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Tasya Teles
I am SO honoured, humbled and excited to be a part of #the100 family for another season! THANK YOU @The100writers @TheCW @JRothenbergTV 🙏💜🙏💜
26 May, 05:02 PM UTC
TV Guide
Exclusive! #The100's @TasyaTeles has been promoted to series regular for Season 5 https://t.co/3MUiESYypW
26 May, 02:21 PM UTC
No one said surviving the end of the world was easy. Stream the season finale of #The100 now:… https://t.co/PqVJLJsCtt
26 May, 04:15 PM UTC
TV Guide
#The100's @TasyaTeles promoted to series regular for Season 5 https://t.co/fItTLKkc1R
27 May, 12:05 AM UTC
Everything Bellarke
If someone looked at me like this I'd fall over #The100 #Bellarke
27 May, 02:10 AM UTC
《Previously SERIES》
#The100 🔵ATENCIÓN🔵 La actriz @TasyaTeles, Echo en la serie, será REGULAR en la 5T de la serie.
26 May, 03:20 PM UTC
The 100 France
#INFO Tasya a été promue regular pour la saison 5. Bravo à elle ! #The100 (via https://t.co/SPMU2gthCv)
26 May, 02:42 PM UTC
Infos Séries FR
#THE100 #INFO: Tasya Teles est promue personnage régulier pour la saison 5.
26 May, 02:26 PM UTC
The 100 S5 News
Tasya Teles has been promoted to series regular for season five of #The100! https://t.co/rVwE9tQKtc
26 May, 03:01 PM UTC
《Previously SERIES》
#AmericanHorrorStory 🔵ATENCIÓN🔵 @AdinaPorter (#The100) estará nuevamente en la 7T de la serie.
26 May, 10:30 PM UTC
The 100 Poland
Na broni Clarke znajdują się imiona osób, które zmarły #the100 https://t.co/vO9mkRRln2
26 May, 06:05 PM UTC
Infos Séries
#INFO #The100 Tasya Teles (Echo) sera régulière dans la saison 5.
26 May, 03:35 PM UTC
The 100 Poland
To takie prawdziwe. Clarke zawsze słucha rozumu, a Bellamy swojego serca 😢💔 #The100
26 May, 09:08 PM UTC
Jonathan Menon
It's been six years and seven days, and she still calls Bellamy EVERY SINGLE DAY. #The100 #Bellarke
27 May, 04:41 AM UTC
Anna ✨🎬
"I left her behind. I left her behind, and we all die anyway." 💔😭 #Bellarke #The100 @MisElizaJane @WildpipMhttps://t.co/lG6j8DfDmo
27 May, 02:01 AM UTC
Anna ✨🎬
"We've been through a lot together, you and I." 💖 And another edit #Bellarke #The100 @DrLawyercop @MisElizaJanehttps://t.co/FJEOerXEPB
27 May, 02:25 AM UTC
Clarke quest'anno non ha mosso una leva, ma una parabola. Da tecnico dell'enel a tecnico di Sky. #The100 #DeCento
26 May, 05:13 PM UTC
The 100 Poland
#12 "Every memory I have, there's Jasper." #The100
26 May, 07:39 PM UTC
The 100 Poland
#11 "Brave Princess." #The100
26 May, 07:30 PM UTC
The 100 Poland
"Znowu Nas uratowała." #The100
26 May, 11:03 PM UTC
《Previously SERIES》
#The100 #AHS Cuando @AdinaPorter nos confirma la posición actual de Indra 😂😂👇🏻👇🏻 https://t.co/OWTRELC9YH
27 May, 08:21 AM UTC
The 100 France
#PHOTOS Lindsey sur le tournage de l'épisode final. #the100 (via instagram)
27 May, 01:07 AM UTC
The 100 Poland
Nowe nagranie z Sachinem i Richardem #2 #The100
26 May, 06:47 PM UTC
2,199 days.
Ma non poteva morire Echo e Roan andava nello spazio? 'ca troia #The100
27 May, 08:54 AM UTC
The 100 Hypnoseries
#photo de Richard Harmon et de Sachin Sahel à la convention Armaggedon Expo. (Via instagram). #the100
27 May, 07:51 AM UTC
All Screens
¡Ya están las reviews de #The100 y #AgentsOfSHIELD! Seguimos con el especial #seasonfinale. La semana que viene DC!… https://t.co/grDbkUYSP2
26 May, 08:17 PM UTC
The 100 Spain
Tasya Tales "Echo" será regular en Temporada 5 de #The100
27 May, 09:03 AM UTC
The 100 Spain
Tasya Tales será regular en la 5ª Temporada https://t.co/M85AWW0Wn4 #The100 #Los100
27 May, 09:11 AM UTC
Maddie was so excited to meet the space babies, imagine all the stories Clarke's told her over the years #The100
27 May, 01:53 AM UTC
The 100
Production Dates - Various Shows *Updated 26th May 2017* inc #The100 #Arrow #Riverdale #OUAT #Shadowhunters https://t.co/XJArc99O2j
27 May, 09:59 AM UTC
#The100: @tasyateles promossa a series regular nella quinta stagione @the100_ITA https://t.co/jS6QqB01qC
27 May, 08:09 AM UTC
mar kom skaikru❀
ho appena visto il finale della quarta di #The100. sono sotto shock. prevedo di non riprendermi mai più
27 May, 11:30 AM UTC
So in the end, wasn't nightblood a good solution? I mean It did work. #the100
27 May, 11:31 AM UTC
Gurlllll, u gonna let my spirit animal die???? Classic dumbass Clarke #The100
27 May, 11:28 AM UTC
sarah catlin
#the100 fans could learn a lot from my 3yr old. She is friendly, talks to all & doesn't judge if other think differently to her. #Justsaying
27 May, 11:27 AM UTC
I've just watched episode S01E07 of The 100! #The100 https://t.co/eP8Plsp6rU
27 May, 11:24 AM UTC
I've just watched episode S04E13 of The 100! #The100 https://t.co/bBG2EUe2YC
27 May, 11:24 AM UTC
Enfin une bonne décision prise par Clarke, on aime #The100
27 May, 11:23 AM UTC
Jessica ✨ NoobChic
Ok y'all can we talk about how season four of #The100 just ended and I'm wrecked? It didn't end… https://t.co/QQezrUzNlq
27 May, 11:23 AM UTC
ismail f
#the100 bir sezon finali daha. 5. Sezon daha güzel olsun..
27 May, 11:22 AM UTC
Deborah Rodríguez
Alguien puede hacerme el favor de matar a Jaha?? #los100 #the100
27 May, 11:19 AM UTC
Sondages TV 🍿
#The100 🛰 Tu aimes bien Echo ?
27 May, 11:17 AM UTC
#The100 4 сезон 13 серия Подписывайся на группу VK,смотри онлайн и скачивай любимые сериалы/фильмы… https://t.co/g8Yfq4yMTz
27 May, 11:17 AM UTC
➶ juliet ➶
I've just watched episode S04E13 of The 100! #The100 https://t.co/QFpx73PZiJ
27 May, 11:16 AM UTC
no me esperaba para nada la muerte de Lincoln #the100
27 May, 11:16 AM UTC
Vla Mi
Nine months like this. It's gonna be so hard! #the100 #bellarke https://t.co/LPmRYTmydw
27 May, 11:15 AM UTC
That's my gurlllll, Octavia 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #The100
27 May, 11:12 AM UTC
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