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We welcome Venus Williams back to Oz, work out how healthy we are & discuss that historic #AusOpen women’s final!… https://t.co/4IlkiwUDKP
21 Jun, 10:45 AM UTC
Why are Australians being denied access to the latest in #stroke treatment that could save lives? #TheProjectTV
21 Jun, 10:16 AM UTC
Stroke Foundation
Clot retrieval therapy the biggest thing in stroke treatment #TheProjectTV
21 Jun, 08:54 AM UTC
Stroke Foundation
The #TheProjectTV started the conversation, now all Australians need to get on board to #fightstroke and this is why https://t.co/nE27eqZhdu
21 Jun, 09:19 AM UTC
Adam Voigt
Looking forward to chatting re #Gonski2 on @theprojecttv #TheProjectTV with @BickmoreCarrie @pjhelliar, Waleed & co tonight. Here we go!
21 Jun, 04:32 AM UTC
#TheProjectTV everyone needs the availability to b treated for stroke care...wow! I didn't realise Australia didn't offer this already.sad!
21 Jun, 08:58 AM UTC
Stroke Foundation
#FAST treatment saves lives #TheProjectTV says @SharonMcGowan_
21 Jun, 08:54 AM UTC
Mr TV 🇦🇺
#MadAsHell is NOW on @ABCTV 📺 >Series return. Hosted by Shaun Micallef. #origin #abc730 #masterchefauhttps://t.co/xk4kNTQ0Sf
21 Jun, 10:30 AM UTC
Libby Dunstan
It is a tragedy that not all stroke patients are getting access to treatments that save lives @strokefdn #TheProjectTV
21 Jun, 09:05 AM UTC
Johnny Chuggins 9000
@adam_voigt There's a reason why #TheProjectTV keep getting you back. Once again an articulate voice of reason.
21 Jun, 08:41 AM UTC
Ross Anderson
Stroke treatment urgently needs better government funding and consistent approach across the country #TheProjectTV #cruellottery @strokefdn
21 Jun, 09:47 AM UTC
Daz McFeeters
Another day at the project #TheProjectTV
21 Jun, 07:04 AM UTC
"No, I didn't think he would knock him off at all and I think, Jordan - he didn't think so either." #TheProjectTV
21 Jun, 09:11 AM UTC
one angry eyebrow
She is a hateful piece of shit, and if you are supporting this moron have a good hard look at yourself #TheProjectTV https://t.co/r5bKFzDfot
21 Jun, 08:39 AM UTC
Daz McFeeters
Not everyday you get to be in the audience with The Daltons from @GoggleboxAU #TheProjectTV
21 Jun, 09:49 AM UTC
Stroke Foundation
Think F.A.S.T Act #FAST when someone is suffering a stroke https://t.co/bMUc642uUH #fightstroke #cruellotteryhttps://t.co/SylvnjgAjG
21 Jun, 08:05 AM UTC
Jeff Meyers
They don't come any more simplistic, narrowminded and ill-informed than Pauline Hanson #TheProjectTV
21 Jun, 08:43 AM UTC
Plive Calmer
Girls Have Mountain To Achieve Same Sex Abuse Ring #Auspol #TheProjectTV #QandA Journalists have had a question on “KUWTK”
21 Jun, 12:19 PM UTC
Nellie C
@7NewsMelbourne I can't wait 4 #WaleedAly #TheProjectTV 2 interview #Pedophile Supporting #Imam &speak 2 him aggressively as he did M.Court
21 Jun, 11:56 AM UTC
Plive Calmer
My 10 Dingotweets on the Romans? #auspol #qanda #7.30Report #TheProjectTV #QandA #TheProjectTV #QandA session for long for, cobb…
21 Jun, 06:35 PM UTC
Plive Calmer
TT AUSTRALIA 04:27 1.#AdobeTT 2.#ComeyHearing 3.#4corners 4.Peter Handscomb #abc730 #theprojecttv #lateline https…
21 Jun, 04:23 PM UTC
Tom Whitty
In the U.K., once it hit 100,000 signatures, it'd be put before parliament. #banthebag #theprojecttv https://t.co/rhvxAFCMwh
21 Jun, 01:27 PM UTC
Plive Calmer
This is why did it take a question on #qanda #7.30Report #TheProjectTV #QandA #QT Is the "bias" of being extracted from…
21 Jun, 01:16 PM UTC
@Roddlez1 I don't watch any TV at all but still can tell you #TheProjectTV is fake news.
21 Jun, 01:09 PM UTC
Apparently Channel 10 is going down, probably cos #TheProjectTV is fake news.
21 Jun, 01:03 PM UTC
🌐News Bite Global
Andrew Bolt - Calling out Waleed Aly 'He must stop Spinning, Start reforming'| #auspol #theprojecttv: https://t.co/M54lqvGHCT via
21 Jun, 11:45 AM UTC
Redeeming Rainbow
21 Jun, 11:40 AM UTC
Dame Sir Ron
@idontlikeanyon1 @den2114 #theprojecttv muslim agent Waleed Ali'd agree w/ @Imamofpeace &demand Muslims integrate.But he's a traitor #auspol
21 Jun, 10:43 AM UTC
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