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Peter Zachari
This slap!!!! #TheConners https://t.co/Br0TZ2K2gh
20 Nov, 01:24 AM UTC
sara gilbert
Kitchen fails, a fight with your aunt, and total family chaos. Sound familiar? It’s the Thanksgiving episode for #TheConners! Tonight at 8/7C on @abcnetwork. @THEsaragilbert's photo on #TheConners
20 Nov, 12:45 AM UTC
Katey Sagal
Don't forget! A new episode of The Conners tonight. @TheConnersABC #theconners #theconnersabc #kateysagal https://t.co/ZwBz1GUJoS
19 Nov, 05:29 PM UTC
Jennifer Irons
Laurie Metcalf's performance tonight was nothing short of BRILLIANT and she deserves and Emmy for it!!! #TheConners
20 Nov, 01:26 AM UTC
I might be in the minority here but #TheConners is doing great work and I don’t even miss Roseanne. https://t.co/ZZFttJgtbU
20 Nov, 03:23 AM UTC
KT.🦋Sway with me
Laurie Metcalf is a damn national treasure. #TheConners
20 Nov, 01:11 AM UTC
Ryan Schwartz
Laurie Metcalf and Sara Gilbert at their absolute best. #TheConners https://t.co/X0oAb1mqlK
20 Nov, 01:22 AM UTC
Damnnn... Darlene(@THEsaragilbert ) got smacked so hard by Aunt Jackie(@laurieEmetcalf) her face actually morphed into her mom Roseanne. #TheConners https://t.co/thMOGTj1X9
20 Nov, 04:05 AM UTC
The Conners
We're just thankful for what we have 🙃 #TheConners @TheConnersABC's photo on #TheConners
19 Nov, 07:00 PM UTC
The Conners
You can always count on #TheConners for the cold, hard truth. 😂 @TheConnersABC's photo on #TheConners
20 Nov, 01:22 AM UTC
Alex Monroe
I have to say, I really enjoy seeing Katey Sagal on #TheConners .. And by no means is she just a replacement for Roseanne as a lot of people suggest. She’s her own unique, funny, interesting character.
20 Nov, 02:13 AM UTC
The Conners
At the end of the day, they’re family. #TheConners @TheConnersABC's photo on #TheConners
20 Nov, 01:25 AM UTC
The Conners
The table is set for tonight! #TheConners @TheConnersABC's photo on #TheConners
19 Nov, 09:00 PM UTC
Another great episode of #theconners I was one of the naysayers about this show continuing on without Roseanne but they are doing a hell of job on this show without her. The writing has been excellent!
20 Nov, 02:40 AM UTC
Tyler Farley
I grew up loving “Roseanne”, the show felt like it really represented my upbringing, I love the humor,, heart, & characters. With that being said, the revival killing off its namesake was the right move. #TheConners is the best thing that could’ve happened to that franchise.
20 Nov, 03:06 AM UTC
The Conners
Good question 😬 #TheConners @KateySagal @TheConnersABC's photo on #TheConners
20 Nov, 01:17 AM UTC
The Conners
Who’s thankful for an all-new #TheConners?! Tune in now and RT if you’re watching! @TheConnersABC's photo on #TheConners
20 Nov, 01:00 AM UTC
Tony Banks
#TheConners I was never the biggest fan of the Roseanne show even when it first aired. But seeing her fellow cast members-some of whom wouldn't have careers without her-remain silent while she was going through her Twitter "controversy" is why I will NEVER watch this show.
20 Nov, 03:39 AM UTC
A bunch of cowards who turned their back on their “friend” Roseanne because the media told them to #TheConners Huess what, your show sucks
20 Nov, 03:30 AM UTC
AfterBuzz TV
We were NOT ready for this! Sara Gilbert and Laurie Metcalf deserve Emmys for their acting on #TheConners tonight. This is TV at its finest! @afterbuzztv's photo on #TheConners
20 Nov, 05:25 AM UTC
M. Fernanda🌵🌹
Laurie Metcalf’s acting is phenomenal #TheConners https://t.co/FxwQuxtGnu
20 Nov, 01:47 AM UTC
Darlene Faris
Everyone is talking about #TheSlap on @TheConnersABC but can we just talk about Jackie's broom/rifle routine!! Oh how I love Laurie Metcalf, she's brilliant! #TheConners https://t.co/BXzlM9QqSD
20 Nov, 05:14 AM UTC
Jeffery Woods
I love the chemistry between John Goodman and @KateySagal #theconners
20 Nov, 01:07 AM UTC
⭐️Vote POTUS Trump🙏2020⭐️
Zero interest in #TheConners. Love @therealroseanne.
20 Nov, 02:25 AM UTC
I thought #TheConners went off the air? I have no desire to watch Roseanne without @therealroseanne
20 Nov, 06:58 AM UTC
Nice to see @KateySagal on a bike again ❤️ #TheConners
20 Nov, 01:07 AM UTC
Debbie sucks on #shameless and Harris sucks on #theconners Lmaoo she can’t get a break
20 Nov, 04:42 AM UTC
That’s the realest TV slap I’ve ever seen. #TheConners https://t.co/EkWEtBLyHe
20 Nov, 05:14 AM UTC

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