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Stephen L. Miller
What did they charge the SUV with?
25 Nov, 03:14 AM UTC
Tom Nichols
I'm pretty sure the SUV was innocent in all this and didn't "cause" anything.
25 Nov, 04:05 AM UTC
@washingtonpost Has the SUV been charged?
25 Nov, 03:12 AM UTC
Maybe the WashPo is suggesting the SUV is like Stephen King’s Christine
25 Nov, 05:02 AM UTC
Chuck Ross
Hope the SUV has a good lawyer
25 Nov, 03:18 AM UTC
Annie BK
@washingtonpost Caused by a SUV??! Here is the SUV : Darrell Brooks
25 Nov, 07:33 AM UTC
SUVs Kill
@washingtonpost the SUV driver who proclaimed himself a terrorist, a killer in the city, in his own videos. the driver who ran over a woman in his SUV 3 weeks ago. the driver who successfully killed white people as he intended and promised to do. you are the #EnemyOfThePeople.
25 Nov, 03:04 AM UTC
@washingtonpost The SUV was piloted by a racist who made his intentions known with every social media post he authored. Domestic terrorism is a tragedy made worse by the complicity of the DREGS of the Fourth Estate. Cowards.
25 Nov, 04:17 AM UTC
Josiah Neeley 🤔
Can’t believe they had let the SUV out on bail.
25 Nov, 01:22 PM UTC
Aimee Terese
For leftists, everyone is either a monster or an angel, a hero, a victim, a saviour, or they simply cease to exist. In this story the victims don't get humanised, the perpetrator isn't humanised, the "SUV" is given lead role instead, bc cars are a folk devil re climate change.
25 Nov, 02:54 AM UTC
TheRightWingM 🇺🇸
@washingtonpost Picture below of the SUV that mowed over & killed 6 people including an 8 year old boy.
25 Nov, 01:56 AM UTC
Mythinformed MKE
Kathy is a single mother of four great kids. This is heartbreaking, ALL four of her kids were hit by the SUV and sustained major injuries at the Waukesha Christmas parade. Please consider donating to this fundraiser. #WaukeshaMassacre
25 Nov, 02:46 PM UTC
Bill Richmond
But what color was the SUV and how did it vote in 2020?
25 Nov, 02:25 PM UTC
Rex Ratio
@washingtonpost Prosecutor: Is the SUV that did this in the courtroom now? Witness: *points*
25 Nov, 01:39 PM UTC
The Failing NY Times
@ComfortablySmug Just try to imagine if the SUV were black…
25 Nov, 02:51 PM UTC
DeeDee Vee
J F C It will never change. "Then, a tree came out of nowhere and the SUV hit it." "People were on the roadway, what else was the SUV to do?" Sick, thick Fb.
25 Nov, 02:56 PM UTC
For @washingtonpost, if the driver is white or right-leaning then the driver ran over the victims. If not, then it's the SUV's fault. Makes sense.
25 Nov, 02:55 PM UTC
So DUMB!!!!!!! Everyone know someone is driving the SUV. Fuck people are dumb.
25 Nov, 02:59 PM UTC
Jared, not guilty on all charges
@washingtonpost It wasn’t caused by the suv you idiots. The vehicle has no brain. The cause was the hate filled racist scumbag driving it.
25 Nov, 02:59 PM UTC
D Risch
@washingtonpost What an easy defense. The SUV did it. The monster behind the wheel was along for the ride. If this is true, free Darrell Brooks Jr. Immediately. Maybe ur headline should read, “black man being held unjustly. Video shows SUV committing murder”….
25 Nov, 02:59 PM UTC
*Old One Eye* - 👑Pizza Theory👑
@washingtonpost The SUV didn't do anything you stupid fucks. It was the murderer driving it.
25 Nov, 02:58 PM UTC
@real1philosophy I'm not talking about the dead people I'm talking about the SUV tweet which the way everyone that reacting to it is funny.
25 Nov, 02:58 PM UTC
@washingtonpost Did the SUV drive itself...? The more the liberals treat us like complete fools, the more foolish they become. A reconing is coming.
25 Nov, 02:58 PM UTC
@washingtonpost The SUV has a mind of its own, does it? My God
25 Nov, 02:58 PM UTC
Dennis D. Hicks
@washingtonpost Was the SUV vaccinated?
25 Nov, 02:58 PM UTC
Simon SC
Has the SUV been charged with a crime yet?
25 Nov, 02:58 PM UTC
100s of dumb fucks who are hung up on a noun. Would you have liked it if it read “black man” driving the SUV? Jesus people are so pathetic.
25 Nov, 02:58 PM UTC