PM UTC
Dre rodriguez
@MacMillerMemoir The spins and traffic in the sky
13 Aug, 02:12 PM UTC