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Topher 🎬🎭🥍
A tweet you think is no big deal with go viral and notifications will kill your battery for days. A tweet you think will kill will be seen by 3 people. #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe
13 Aug, 08:07 PM UTC
Topher 🎬🎭🥍
If you don’t follow back within 30 seconds, you’re an asshole. #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe
13 Aug, 08:06 PM UTC
Kenneth Reading
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe not to join Twitter using my real name
13 Aug, 08:02 PM UTC
Rachel July
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe People will hate you for absolutely no reason sometimes.
13 Aug, 08:08 PM UTC
You just roll
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe it is the very nature of this free app. Someone will find fault, someone will not like you, some will judge, others will be offended. Yet, fortunately you will also find a network of kind, caring, and authentic souls.
13 Aug, 09:24 PM UTC
Walter White
Don’t have an opinion... #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe
13 Aug, 08:06 PM UTC
mark rouk
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe that a lot of people is black and mag 😳😳😳😳😳😳
13 Aug, 10:56 PM UTC
💥🌙MR. CHRIS.🦂💥
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe How to express myself...... https://t.co/JQkB70pCiE
13 Aug, 08:18 PM UTC
Stephan R. Barnard
Cats driving is funny. #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe https://t.co/V8K8iQazDz
13 Aug, 08:09 PM UTC
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe That I'm glad I grew up in a time before social media.
13 Aug, 08:50 PM UTC
Block, delete, repeat as needed #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe https://t.co/mFm7uO4CMT
13 Aug, 08:05 PM UTC
🎶🎧💙💉RK 🎡♥️🇺🇸
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe that everyone is a specialist in something
13 Aug, 10:59 PM UTC
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe Nothing's social.
13 Aug, 08:03 PM UTC
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe Sometimes people who are close to you can feel so distant. And people who are in the distance can feel so close.
13 Aug, 10:48 PM UTC
🎶🎧💙💉RK 🎡♥️🇺🇸
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe that if you don't take a picture of it and post it did it really happen
13 Aug, 11:03 PM UTC
🇨🇦Canadian Eh!🇨🇦
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe That there some pretty cool people still out there that I can relate to
13 Aug, 11:19 PM UTC
Even grownups can have Imaginary Friends... #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe
13 Aug, 08:27 PM UTC
Justinnn 🇨🇦💋
Know That Everyone Is going through Struggles of their Own That’s Why it’s Good to Be Kind And To Be Mindful Of Others❤️ #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe https://t.co/KJdrRhlGqa
13 Aug, 08:04 PM UTC
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe you're not my cup of tea
13 Aug, 09:59 PM UTC
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe Losing 43 stone is do able ...🙄 https://t.co/nRqDJTbicW
13 Aug, 09:04 PM UTC
🇨🇦Canadian Eh!🇨🇦
Canadians rule social media #thingssocialmediahastaughtme
13 Aug, 11:14 PM UTC
zero-g spot
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe many people are sassy
13 Aug, 09:00 PM UTC
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe Canadians are sexy https://t.co/j5jT1ty9eT
13 Aug, 11:26 PM UTC
Danielle Radin
Witty hashtag game #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe
13 Aug, 10:53 PM UTC
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe To share my likes and dislikes basically share my life https://t.co/WsKG7Twg40
14 Aug, 12:17 AM UTC
Men are super gross #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe
13 Aug, 08:56 PM UTC
Joni True✨
#thingssocialmediahastaughtme Idiocy is everywhere✌️ https://t.co/M3LOLyxEUp
14 Aug, 12:06 AM UTC
🇨🇦Canadian Eh!🇨🇦
#thingssocialmediahastaughtme That some people are really fucked in the head
13 Aug, 11:15 PM UTC
Col. Gore
@TheRock @HobbsAndShaw Rock, I hope your fine with Madonna playing Khan's mother AKA 'Madame X' one of the elders from the old world Planet Earth...I hope she doesn't mind either:) #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe https://t.co/baws1o6lyK
14 Aug, 12:21 AM UTC
Some people aren’t loyal to you, they are loyal to their need of you. Once their needs change, so does their loyalty. 💯🙄 #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe
13 Aug, 11:48 PM UTC