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Pregnant and privileged Meghan McCain just said “I 100% do not trust Dr. Fauci” on live tv. She also said that she would ingest bleach and hand sanitizer if it cured COVID-19 just a few months ago. Time for her to go. The message she is sending is dangerous #TheView @TheReal_JordanC's photo on #TheView
01 Jul, 03:16 PM UTC
Marty & mom
Meghan is not a Conservative. She is a right-wing, angry, spoiled child who cannot discuss topics as an adult. She refuses to listen to anyone else & her persecution complex is maddening! #TheView @colleengrott's photo on #TheView
01 Jul, 03:27 PM UTC
#theview Mark Cuban needs to stop trying to push the absolutely false narrative that The GOP are the best stewards of the economy When almost every recession & depression that we've had in this Country has been created by Republicans or by the NeoCon ideaoligies
01 Jul, 03:41 PM UTC
Phenomenally Black ✊🏾 🌊🌊🌊
Yeah I’m sure Dr. Fauci is really worried about what Nutmeg McCain thinks about him #TheView @luvwinsresist's photo on #TheView
01 Jul, 03:14 PM UTC
Jimmy Duhs
Hi, my name is @MeghanMcCain, my job on #TheView is 2 interrupt everyone while they are speaking but get pissed off if they dare do it 2 me, I act like I know everything while I live in an upper class bubble & I constantly talk about myself... viewers may also know me as me-again @jamesduhs's photo on #TheView
01 Jul, 03:40 PM UTC
Their faces when Meghan speaks is me! #TheView @SweetTrini_Jin's photo on #TheView
01 Jul, 03:27 PM UTC
Phenomenally Black ✊🏾 🌊🌊🌊
Then go back to Fox News nutmeg bc we don’t want your ass on this show anyways 🤷🏽‍♀️ problem solved #TheView @luvwinsresist's photo on #TheView
01 Jul, 03:12 PM UTC
Sonya😷 ~ No Wahala -Vote Biden 2020💙 🇺🇸 🌻♊🍷
Why aren't the hosts of #TheView talking about the bounty on American soldiers lives?! This is treasonous if tRump is not protecting our soldiers and The View isn't talking about it... https://t.co/qsYoUs6djk
01 Jul, 03:31 PM UTC
ya know what meghan, if you care about fox news and their ratings so much then WHY DON’T YOU WORK FOR THEM #TheView https://t.co/8wLtIfJqZx
01 Jul, 03:15 PM UTC
@TheView #TheView Meghan McCain is full of sh*t tucker Carlson said white supremacy is a hoax, and fox news pundits like sean hannity called the covid-19 a hoax as well. @ABCNetwork @WaltDisneyCo #firemeghanmccain she adds to the division in this country with her platforms. https://t.co/kTWDUTAWjY
01 Jul, 03:16 PM UTC
Hollywood Exposed
I agree that Meghan McCain wouldn't throw groceries during a fit. She'd yell for one of the employees to do it for her! #TheView https://t.co/WXzCJBPFnO
01 Jul, 03:27 PM UTC
MeAgain is entitled to her husband's opinions. My problem with MeMeMe I don't trust her because she backs someone who dragged the dog shit out of a father she says she love and adore. #TheView https://t.co/jjC4PhMb61
01 Jul, 03:40 PM UTC
Meghan McCain lied about her neighborhood being destroyed in NYC when she was actually in Virginia. All you need to know about Meghan McCain is that she's a disgusting liar. #TheView https://t.co/qAPifYxazI
01 Jul, 04:22 PM UTC
@TheView #TheView where is Meghan McCain's integrity decency & dignity ? https://t.co/3AhRTPjpgx
01 Jul, 03:05 PM UTC
So Dr. Fauci is to blame for Black Lives Matter protesters and Pride marchers? #TheView https://t.co/pF4jAl4AWd
01 Jul, 03:14 PM UTC
Tara Dublin Should Be A Lot More Famous By Now
Every time #TheView trends it’s always because nepotism poster child @MeghanMcCain uses & abuses her privileged platform to push rightwing propaganda bullshittery from her awful husband’s rightwing propaganda website 🤨 #FireMeghanMcCain #VerucaMcCain #WhoFundsTheFederalist
01 Jul, 03:38 PM UTC
Azula’s Therapist
Is anyone surprised that Meghan McCain is blaming #BLM protests on the rise of COVID-19 numbers? She’s a Republican operative whose sole job is to dilute facts to suit Tr*mps reflection. She’s racist and awful. #TheView https://t.co/EfXpWDqukg
01 Jul, 03:16 PM UTC
Meghan McCain doesn’t understand the evolution of what keeps us safe during covid, because when she’s presented with new information she ignores it. #TheView https://t.co/LYyVM930UF
01 Jul, 03:15 PM UTC
I agree with @JoyVBehar: “Vote them all out. All of them. Every Republican running” #TheView https://t.co/mxF6hXVay7
01 Jul, 05:01 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
The GOP blamed Obama when 4 Americans died in Benghazi. They were outraged. 129,000 Americans have died of COVID-19. The GOP response? No outrage. Endless praise for Trump. Craven assholes. #COVIDー19 #TheView HOAX Fort Hood Ed Henry Dan Patrick CHOP Pompeo Trump Tower https://t.co/5PkPV8NOU9
01 Jul, 06:19 PM UTC
Nick Walden Poublon
Dear #TheView -- It's time to retire #MeghanMcCain. She's gone from right-wing nut job to a downright dangerous parrot of the right's most despicable conspiracy theories. After Meghan said she didn't trust him, I am sure Dr. Fauci will be losing sleep tonight.
01 Jul, 06:22 PM UTC
I turned on #TheView for the first time in weeks, then Meghan started talking. Needless to say, I turned off The View just as quickly. I'm all for different opinions but she is unbearable to listen to.
01 Jul, 05:54 PM UTC
Denise McAllister
As everyone knows, Meghan and I have had our differences, but to act like she's the only host on the View who gets emotional and interrupts people is a joke. The reality here is that she's the outspoken sacrificial lamb to counter progressives, but THEY can't handle it. #TheView https://t.co/gpp6j0OV6U
01 Jul, 05:12 PM UTC
"Look, you want to fight about it, we can fight about it!" Whoopi Goldberg repeatedly attempted to shut Meghan McCain down on #TheView this morning : https://t.co/Fc06nkUVab @decider's photo on #TheView
01 Jul, 04:09 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
President? We HAVE no president. We have Trump, that treasonous puppet of Putin, scheming to destroy our democracy. #MailedIt #IAMVANESSAGUILLEN #WednesdayWisdom #TheView #USMCA HOAX Fort Hood Ed Henry Dan Patrick CHOP Pompeo Trump Tower Stonewall Jackson CHOP https://t.co/vH2L7jTSn9
01 Jul, 06:34 PM UTC
Charlie Hawkins
#TheView needs to cancel @MeghanMcCain. She’s a dangerous bully spewing lie after lie. What a mean, ugly, hateful excuse for ratings!
01 Jul, 06:40 PM UTC
Karen Guzowski
Why is it that when I see #TheView trending it's because @MeghanMcCain has said something idiotic again?
01 Jul, 06:37 PM UTC
#TheView God Bless America 🇺🇸 https://t.co/MW8LqBIfvH
01 Jul, 03:27 PM UTC
@MeghanMcCain You are always bragging about Fox ratings! Why don't you go back? Bye girl! #theview
01 Jul, 06:39 PM UTC
New Jersey Freshest
Meghan McCain is a professional “Karen” who make #TheView unwatchable
01 Jul, 06:43 PM UTC

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