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Robert Griffin III
Adam Thielen called the Turkey dry AND spit it out in National TV, Justin Jefferson wasn’t taking his grill out to eat the dry Turkey and Kirk Cousins said he is calling his dentist to get custom a Diamond Grill. That interview was GOLD
25 Nov, 04:34 AM UTC
Paul Charchian
Bill Belichick shrugs off Adam Thielen. https://t.co/2bJP2XNN8E
25 Nov, 04:27 AM UTC
Kevin Seifert
Adam Thielen rocking the new Twins jersey. @SeifertESPN's photo on Thielen
24 Nov, 10:47 PM UTC
Will Ragatz
Kirk Cousins says Adam Thielen came over to him before the game and shared an encouraging word. “At times, it almost brings me to tears how much these guys support me and have my back.”
25 Nov, 05:18 AM UTC
Caitlin Thielen
Thankful to the Lord today and everyday for all his blessings! The good, the bad! We are so blessed and it’s all thanks to the Lord ❤️ Blessings and happy thanksgiving to you all from the Thielen fam!!! ..and SKOL baby 🏈💜💛 @MRS_T_19's photo on Thielen
24 Nov, 07:09 PM UTC
Vikings Communications
WR @JJettas2 has now recorded 21 games with 100-plus yards receiving, tying Adam Thielen for the fourth-most in franchise history.
25 Nov, 03:29 AM UTC
🍂sports tweeter Matthias🍂 (tone setter)
25 Nov, 03:57 AM UTC
Thanksgiving Thielen! 🙌 @athielen19 📺: #NEvsMIN on NBC 📱: Stream on NFL+ https://t.co/TePpxXTdES @NFL's photo on Thielen
25 Nov, 03:58 AM UTC
Matt Anderson
Adam Thielen spits out the Turkey “It’s a little dry” https://t.co/mJUd5fTmA4
25 Nov, 04:31 AM UTC
Adam Thielen keeping those feet in bounds 😎 📺: #NEvsMIN on NBC 📱: Stream on NFL+ https://t.co/TePpxXTdES @NFL's photo on Thielen
25 Nov, 01:53 AM UTC
CJ Fogler AKA Perc70 #BlackLivesMatter
Turkey was too dry, Thielen spit it out 😂 https://t.co/MgYIMDXRCd
25 Nov, 04:31 AM UTC
Brian Y
Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson are goals 🤣🤣 #Thanksgiving https://t.co/hwqX0lPQmB
25 Nov, 04:30 AM UTC
Will Ragatz
Adam Thielen's first touchdown catch since Week 6 gives the Vikings a 33-26 lead. That's the 52nd of his career, tying him with Anthony Carter for third in franchise history behind Carter and Moss.
25 Nov, 03:57 AM UTC
Mike Cole
I guess Adam Thielen and Bill Belichick haven’t made up. https://t.co/7omSw6aqXW
25 Nov, 04:26 AM UTC
ESPN Brasil
VEJA O TOUCHDOWN DA VITÓRIA DOS VIKINGS 🔥🏈 Cousins engana defesa dos Patriots, encontra Thielen na endzone e 'encerra' jejum de 22 anos na NFL #NFLnaESPN #ESPNnoStarPlus https://t.co/yKFsSmEZbT
25 Nov, 04:51 AM UTC
NFL Brasil
ADAM THIELEN! TD VIKINGS! 🙌 Assista ao jogo aqui no NFL Game Pass: https://t.co/kYIQeV5cBn @NFLBrasil's photo on Thielen
25 Nov, 04:01 AM UTC
Holy Roller NFL
25 Nov, 04:00 AM UTC
Star Tribune Sports
The #Vikings return to form with a wild and weird 33-26 win over the #Patriots that moved them close to clinching the NFC North title. @BenGoessling writes: https://t.co/juJgi0gRzA
25 Nov, 07:37 AM UTC
Justin Jefferson 🇧🇷
Justin Jefferson, Cousins e Thielen caindo de boca no piru. Thielen falou que tava muito seco e cuspiu 😳 https://t.co/WLPUxXKwqG
25 Nov, 04:35 AM UTC
Victor K
Adam Thielen chocking on the turkey just like Knox did last year saying it's it a little dry like Knox said in New Orleans. Someone needs to fire the cook. lol
25 Nov, 04:31 AM UTC
Thad Barrows games20
Ole Miss Greg Joseph dahyun Star Wars Brazil Cristian Ronaldo #AbsaSmallBizFriday jinyoung 徹子さん joao Félix Antony 君ごとき Thanksgiving Portugal Live CR7 Free NFT Antony #BELCAN Cancelo Jettas Matt Patricia Thielen シルビアさん https://t.co/UpWsPqr8x6
25 Nov, 09:24 AM UTC
Thad Barrows games20
Rollfeld tielemans Ronaldo jesper møller Bruno Fernandes Costa Rica フットワーク universiteit van amsterdam Croatia Geschlecht Thielen Justin Jefferson #WorldcupQatar2022 MARIA AL 9009 Süle Bill Walton Danilo FN Herstal Strom enhedslisten https://t.co/V9IhYHC6Js
25 Nov, 09:23 AM UTC
Martin 1129km/1390km
Yesterday’s TD Scorers Thielen Henry Allen Nwangwu mcKenzie Saquon #Thanksgiving2022
25 Nov, 09:10 AM UTC
hina aslam
Adam Thielen had gross reaction to eating turkey on NBC after win https://t.co/g5IxsDn6fv
25 Nov, 09:45 AM UTC
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Richarlison That's a TD Mkhulu Terroristen Diogo Costa ドラゴンタイプ Nordic la suisse Germany Uruguay Congreso Duitsland Thielen Black Friday Erykah Badu Nordic Doreen Pats anpassung Belichick Ole Miss Cancelo Serbia Dino https://t.co/E29p2Mqrrd
25 Nov, 09:42 AM UTC
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Casemiro Anwar Paola Thielen Haltung Sarratea #bbcqt Navas Suarez sv-regering Thielen Yellowstone Japan Tiafoe Martinez Danilo Pats #PradaHoliday22 gävlebocken Dirk Kuyt Camerún Sicherheitsrisiko #GerJpn Belgium Arley https://t.co/Zu9ZQ53qWp
25 Nov, 09:39 AM UTC
@HumbleWhoDey Bengals skill positions are up there too, but it was tough cause Hockenson and Hurst is a big gap. Cook and Mixon are close. JJ slightly over Chase. Tee clears Thielen. Boyd clears Osborn. But that was my thought process.
25 Nov, 09:29 AM UTC
Boom Bust Bot
Adam Thielen will Boom this week #Fantasyfootball #boombustbot
25 Nov, 09:25 AM UTC
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Pierre Strong メンノン kristiansand Hazard Portugal Paqueta Cruijff Leao Prime Minister D-2 WYATTourSingapore RBNZ Rollfeld ingves Brésil Westminster Süle obos Scotland Tems Mund kagiso in capetown Thielen Pablo Iglesias https://t.co/SQ4KOoxLVW
25 Nov, 09:20 AM UTC
Thad Barrows games20
Cancelo Neymar Tania julmat Vinicius Thierry la Fronde Spanien VIPパス Thielen Richarlison Nike Uruguay Ghana Valverde 研究熱心 Valverde Jettas CLAUDIA PINA Scots Alemania Ghana Richarlison Batshuayi europees parlement #bbcqt https://t.co/Dg4mhts9Sx
25 Nov, 09:19 AM UTC