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Nick Jonas
My first season on @NBCTheVoice is already over! Thank you to all of the artists who gave their everything this season and to everyone who supported #TeamNick!! #TheVoice #VoiceFinale
20 May, 03:01 AM UTC
The Voice
First time Coach. All Star performer. We ❤️ @nickjonas. #TheVoice @NBCTheVoice's photo on #TheVoice
20 May, 03:08 AM UTC
The Voice
You can tell how much @NickJonas believes in @Thunder_artis. ✨ #TheVoice #TeamNick @NBCTheVoice's photo on #TheVoice
20 May, 02:03 AM UTC
The Voice
#TheVoice Top 9 are joined by their Coaches and incredible music superstars for the performance of a lifetime. 🌟 @NBCTheVoice's photo on #TheVoice
20 May, 01:09 AM UTC
Blake Shelton
What a season! Let's all raise a cup to the artists who had to do so many different jobs to make #TheVoice happen! #HELLRIGHT!! @blakeshelton's photo on #TheVoice
20 May, 03:04 AM UTC
The Voice
And the WINNER of #TheVoice is… 🥁 @NBCTheVoice's photo on #TheVoice
20 May, 03:26 AM UTC
Blake Shelton
I'm officially an honorary Curler, y'all! Before all the crazy started, I was lucky enough to get some lessons from some of America's finest curlers! Y'all come tune-in to @NBCTheVoice to see how I did! Oh, & we’re crowning our new winner, too..Don’t miss it! #teamblake #thevoice @blakeshelton's photo on #TheVoice
20 May, 01:02 AM UTC
The Voice
Can you imagine a duo better than @BlakeShelton and @todd_tilghman? #TheVoice #TeamBlake @NBCTheVoice's photo on #TheVoice
20 May, 01:28 AM UTC
The Voice
Icon @BonJovi is performing on #TheVoice. Sit in awe. @NBCTheVoice's photo on #TheVoice
20 May, 03:12 AM UTC
Khaja Nazeeruddin 🎭
SHOCKING!!! 😱 Loud BOOM noise heard in Bangalore Again!!! #earthquake #sonicboom #Bangalore #bangaloresound #BOOM #TheVoice #Bangalore @Khaja_Nazeer007's photo on #TheVoice
20 May, 12:09 PM UTC
So much fun to be back on @NBCTheVoice yesterday! #TheVoice https://t.co/gxpxSSubPC
20 May, 02:38 PM UTC
Nick Jonas Daily
This performance was gorgeous.... the vocals, the talent! #TheVoice @DailyNickJonas's photo on #TheVoice
20 May, 02:04 AM UTC
John Legend
Now that the votes are in and we're done competing, let's have some fun! Tonight on @NBCTheVoice I'm singing a duet with @CammWess. Check it out below! #TheVoice #TeamLegend #VoiceFinale https://t.co/lY3A8Q8Ipw
20 May, 12:30 AM UTC
Todd Tilghman
I wish I knew how to say thank you. And I wish y’all knew how much I respect and admire my new friends and fellow artists/contestants on @NBCTheVoice. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to process, but I sure am #grateful for every moment. @blakeshelton #TheVoice
20 May, 01:31 PM UTC
Nick Jonas Daily
Did he just say nick has a new SOLO single??? #TheVoice https://t.co/gl3ha0NwjL
20 May, 02:30 AM UTC
Lady Antebellum
It’s finale night! Don’t miss our performance of “Champagne Night” on #TheVoice at 9/8c on NBC! @ladyantebellum's photo on #TheVoice
19 May, 08:40 PM UTC
Jonas Brasil
Estamos apaixonados por essa versão de “You’ll be in my heart” que o @nickjonas e @Thunder_artis apresentaram na final do #TheVoice  🥰 https://t.co/mSZNUSyYZX
20 May, 01:19 PM UTC
Now that season 18 of #TheVoice has crowned its winners, we compiled a complete list of which coach won at the end of each season. https://t.co/sollbHEcIQ
20 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Club Shakira Barranquilla
La presentación completa de nuestra @Shakira en la final de #TheVoice junto a los otros invitados 🌟 #ShakiraIsBack #ShakiraOnTheVoice https://t.co/0XAIicHISq
20 May, 01:26 AM UTC
When Thunderstorm didn’t win #TheVoice https://t.co/9i7f4Equi9
20 May, 03:00 AM UTC
Patricia Jackson
I’m tired of seeing the same types of people winning over and over where is the diversity: not just physically but musically???? #TheVoiceFinale #TheVoice https://t.co/SctBa4Zy9H
20 May, 03:08 AM UTC
Music News & Rumors
.@NickJonas has just released a new single titled “Until We Meet Again” following his performance of the newly written song on #TheVoice season finale! A portion of the proceeds will benefit @FeedingAmerica. Buy and stream the song here: https://t.co/rFX3qjLq1i #UntilWeMeetAgain https://t.co/4o9yZ7NnD5
20 May, 03:12 AM UTC
TV Ratings: #Legends Eyes Season High in Audience, #TheVoice Ends on Low Note https://t.co/WwrLAN97GO
20 May, 03:23 PM UTC
Kelly Clarkson FANsite / Kelly-Clarkson.org
She slayed this. #KellyClarkson #IDareYou #thevoice #queenclarkson https://t.co/5hG87CPKbi
20 May, 03:23 AM UTC
#DCStargirl scored a decent debut, as #TheVoice finale won Tuesday night https://t.co/pe2t2iV2Q2
20 May, 03:34 PM UTC
Our savior is coming for your asses #TheVoice #ShakiraOnTheVoice https://t.co/YYlnwkh4bb
19 May, 08:37 PM UTC
The Cancel Beast
Tues. Ratings: #TheVoice S18 Finale (0.9) ⬇️ 0.6 vs S18 Premiere; Audience (7.431/Mill) ⬇️ 1.562 Sure to be Renewed - 😀
20 May, 03:29 PM UTC
Meet Season 18's Winner of #TheVoice! Congratulations are in order for #TeamBlake's @todd_tilghman, who was crowned the winner of @NBCTheVoice's 18th season! @blakeshelton https://t.co/HtIcbiQOgX
20 May, 03:00 PM UTC