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“An emotional masterpiece” (@EW) “The Best Movie of 2019” (@NYMag) “It’ll get you good” (@RollingStone) Bring the whole family—it’s PG! Show the next gen how good the movies can be. #TheFarewell @A24's photo on #TheFarewell
18 Jul, 08:24 PM UTC
Lulu Wang’s #TheFarewell is the most exciting hit movie of the summer, but it came together after she nearly lost all hope of making the film. Our interview with the filmmaker: https://t.co/jTQdnHe4Sz @IndieWire's photo on #TheFarewell
19 Jul, 02:30 AM UTC
Alissa Wilkinson
I had a great (and cathartic) chat with @Awkwafina about #TheFarewell, learning Chinese, and what it was like for both of us to lose a parent. https://t.co/HbrJNEQ03y
18 Jul, 02:13 PM UTC
#TheFarewell: Lulu Wang Made the Year’s Most Exciting Hit By Refusing to Americanize It https://t.co/5w6ZPCh7dX @IndieWire's photo on #TheFarewell
18 Jul, 05:02 PM UTC
ELLE Magazine (US)
From #TheFarewell to #RussianDoll, women are making amazing TV about death, grief, and loss. https://t.co/qWayLY7ohw
18 Jul, 09:25 PM UTC
Lulu Wang on bringing the story to life: "The first question I would get asked is 'Is this an American film or a Chinese film?' It was a very confronting question because it's like 'Well, are you American or are you Chinese?' " #TheFarewell @TIFF_NET's photo on #TheFarewell
19 Jul, 02:16 AM UTC
Thank you to everyone who came tonight, and to those who watched the live-stream. And a huge thank you to Lulu Wang for the enlighting chat about your breathtaking film #TheFarewell. @TIFF_NET's photo on #TheFarewell
19 Jul, 02:29 AM UTC
Lulu Wang (@thumbelulu) on pitching #TheFarewell: "It was challenging to get people to see what this film actually is. It's from a place of in-between – it's both and neither – but it's really just a human story." @TIFF_NET's photo on #TheFarewell
19 Jul, 02:23 AM UTC
Delighted @thumbelulu came to #Toronto to present masterpiece #TheFarewell, 100% on #RottenTomatoes. Screening was sold-out completely with a crazy rush line. #Awkwafina delivers an authentic, heartfelt performance in this story of being in-between identities and familial bond. https://t.co/EgndN8gjRI
19 Jul, 03:09 AM UTC
VVS Films
Thank you @TIFF_NET for hosting the Canadian premiere of #TheFarewell. It opens exclusively this Friday at Varsity Cinemas in Toronto and Fifth Avenue in Vancouver, with additional cities opening July 26! https://t.co/bRZy8311Ob
19 Jul, 02:33 AM UTC
Alissa S.
Just saw #TheFarewell and at our first glimpse of @awkwafina, the person next to us exclaimed “SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL!” and you know, sometimes even the @drafthouse’s strict no talking rules can’t stop people from telling the dang truth.
19 Jul, 03:13 AM UTC
Jason Carlos
Toronto! @thumbelulu is also doing a Q&A after tomorrow’s 7pm screening of #TheFarewell at Varsity — so duh I’m going again. See you there? #GoldOpen @jaarlos's photo on #TheFarewell
19 Jul, 03:14 AM UTC
VVS Films
Take it from @jaarlos! Do not miss the Q&A with Lulu Wang after the 7pm screening of #TheFarewell this Friday at Varsity. https://t.co/mNk8I7Pmyv
19 Jul, 03:39 AM UTC
Director Lulu Wang introducing her film #TheFarewell, then during a post-screening Q&A @TIFF_NET https://t.co/bPMyAU8Xij
19 Jul, 02:49 AM UTC
Betty Xie
A great film indeed. Funny, real, culturally specific and universal. Bravo! #thefarewell https://t.co/ZTzkQ3NFMU
19 Jul, 03:55 AM UTC
Reel Culture
Whoa! Toronto! Don’t miss out on this opportunity! @thumbelulu is doing a Q&A after tomorrow’s 7pm screening of @thefarewell at the Varsity. Opening weekend is crucial, y’all!! #RepresentationMatters #thefarewell https://t.co/kvYGc61kHD
19 Jul, 03:53 AM UTC
bruschetta dortmund
So #TheFarewell was really great and robbed me emotionally, I now need many drinks and a sheet mask.
19 Jul, 03:35 AM UTC
Darren Bevan
Perfect night for the #NZIFF @nzff #TheFarewell https://t.co/zx2rbRmL2Z
19 Jul, 05:20 AM UTC
Film Festival Today
.@chrisreedfilm writes: #TheFarewell Offers a Moving Cinematic Adieu https://t.co/lqfzNKNWWl https://t.co/U7nIhjE9fr
19 Jul, 12:02 AM UTC
Minh Vu
THE FAREWELL is another perfect example why storytelling is SO important. I’m feeling so moved and SEEN! 💯😭 Thank you, @thumbelulu for sharing your story and to the cast for an incredible performance. @thefarewell #TheFarewell https://t.co/32I1pJxT14
19 Jul, 05:15 AM UTC
The Georgia Straight
Movie review: Awkwafina's fine dramatic skills among the pleasures of The Farewell https://t.co/IZHhcQ3syu #Awkwafina #TheFarewell In English and Mandarin, with English subtitles https://t.co/Oq1zyKJuXj
19 Jul, 04:30 AM UTC
Elea Chang
Update: related to so many parts of the #TheFarewell, cried as expected, can’t wait to see more from @thumbelulu! Also, definitely watching this with my mom sometime.
19 Jul, 04:14 AM UTC
bruschetta dortmund
I keep on thinking about how I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to the Grandpa who raised me and I can’t stop crying again. #TheFarewell
19 Jul, 03:50 AM UTC
Q&A w/ Lulu Wang: a white man asked about film references and says he can think of a few influences, Lulu asked him to name, he proceeded to list off all the asian male directors, Lulu didn’t hesitate to point that out, and i might have clapped a bit too long #TheFarewell
19 Jul, 03:33 AM UTC
Dr Jarryd Willis PhD
#TheFarewell is one of the best movies I’ve seen all year & #NaiNai deserves an Oscar for her performance! It’s been just a year since Crazy Rich Asians & Ocean’s 8 and @awkwafina has knotted 3 stellar performances,… https://t.co/j84lXinhbf
19 Jul, 04:33 AM UTC
Helen Jacobi
.@nzff film festival number 2 #TheFarewell
19 Jul, 06:25 AM UTC
Wayne Chow
Just learned the plot of #TheFarewell. Did not know families did that. Geez, now I just hope I'm found before my cats have to eat me. Cc: @justsherryj @ziyatong @ArponBasu @emilydawnlove
19 Jul, 05:14 AM UTC
@A24 @thumbelulu @TIFF_NET #TheFarewell Canadian premiere. Many unexpected laughters and weeping sound in the theatre. 🗣HAAAA! 🖐️ ”🌳’ ”” https://t.co/etEgcvmhmM
19 Jul, 05:10 AM UTC
Joreen Belocura
So so so so good--and so personal especially for Asian-Americans. #TheFarewell https://t.co/SNXvVvlXWj
19 Jul, 04:55 AM UTC
Joe Davi
#TheFarewell - once again, a good movie that gets overhyped by critics into the “great” category.
19 Jul, 04:42 AM UTC
Daniel Hammer
Update: #TheFarewell is special and wonderful https://t.co/WjlshR0r8L
19 Jul, 04:31 AM UTC
Jim Judy
@Massawyrm Go out and see #TheFarewell and #BlindedByTheLightMovie
19 Jul, 04:16 AM UTC
Went to @TIFF_NET’s #Canadian premiere of @thumbelulu’s #TheFarewell and I’m about to leave everything to go take care of my grandma. I was in tears the whole way through and I’m so glad there was a sold out crowd to experience this beautiful film! https://t.co/OoKYLR0eN1
19 Jul, 04:11 AM UTC
Brian Perry
Films out I need 2C: #TheFarewell #WildRose #Midsommar
19 Jul, 04:05 AM UTC
Gail St Louis
#CatsMovie #CatsTrailer #TheFarewell
19 Jul, 04:03 AM UTC
Gail St Louis
#CatsMovie #CatsTrailer #TheFarewell
19 Jul, 04:02 AM UTC
PSA: #THEFAREWELL is showing at the AMC East 21 in Chicago. THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE.
19 Jul, 03:36 AM UTC