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5 Seconds of Summer
Thank you all for an incredible day. We are so happy to say: 5SOS5 is here. It’s yours 🖤 https://t.co/VswtguBKy2 You can watch #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards re-broadcasts and on demand for the next 3 days @DriiftLive @5SOS's photo on #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards
23 Sep, 04:07 AM UTC
5 Seconds of Summer
Today is the day #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards. Join us for the global livestream celebrating the release of our fifth album #5SOS5. Get tickets here ✨ https://t.co/iOnBhPpkFc @5SOS's photo on #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards
22 Sep, 02:18 PM UTC
best of 5sos
i’ll forever be CRYING after this. #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards https://t.co/wC6VZeNb4w
22 Sep, 08:58 PM UTC
Crystal Leigh🤍 #5SOS5
I have no words so I guess I shouldn’t be tweeting since twitter is a place for words but idk where else to put this energy !!! it’s a NEW ERA 🥹🫶 #5SOSONO #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards #5sos5
22 Sep, 08:51 PM UTC
"a little band from sydney can do great things." ✨️ #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards https://t.co/t9CAVK6niP
22 Sep, 09:29 PM UTC
Calum Hood Archive
calum hood singing ghost of you!!!!! #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards https://t.co/gjRNdgHglR
22 Sep, 09:14 PM UTC
michael clifford archives
Michael Clifford / / Jet Black Heart #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards https://t.co/GyYQk5v2sN
22 Sep, 08:44 PM UTC
Luke introduced Youngblood as “the song that gave them a second chance”#TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards
22 Sep, 08:34 PM UTC
Crystal Leigh🤍 #5SOS5
I’ve watched #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards 3 times today and wish I could watch it more. I’m so in awe of this. I feel like we’ve all had crying chills dancing screaming moments today & I want to keep these feelings forever. I’m so proud of these guys and can’t WAIT for #5SOS5 🫶
23 Sep, 04:09 AM UTC
best of 5sos
michael clifford & calum hood, you two are the cutest. #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards https://t.co/zeqPOlI88x
22 Sep, 08:52 PM UTC
best of 5sos
LOST HERE IN LONDON. #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards https://t.co/Irw40FISI9
22 Sep, 09:58 PM UTC
best of 5sos
5 Seconds of Summer // #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards https://t.co/A8nVZEyk95
22 Sep, 09:25 PM UTC
thinking about calum & 5SOS5 💭
nothing like the rain, nothing like the rain #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards https://t.co/YQ6yrWF40u
22 Sep, 09:24 PM UTC
best of 5sos
do you know who produced most of the songs on the album? sir michael gordon clifford! HIS FACE #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards https://t.co/JfvjUIhRwz
22 Sep, 10:34 PM UTC
Proud is an understatement @5SOS #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards @5SOST0URUPDATES's media on #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards">@5SOST0URUPDATES's media on #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards">@5SOST0URUPDATES's media on #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards">@5SOST0URUPDATES's media on #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards">https://t.co/GPpcDuyddi
22 Sep, 09:46 PM UTC
The setlist for #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards via cinemahemmings! https://t.co/udYVfEVv4W
22 Sep, 09:21 PM UTC
Q: What song off 5SOS5 would you make into a first dance wedding song? Luke: Bad Omens Ashton: Older #5SOSONO #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards
22 Sep, 06:38 PM UTC
“and if this band has given you any strength at all I am so blessed to be a part of your life” this is so beautiful they have no idea how many lives they’ve saved and how much happiness they’ve brought to MILLIONS me included🥺🤍 #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards
22 Sep, 08:53 PM UTC
5SOSDigest. 💙
Luke introduced ‘Youngblood’ as the song that gave them a second chance as a band 🥺 @Luke5SOS @5SOS #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards
22 Sep, 08:32 PM UTC
5SOS Brasil
10 anos de carreira. 5 álbuns. Acabaram de entregar um show que ficará marcado para sempre. #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards https://t.co/k7qItuH1gg
22 Sep, 09:14 PM UTC
we thought no version could ever top teeth live from the vault until 5sos came with teeth live from ono #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards #5SOS5 https://t.co/HHP3sVEc3v
22 Sep, 10:18 PM UTC
“I just- you look incredible” “I was gonna say the same to you!” “really??” "you look good" #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards #5SOS #5SOSONO #5SOS5 https://t.co/LioHTVlxDr
22 Sep, 08:40 PM UTC
gabis loves muke ONO DAY AND #5SOS5
Isso aqui é a elite. Mas pra quem não conhece é CARRY ON da 5SOS essa letra tem tanto significado na minha vida. #5SOSONO #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards https://t.co/PSmROPjfHx
22 Sep, 09:10 PM UTC
Yall dont understand, this song is so special to me omfg the first note i've heard and it gave me an instant flashback to my 2015 self #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards #5SOS5 https://t.co/RBYAddWXmB
22 Sep, 10:30 PM UTC
5SOS Updates Español | #5SOS5 OUT NOW
Ashton: ...y si esta banda te ha dado alguna fuerza, estoy muy bendecido de ser parte de tu vida. #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards #5SecondsofSummer
23 Sep, 03:33 AM UTC
5sos Archive
my band! #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards https://t.co/WMMjkeV79y
22 Sep, 08:55 PM UTC
live footage of 5sos and sierra deaton performing “older” tonight at royal albert hall: #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards #5SOSONO #5SOS5 @5SOS https://t.co/hslZjCIi2G
22 Sep, 09:48 PM UTC
vivi 5SOS5 DAY
ELES #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards #5SOSONO #5SOS5 https://t.co/6nVeb6CLwy
22 Sep, 09:32 PM UTC
Nina ✨
Luke Robert hemmings THANK GOD u opened that YouTube channel in 2007 #5SOS5 #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards https://t.co/KUxfVaoqPe
22 Sep, 10:47 PM UTC
Toda la 5sosfam ahorita #5SOSONO #TheFeelingOfFallingUpwards https://t.co/7bWb9e35QJ
22 Sep, 09:17 PM UTC