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The Magicians
Magic may be back, but it's out of control. Find out just how charged things can get when #TheMagicians returns to @SYFY on January 15. @MagiciansSYFY's photo on #TheMagicians
02 Dec, 05:54 PM UTC
The Magicians
Magic is surging back. Join us when #TheMagicians returns on January 15, 2020. @MagiciansSYFY's photo on #TheMagicians
02 Dec, 06:32 PM UTC
The Magicians
Are you ready for a magical #CyberMonday, #Fillorians? Get 20% off sitewide PLUS free shipping over $99 using code CYBERDEAL until 12/3 at midnight: https://t.co/9Vrf360YCx #TheMagicians @MagiciansSYFY's photo on #TheMagicians
02 Dec, 02:57 PM UTC
Infos Séries
Trailer de la saison 5 de #TheMagicians. Le 15 janvier sur Syfy. https://t.co/hb50FecMez
02 Dec, 06:13 PM UTC
《Previously SERIES》
#TheMagicians 🔴NOVEDAD🔴 Tráiler oficial de la 5T de la serie de @SYFY. ESTRENO el 15 de ENERO. ⬇️DENTRO VIDEO⬇️ https://t.co/NB5jzlGE5d
02 Dec, 06:09 PM UTC
Brittany Curran
Use promo code “curran” to get 20% off my #Cameo for the next 48 hours! @BookCameo #TheMagicians https://t.co/udgCjumqhC @BrittanyCurran's photo on #TheMagicians
02 Dec, 02:26 AM UTC
Henry Alonso Myers
Really excited to share this season with everyone, which will happen on January 15. #TheMagicians https://t.co/CK6o6KYNW7
02 Dec, 06:56 PM UTC
.@TVLine Items: #TheMagicians Premiere Date and Trailer, Netflix's #Clickbait Casting and More @TVLine on TheMagicians">https://t.co/HP4Pam6j3Q
02 Dec, 08:20 PM UTC
《Previously SERIES》
#TheMagicians 🔴NOVEDAD🔴 "Toda la magia tiene un coste" La 5T se estrena en @SYFY el 15 de enero y lo revelan con este mágico póster promocional. https://t.co/Ieaq39qqVi
02 Dec, 08:27 PM UTC
🔥🎬[AHORA]🔥🎬 Syfy lanza tráiler oficial de la quinta temporada de The Magicians a estrenarse el miércoles 15 de enero. #TheMagicians https://t.co/VG2dYZq6w7
02 Dec, 06:15 PM UTC
Physical Kids Weekly
Bring it. #TheMagicians https://t.co/stCKfh4RZL
02 Dec, 07:52 PM UTC
I don't know who I am
«Да хуй с ней с Филлори, это сплошное разочарованные» #TheMagicians https://t.co/ZGVQqCfDAQ
02 Dec, 07:35 PM UTC
Geek Girl Authority
Syfy dropped a fantastic new #TheMagicians trailer and announced the season 5 premiere date! -- THE MAGICIANS Grieve and Magic Goes Haywire in New Trailer https://t.co/e5yGPsW0tp
02 Dec, 07:54 PM UTC
Kstati ⭕️
02 Dec, 08:03 PM UTC
La quinta temporada de #TheMagicians se estrena el próximo 15 de enero en Estados Unidos (SYFY). https://t.co/iQkPHvcDOl
02 Dec, 08:21 PM UTC
Michael Ausiello
.@TVLine Items: #TheMagicians Premiere Date and Trailer, Netflix's #Clickbait Casting and More https://t.co/eYdsMjL4aI via @VladaGelman
02 Dec, 08:20 PM UTC
Gigi || Happy Ducking Holidays 🐥💖✨
Made myself really sad thinking they were doing a cooperative mending spell, but the left hand position is wrong for this to be that, thank goodness. #TheMagicians #SeasonFive https://t.co/zpJ6PSqkLR
02 Dec, 08:01 PM UTC
wild how I went from Quentin being my least fav to refusing to have anything to do with #TheMagicians without him
02 Dec, 08:01 PM UTC
Kstati ⭕️
02 Dec, 07:59 PM UTC
Ellen Rand
All magic comes at a cost. #TheMagicians premieres on 1/15/2020! https://t.co/kaWGvLyCaa
02 Dec, 07:53 PM UTC
Джулия с каждым сезоном все прекраснее #TheMagicians https://t.co/lSdZVp9IQT
02 Dec, 07:50 PM UTC
Brandon Katz
Busy snow day but excited to see #TheMagicians returning in January. Sexy Harry Potter is always welcome in my life. @Great_Katzby's photo on #TheMagicians
02 Dec, 08:21 PM UTC
loveel-who 🏳️‍🌈🐱🍫🍨🇪🇺
#themagicians #eliotwaugh #haleappleman https://t.co/iqrQilCkli
02 Dec, 08:13 PM UTC
loveel-who 🏳️‍🌈🐱🍫🍨🇪🇺
#themagicians #haleappleman #eliotwaugh https://t.co/h6NHCwrpBE
02 Dec, 08:12 PM UTC
I love this man so much, I care so much about him, I'll never stop caring #themagicians #haleappleman #eliotwaugh https://t.co/H1aY2JMbNl
02 Dec, 07:55 PM UTC
#TheMagicians una perla rara, una delle serie più sottovalutate nella storia del piccolo schermo. https://t.co/gNQUefm6qk
02 Dec, 08:21 PM UTC
Nuevo tráiler de la quinta temporada de The Magicians https://t.co/3ULeV42WUW #syfy #themagicians https://t.co/65DKDSRQ4d
02 Dec, 08:12 PM UTC
🎄 Good King Wrenceslas ☃️
Seeing Eliot and Quinn coming together breaks my #Queliot heart, but I am here for it. #TheMagicians https://t.co/Q6VwwrmNYF
02 Dec, 08:08 PM UTC
Dylan Cohen
New #TheMagicians key art is 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/PtAsd7BXi2
02 Dec, 08:05 PM UTC
волшебники сломали мне жизнь
кто разрыдался, когда увидел трейлер нового сезона? я нахер ебучие #TheMagicians только этот сериал я люблю настолько же, насколько и ненавижу
02 Dec, 08:30 PM UTC

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