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The Bachelor
Oh, he’s in trouble. The ladies of #TheBachelor BRING IT this season. (Sloth costumes, tequila, and all.) The Bachelor's photo on #TheBachelor
06 Dec, 07:10 PM UTC
The Bachelor
We are LIVE with @chrisbharrison introducing the women vying for @Colton’s heart on #TheBachelor! https://t.co/7R3aGF8S6c
06 Dec, 06:08 PM UTC
The Bachelor
Meet the women of #TheBachelor this season! 🌹 Who gets your first impression rose? https://t.co/UbKvbePJrq The Bachelor's photo on #TheBachelor
06 Dec, 07:30 PM UTC
Mike Fleiss
Can’t comment on why @theyearofelan is no longer part of #TheBachelor team, but we wish him the best in all his future endeavors...
06 Dec, 07:44 PM UTC
E! News
This season of #TheBachelor has 29 women and 1 sloth. https://t.co/0e8ZBQdzvd E! News's photo on #TheBachelor
06 Dec, 10:29 PM UTC
Erica Steiner
Chris Harrison wasn’t kidding when he said this season of #TheBachelor will be the most dramatic one yet. Erica Steiner's photo on #TheBachelor
06 Dec, 07:04 PM UTC
Lauren Zima
#TheBachelor Exclusive: Colton Underwood on what it will take for him to lose his virginity this season: https://t.co/lsvWl5Y22X @colton ❤️#cantwait Premieres Jan. 7 on ABC! @etnow @jendrysdale_
06 Dec, 04:51 PM UTC
bach party
still can’t believe we’re all okay with this #TheBachelor bach party's photo on #TheBachelor
06 Dec, 02:48 PM UTC
Entertainment Tonight
Exclusive: The upcoming season of #TheBachelor is overflowing with shocking secrets and surprises! https://t.co/xDD26Fjk8v
06 Dec, 11:25 PM UTC
there's always #TheBachelor @MichaelAvenatti you just cant drag the ladies around on camera ok.
06 Dec, 09:54 PM UTC
Sophie Vershbow
Alex D.'s profession is "Sloth" Same, Alex. Same. #TheBachelor https://t.co/1pPPAWgu3b
06 Dec, 08:38 PM UTC
Us Weekly
#TheBachelor hasn't started yet but there is already controversy! https://t.co/IF17zfzS4O
06 Dec, 10:35 PM UTC
Jen Silverman
Forget @CorinneOly and her infamous naps SLOTH girl is definitely coming for her title. Best #TheBachelor occupation ever? I think so! Also, how do I apply for this? Jen Silverman's photo on #TheBachelor
06 Dec, 10:02 PM UTC
It's time to meet the 30 women vying for Colton Underwood's heart on #TheBachelor 🌹: https://t.co/YUW1qGAfG3 Access's photo on #TheBachelor
06 Dec, 11:00 PM UTC
The Bachelor Critic
Thank you for sending this list @alyflute31. These #TheBachelor jobs are EVEN MORE STUPIDER this year! “sloth” “never been kissed” “Cinderella” SLOTH https://t.co/IPhXr8N3fW
06 Dec, 10:19 PM UTC
Cinderella and sloth. I have questions. #TheBachelor https://t.co/DZhUAzsTkK
06 Dec, 11:19 PM UTC
Question of the day: If you could start your own reality TV show, what would the theme be? #realitytv #kardashian #keepingupwiththekardashian #thebachelor #survivor #thebachelorette #thevoice #americanidol #televesion #debate #ahs #questionoftheday
06 Dec, 10:37 PM UTC
Mike Sington
Meet the “ladies”- here are Colton’s bachelorettes! #TheBachelor 🌹 Mike Sington's photo on #TheBachelor
06 Dec, 11:00 PM UTC
Listen to She Know .(interlude) by Goldi . #np on #SoundCloud #Avengers4 #AStarIsBorn #STAR #Empire #spotifywrapped #TitleThisChapterOfYourLife #ThursdayThoughts #TheBachelor https://t.co/CYkCs4p22R
07 Dec, 12:06 AM UTC
Sam Ebersold
this girl whose career is “sloth” is already more interesting than Colton, and I’d bet she’s going to make better TV too #TheBachelor Sam Ebersold's photo on #TheBachelor
07 Dec, 12:03 AM UTC
Lauren Zima
#TheBachelor: @colton's just-announced women, by the numbers... (ARE THESE STATS?!?! IS THIS MY FOOTBALL?!?!) https://t.co/2oDv7DbFaI @etnow @jendrysdale_
06 Dec, 11:42 PM UTC
Jordan’s Gold Underpants
never thought I would see this...I wont be surprised if something about “sexual misconduct” comes out in the next while... #BachelorNation #ElanGale #Colton #TheBachelor https://t.co/ojBz0LaYiT
06 Dec, 11:35 PM UTC
Take 2 Radio Network
The Bachelor 2019 Cast: Meet Colton's Bachelorettes | The Bachelor - https://t.co/gDFrOMq632 #thebachelor
06 Dec, 11:14 PM UTC
Most are 23-years-old. And models. Seems about right. Blog post up soon! 🌹#thebachelor https://t.co/cuhu4aDhr5
06 Dec, 11:09 PM UTC
Nice try ABC. We know they’re all actually named Lauren. #TheBachelor
07 Dec, 12:14 AM UTC
Smh. #TheBachelor Bruno's photo on #TheBachelor
07 Dec, 12:11 AM UTC
whatcha watching
Really sad I missed my prime of being 23 and identifying as a “sloth” #thebachelor #issloththejob #orissheasloth? #whyiseveryone23 whatcha watching's photo on #TheBachelor
07 Dec, 12:04 AM UTC
Rachel Stern
Guys... not sure if you knew this but... I’m really short... Only we’re with coltonunderwood as he prepared for his #Bachelor Journey! Tonight on #ET! #EntertainmentTonight #TheBachelor https://t.co/jxvhL4KzzP
07 Dec, 12:01 AM UTC
At 25, HALF of these women are younger than me. I don’t know what to do with that information 😳🌹 #TheBachelor https://t.co/rbbTCHEZWR
06 Dec, 11:54 PM UTC
Lavender 💟Jacqueline Kennedy🎋Lovely Patchouli 55
Is this why GHWB Senior is so proud of the Native American Bones ☠️ #TheBachelor #thegreatawakening #Qanon https://t.co/jlwbYJyWTB
06 Dec, 11:53 PM UTC
Sheena Paige
#TheBachelor #traffic #Christmas #tbt
06 Dec, 11:48 PM UTC
Kelley Crowe
@Millsy11374 inspired me to throwback to last season’s #TheBachelor premiere & start planning this year’s shindig 😉 🌹 https://t.co/yWDoXY8axl
06 Dec, 11:33 PM UTC
NR 🇲🇽🇲🇽
@colton Not sure who to ask, but what is it with the lack of latina’s in the cast of the #TheBachelor? Its lucky we have one or two, my girl @bibi_julz is the only one that we know of. Who is the not interested party? @RealitySteve, @fleissmeister, @chrisbharrison? Anyone? 😬
06 Dec, 11:29 PM UTC
Glenn 🇮🇪🇭🇺🇵🇭
Who is everyone picking to get the final rose? My pick is Caitlin #TheBachelor
06 Dec, 11:28 PM UTC
Ayden Parker
When one of the disks ruptures and pushes out from between the bones, it can press on nearby nerves. For More Info: https://t.co/y2lc9muaof #PeteShelley #TJCox #BloombergNews #GameofThrones #Hamas #TheBachelor #Nasdaq #UNGA #YouTubeRewind #SpotifyWrapped2018 Ayden Parker's photo on #TheBachelor
06 Dec, 11:28 PM UTC
Mia Edwards📸🦄🌈
wait, who still watches #TheBachelor anymore? Mia Edwards📸🦄🌈's photo on #TheBachelor
06 Dec, 11:24 PM UTC
Matt D
🎶It's the most wonderful tiiiiime of the yearrrr 🎶 #TheBachelor https://t.co/dTuQsVdrmd
06 Dec, 11:23 PM UTC
My entire twitter feed is just @colton and I'm not mad about it #thebachelor
06 Dec, 11:23 PM UTC
Natasha Sohtra
Okayyyy this was a good read 🤣 #TheBachelor https://t.co/s2w0hfBdIN
06 Dec, 11:22 PM UTC
Rose Mary
instead of banning #BabyItsColdOutside why not ban #TheBachelor #TheBachelorette shows?
06 Dec, 11:21 PM UTC
Jennifer Nguyen
YALL. THERE. IS. AN. ASIAN. ON. #TheBachelor I mean you can't really tell with all the blondes there but she is there.
06 Dec, 11:20 PM UTC
DV Bergen County
The Bachelor premieres with a live, three-hour special on Monday, Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. on ABC. #thebachelor #coltonunderwood https://t.co/ZYJo36fxbl
06 Dec, 11:15 PM UTC
DV Passaic County
The Bachelor premieres with a live, three-hour special on Monday, Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. on ABC. #thebachelor #coltonunderwood https://t.co/MnImRwziCz
06 Dec, 11:15 PM UTC
The Bachelor 2019 Cast: Meet Colton's Bachelorettes | The Bachelor - https://t.co/GpDofB4rwR #thebachelor
06 Dec, 11:14 PM UTC
@accessonline Why not select a winner now before #TheBachelor🌹even starts. #GutFeeling JeSuisCH🏒JesperiKotkaniemi's photo on #TheBachelor
06 Dec, 11:14 PM UTC
All Things Bach
wait I feel like this group of girls is so good! @BachelorABC #TheBachelor CANNOT wait for January😍🌹
06 Dec, 11:13 PM UTC
Buy Now @amazon https://t.co/BCXO1RcJof #LakeShow #ThursdayThoughts #hoodies #2018Wrapped #sweatshirts #NYC #NewYork #NewYorkForever #newyorkcity #TitleThisChapterOfYourLife #GoldenGlobes #GoldenGlobes2019 #PitMad #YouTubeRewind #LARain #TheBachelor #LomaPedraza #sweatshirt https://t.co/WS9ovqgHd4
06 Dec, 11:13 PM UTC
Life & Style
She’s one to watch on #TheBachelor this season! https://t.co/lx9F0gdKuV
06 Dec, 11:00 PM UTC
#TheBachelor season 23 premieres in Jan starring Colton Underwood. Meet the 30 bachelorettes hoping to win his affection. (PHOTOS) https://t.co/0IF3M4Z9Za mjsbigblog's photo on #TheBachelor
06 Dec, 10:58 PM UTC
Anna Rumer
All of the promo for Colton's season of #TheBachelor is so weirdly horny. https://t.co/vnJsrxs80g
06 Dec, 10:57 PM UTC

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