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Lena Waithe
Around 14% of U.S. children are BLACK. Yet black kids account for MORE than a third of missing child cases. Stay woke & informed. Lots of conversation about Kiesha’s disappearance. Continue to watch as we tell her story. https://t.co/8UyhMOf1vU for ways to help. #TheChi @LenaWaithe's photo on #TheChi
12 Jul, 03:51 PM UTC
A Shot of Henny.
Lena Waithe really killed my boy Reg and wrote HERSELF in #TheChi https://t.co/xw7dioUN1q
12 Jul, 08:29 PM UTC
Literally just wow 🤩 #TheChi https://t.co/B4aJNEMFW7
12 Jul, 07:23 PM UTC
Where is Keisha?? I can’t take all this stress‼️😓 #thechi https://t.co/siLXAqxDd3
13 Jul, 01:17 AM UTC
Steve Jr.
“I just wish it wasn’t always the oppressed people’s job to educate the oppressor.” #TheCHI https://t.co/a490ubGTAu
13 Jul, 01:24 AM UTC
Its been 3 seasons and Ronnie still hasn't hydrated his dry ass voice???? #TheChi https://t.co/GS9KrOrGEk
13 Jul, 12:29 AM UTC
I’m HURMEN bitch!
Where is Jada while they fucking ? #thechi https://t.co/eAEosWrL0Y
12 Jul, 09:18 PM UTC
Ty Rushing
That beach scene and the build-up to it on #TheChi https://t.co/uILiqnQjIQ
12 Jul, 07:11 PM UTC
“Your son could be the next Ben carson” let’s hope not #TheChi 😂😂 https://t.co/KAXUbIsSmE
12 Jul, 08:11 PM UTC
Breonna Taylor !
Why would Emmett ask his dad for advice out of all people #Thechi https://t.co/YLk7vC1qEH
12 Jul, 09:08 PM UTC
low budget kelis | droskie don dada
“How you gon take relationship advice from somebody who got 7 kids with 5 baby mommas AND he about to get another divorce.” #thechi https://t.co/G7axDpqdma
12 Jul, 04:00 PM UTC
The Chi on Showtime
Prayers up for Kiesha. #TheChi @SHOTheChi's photo on #TheChi
13 Jul, 01:41 AM UTC
“I don’t hide my nigga from the world. I hide the world from my nigga.” - Tiffany #TheChi https://t.co/XNKMca3Raz
12 Jul, 09:28 PM UTC
Dobby Styles
This Nigga Been to jail. And he’s homeless. he ain’t got shit to lose- Dre #TheChi https://t.co/1o77r7I25M
13 Jul, 01:39 AM UTC
Messy locs is one thing but yo shit looking like Meek Mill’s first album cover -Papa #TheChi https://t.co/T3ENaU5oDq
13 Jul, 12:18 AM UTC
Jacob Latimore
Yo @coryhardrict and @Kandi brought a lot of flavor to the show! Lets go #TheChi @SHOTheChi
13 Jul, 01:53 AM UTC
Bad Lil Vibe
So y’all really fixin to have us on edge all season about Keisha???!!! 😭😭😭😩😩😩 #TheChi https://t.co/3RpRfg47vk
13 Jul, 01:45 AM UTC
Papa, “Don’t be mad cause I am progressive!” Love the kid! @SHOTheChi #TheChi https://t.co/GD80S18k23
13 Jul, 01:12 AM UTC
Emmet and his baby mama need to stop carrying this 7 year old child around with a baby hat like he an infant 😂😂#TheChi https://t.co/LtXLQiKBxS
12 Jul, 11:06 AM UTC
“Your son could be the next Ben Carson.” “Let’s hope not.” Yes!!! 😂 #TheChi https://t.co/5gAHGZnzVO
13 Jul, 01:22 AM UTC
Cory Hardrict
Luv my good brother!!! Keep killin @SHOTheChi #TheChi https://t.co/z2EmDVOIwD
13 Jul, 02:38 AM UTC
D3nz android 70845
Emmet was really considering getting whole nother woman, before he considered... treating right the one he got 🤔 #TheChi https://t.co/aa7SLzKVUi
13 Jul, 02:10 AM UTC
DP 🤑
🗣I’m not hiding my nigga from the world I’m hiding the world from nigga #TheChi https://t.co/k2LOYOQV0r
13 Jul, 01:51 AM UTC
Emmett going to have his mom's living smelling like ass and candles. They better clean that couch. #TheChi
13 Jul, 02:55 AM UTC
Stella. 🦋✨
#TheChi be havin my nerves bad man. Let Keisha be alive please.
13 Jul, 03:01 AM UTC
well, sh*t...
Y’all have gotta find Keisha. I don’t think i can take much more. #TheChi
13 Jul, 03:01 AM UTC
#thechi is pretty dope!
13 Jul, 02:53 AM UTC
Where is keisha 😢😣 #TheChi I hope she’s alive please let her be 🙏🏾
13 Jul, 02:59 AM UTC
Man where tf is Keisha? #TheChi
13 Jul, 02:51 AM UTC
I need #TheChi to wrap up the “where is Keisha” storyline by next episode
12 Jul, 11:37 PM UTC

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