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Chelsea Clinton
Looking forward to speaking at @IBM #THINK2019 today about the Clinton Foundation’s @CGIU amazing community of young change makers and how tech can advance social impact. Starting soon: https://t.co/iHg4G0rumQ
14 Feb, 05:20 PM UTC
Michelle Peluso
One little thing - here at #think2019 of all of our keynotes, main sessions, trends and innovation talks, 38% of the amazing speakers rocking the stage are women. When does that ever happen at a tech conference? #ibm #BeEqual
14 Feb, 05:16 PM UTC
Tamara McCleary
How can brands show their customers love? By building relationships, personalization and engagement augmented through technology like #AI and #martech to deliver extraordinary #CX! #ValentinesDay #WatsonMarketing #Think2019 Tamara McCleary's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 06:34 PM UTC
Spiros Margaris
My key #takeaways on #blockchain from the IBM #Think2019 conference. https://t.co/MyDicsjDuZ #fintech @IBM #IBMSystems ⁠⁠#IBMpartner #IBMlive @TiffanyWinman @IBMFinTech @IBMResearch @TmanSpeaks @cspenn @Fisher85M @NeilCattermull @sarbjeetjohal @digitalcloudgal @RyanBares Spiros Margaris's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 04:18 PM UTC
Sarbjeet Johal @IBM THINK 2019
Meet Julia @jayulia_ from CT, a leader in the making! She explained @PTECHNETWORK to me. She is a student under that program. @citizenIBM @digitalcloudgal @TamaraMcCleary #Think2019⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠ #womenintech #GirlswhoCode #leadership #futureofwork #WatsonMarketing #GoodTechIBM Sarbjeet Johal @IBM THINK 2019's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 08:15 PM UTC
IBM Developer
. @ChelseaClinton and @rwlord , SVP of IBM Cognitive Applications share how they’ll inspire the next generation to use technology to address the world’s greatest challenges with a new partnership between IBM and @CGIU at #Think2019: https://t.co/YD3DZvKSio IBM Developer's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 06:50 PM UTC
Neil Cattermull @ #Think2019
IBM Think 2019 - What's hot in Poughkeepsie? well Ill give you a clue - it certainly isn't the weather! Maria educates me! #Think2019 #LinuxOne #IBMZ #IBMSystems @StevenDickens3 @IBMSystems @IBMZ Neil Cattermull @ #Think2019's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 08:34 PM UTC
Michael Fisher
Join us at Moscone North at 1:30pm for “How Smarter Leadership Delivers Transformative Outcomes in the Age of #Disruption at Think 2019” #Think2019 #DigitalTransformation #IBM #IBMpartner @ibmlive @ibm @ibmwatson @IBMServices @IBMServices @digitalcloudgal @SpirosMargaris @allyco Michael Fisher's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 06:45 PM UTC
Ryan A Boyles
what's on your mind about gender bias? how does it affect #ML and #AI? talk with us. submit questions for the "reality check" Women in AI panel tagged #WomenAI today at #think2019 . https://t.co/TV7Hw2MY6P @LisaSeacat @Tjido @RSendel @brknhrt16 @girlswhocode @michelleapeluso
14 Feb, 06:41 PM UTC
Dion Hinchcliffe
@digitalcloudgal @rwang0 @BillMew @tcrawford @holgermu @jayferro @DrJDrooghaag @StevenDickens3 @sarbjeetjohal @schmarzo @APGuha @evankirstel @Craw @SpirosMargaris @dvellante @nyike @akwyz @furrier @stu @NeilCattermull @avrohomg @TopCyberNews @Fisher85M @JolaBurnett @mvollmer1 @MS1MN @TamaraMcCleary @IBM @RedHat @openshift @awscloud @kubernetesio @amazon @IBMZ @IBMthink @IBMcloud @GCPcloud Total global IT spend will be nearly $4 trillion in 2019. #Cloud now only a small (but fast growing) part of that. I estimate cloud will ultimately capture 60% of this figure. Only exponential explosion in edge, w/ #IoT, ##5G, #mobile will hold this down. 1/2 #Think2019
14 Feb, 08:40 PM UTC
Chris Rosen
@FranklyBriana and @jrmcgee discussing how to choose the right tools to solve real problems at #think2019. @IKS_IBMCloud Chris Rosen's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 05:49 PM UTC
IBM Research @ Think
To Table… Dinner plate detectives: #AI sensors will detect foodborne pathogens at home. 🧐 w/@ChefMelissaKing Learn more: https://t.co/UqgeqR3lLz #IBM5in5 | #Think2019 IBM Research @ Think's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:04 PM UTC
Tim Crawford
@jayferro @DrJDrooghaag @BillMew @StevenDickens3 @sarbjeetjohal @schmarzo @APGuha @dhinchcliffe @evankirstel @Craw @SpirosMargaris @dvellante @nyike @akwyz @furrier @rwang0 @stu @NeilCattermull @digitalcloudgal @avrohomg @TopCyberNews @Fisher85M @JolaBurnett @mvollmer1 @MS1MN @TamaraMcCleary @IBM @RedHat @openshift It seems IBM has had a number of great starts including #BlueMix, #Watson and #SoftLayer. However, with each of those, they struggle to keep strong momentum. And have been challenged in attracting non-IBM customers. #Think2019
14 Feb, 04:56 PM UTC
Katie McWilliam @ #Think2019
So inspiring to see how these talented developers have created real solutions to aid in disaster relief preparedness using IBM Cloud tools #Think2019 I can’t wait to see the work they do with #CodeandResponse Katie McWilliam @ #Think2019's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 01:08 AM UTC
R Ray Wang (王瑞光) #MWC19 #HIMSS19 #IBMThink
MyPOV: the story still needs work. Getting better. #Think2019 https://t.co/5VTEmQDoVF
14 Feb, 05:01 PM UTC
Briana Frank ☁️
Two of the most brilliant Chris’ I know! What a great partnership with @LogDNA on #ibmcloud #think2019 @ChrisRosen188 Briana Frank ☁️'s photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:00 PM UTC
Lisa Kay
With #ServiceNow it’s not just about technology, but it’s also the people and services that drive success. #multicloud #governance #selfservice #think2019 Lisa Kay's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 07:43 PM UTC
Barney Loehnis
The half life of skills is now 5 years. “The notion of the learning enterprise is that we have to continually update our skills & expertise across the workforce” 45,000 daily users 98% of employees engage w learning @DGherson #CHRO @IBM #Think2019 #hr #ai #hrtech Barney Loehnis's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:49 PM UTC
IBM Watson Talent
IBM's @_bobschultz kicks off "re-inventing the approach to talent in the era of #AI" session by emphasizing how the job market is transforming into a skills market. #Think2019 #TalentTransformed #AI #WatsonTalent IBM Watson Talent's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:37 PM UTC
R Ray Wang (王瑞光) #MWC19 #HIMSS19 #IBMThink
MyPOV: why has @ibm lost their mojo on events? Someone decided working fr home wasn’t good enough or wanted a RIF. Guess what? Tribal knowledge takes years to build. @ibm used to run solid events. They need 2 more yra to get there. Poach from @adobe @sap @oracle #Think2019 https://t.co/8NAeFSSwSE
14 Feb, 07:39 PM UTC
Mat Newman
"The Power of IBM Domino at Jacob's Engineering" with Carey Henke. The stats here are mind blowing! 🤔🤗💛 #ThinkCollab #Think2019 #WeAreDomino #dominoforever #Notes29 @IBMSocialBiz @HCL_CollabDev https://t.co/Yt93IZe5Sq
14 Feb, 09:44 PM UTC
Shingai🔥 at #Think2019
This is a coded message🤫 #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout<<"Join our panel at #Think2019⁠, 5:30PST. Moscone S., Exhibit Level, Hall C - #Data & #AI TheaterD⁠ @LisaSeacat @RSendel @brknhrt16 #WomenAI #BeEqual @IBMIoT @theRab \n"; return 0; }
14 Feb, 09:51 PM UTC
Michael Fisher
"Will you be a #Disruption victor or a disruption victim?" Charlene Li, Principal, Altimeter Group #Think2019 #IBMServices #IBM #IBMpartner @ibmlive @ibm @ibmwatson @IBMServices @IBM_ITServices @IBMSecurity Michael Fisher's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:35 PM UTC
IBM Watson IoT
If I'm reading your signals right, I know (within a 98% confidence interval) that you're not going to break my ❤️. Personalize your #ThinkingOfYou message: https://t.co/AnjvP2gLFu #think2019 IBM Watson IoT's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:42 PM UTC
Richie Etwaru | #My31
Hosts @stu @dvellante interview @rwang0 on his thoughts abt #think2019   https://t.co/RH0ZwWacif A no holds barred analysis of Day 3 Wrapup @ibmthink @ibmlive@ibm @ginnirometty @redhat @sap @oracle @servicenow @salesforce @googlecloud @awscloud @GCPcloud Enjoy!
14 Feb, 01:05 PM UTC
Be sure to also join Matt Hogstrom & @RosalindRad from @IBM for their presentation, "Open Development & Modernizing Applications on IBM Z" at 2:30 PM at #Think2019! https://t.co/CAbRA5WuSv #mainframe #Iamamainframer
14 Feb, 08:00 PM UTC
IBM Watson Supply Chain @ Think
Dear @IBMforMarketing, Happy Valentine’s Day 💘 #ThinkingofYou #Think2019 IBM Watson Supply Chain @ Think's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 08:33 PM UTC
Gabriela Retamosa
Componiendo música 🎶 con #Quantum en #Think2019 😳 @JavaFXpert 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 https://t.co/y2jcPhI4Yc
14 Feb, 08:54 PM UTC
Neil Cattermull @ #Think2019
What's a Brit living in the US, a Financial ISV and a LinuxOne got in common? Take a look and find out at the IBM #Think2019 event in #SanFrancisco @StevenDickens3 @ibmz @IBMSystems @ibm #ibmpartners @IBMLinuxONE Neil Cattermull @ #Think2019's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:56 PM UTC
Tim Crawford
@rwang0 I wasn’t there this year. But the future needs a new perspective that is grounded in what new customers are looking for. Some outside perspective would help. #Think2019 @IBMAnalyst
14 Feb, 09:48 PM UTC
John Kelly
@TomEckMobile “Our clients are treating Open Banking regulation as a critically important strategic topic that cannot be ignored” #Think2019 #ibmfintech John Kelly's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:49 PM UTC
Karen Jaworski
Great summary by @asperasoft’s Richard Heitmann of the value realized when using our technology. #Think2019 Karen Jaworski's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 08:10 PM UTC
Amanda Johnston-Pell
Astronaut Steve Smith - when you go into space - and you see what is captured in this photo - you realise - this is our island and we need to take care of it and each other 🌎 🌍🙏👩‍🚀🚀#IBM #Think2019 #Peace #Conservation #Leadership #DoTheImpossible Amanda Johnston-Pell's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:58 PM UTC
Aarti Borkar
A few of my favorite people talking about #TalentTransformed at #THINK2019 with @IBMWatsonTalent . Thank you for great advice @_bobschultz @wadors , Amy Wright and Barbry McGann! Aarti Borkar's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:59 PM UTC
Hyoun Park (박현경) @ #Think2019 🏳️‍🌈
@rwang0 Was @michelleapeluso at #think2019 ? I was there 3 days and never saw her. Odd that she'd avoid the one group of people who spend the most time judging the efficacy of her work.
14 Feb, 09:56 PM UTC
Thanks for the @imogenheap session #think2019 but if it’s supposed to be No photos No video, TELL us before, signs, On the huge screen, in the app- vs some shirt appearing shouting at everyone half way thru the performance making it up. #logistics Richard-H's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:01 PM UTC
Dennis Lauwers
Telefonica and Robin Hernandez on stage at #Think2019 talking about augmenting their cloud offerings with Caas based on #ICP and delivering new services like AI and blockchain. #ibmcloudprivate Dennis Lauwers's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:56 PM UTC
Gabriela de Queiroz
Now up: @MissAmaraKay hosting @MandyChessell and talking about the Project Egeria: 📺https://t.co/MjW4Kvdip8 ▶️https://t.co/yy6Q5nKkJi #Think2019 Gabriela de Queiroz's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:51 PM UTC
Rohit Badlaney & Nataraj Nagaratnam on theCUBE #Think2019 #IBMThink @furrier @stu https://t.co/OuihcwtjsY
14 Feb, 09:55 PM UTC
Chris Williams
Thank you to all who turned out to hear me tell the story of Watson Visual Recognition at Autoglass Body Repair. #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:55 PM UTC
Infochannel México
#Galería "@IBM #Think2019" https://t.co/Z7JetaIxuX Infochannel México's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:55 PM UTC
Alex Jiménez
#OpenBanking Transformations: Goran Angelov, CEO @IBSBulgariaLtd Open Banking in the EU isn’t simply #APIs. The focus has been on meeting the standards of #PSD2. 1/3 #IBMThink #IBMSystems #Think2019 #ITInfrastructure #IBMPartner #regulation #fintech #finserv #payments #in Alex Jiménez's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:54 PM UTC
At #Think2019? Hear OmniSci's Aaron Williams (@_arw_) & Alan Lipe from i2enabled onstage for their session "Using #GPU-Powered Analytics to Unlock Data Value in the #OilandGas Industry." Catch them today, at 5:30pm in Moscone South, Level 2. @ibmlive https://t.co/ujBfOCNYL6 OmniSci's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 10:01 PM UTC
Mani Dasgupta
Building the case for transformation with @Nationwide @AnthemInc #think2019 “learn to tell the story” “reinforce behaviors” Mani Dasgupta's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 10:01 PM UTC
Katie Bogda
Enterprise agility represents speed to decision making for @StateFarm "Despite regulation and bureaucracy, we can't afford to wait for consensus around the table any longer." #Think2019 @IBMServices
14 Feb, 10:01 PM UTC
Natsuko Miura
“Transformation is a continuous process’ @_jgranger #think2019 #IBMServices @charleneli Natsuko Miura's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 10:00 PM UTC
IBM Champions
If you are at #think2019 come meet the #IBMChampion stars and the #ibmcommunity at our lounge in Moscone South at 2 for an ice cream social. https://t.co/jxVT1ABImF
14 Feb, 10:00 PM UTC
#Think2019 FLASH SALE! Get a $100 Amazon Gift Card when your TrustRadius review of IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers is published! https://t.co/vPIO9VCbhv TrustRadius's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 10:00 PM UTC
In 30 minutes, find out how to Engineer Modern Marketing for Business Growth with @papasgbs #Think2019 https://t.co/yO8Pg6aezO Bluewolf's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 10:00 PM UTC
IBM Watson Talent
Watson Recruitment enhances the hiring process by helping recruiters prioritize time, identify candidates faster and eliminate bias. - Barby McGann, SVP, @Workday. Learn more: https://t.co/x94GaUgcXa #Think2019 #TalentTransformed #AI #WatsonTalent IBM Watson Talent's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 10:00 PM UTC
Richie Palma
@Enderle @Enderle this was a really cool article. I have to say, if you like our #IBMi O/S, you will really like our people. I am unfortunately not at #Think2019 but @petem59 @DrFranken @tjhuntington @de__barry @tappehl @charlieguarino @gira79 are, you should look them up.
14 Feb, 10:00 PM UTC
Deloitte Technology
How does a cognitive research assistant built with @IBM technologies help drive user engagement on our Deloitte Insights webpage? Find out in this session! #Think2019 @ibmlive https://t.co/1oKjCtXKFV Deloitte Technology's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 10:00 PM UTC
Allan Zander
Quite honestly an engineering hero on stage at #Think2019 - Homer Ahr. The IBM’r who calculated how to land Apollo 11 on the moon. Allan Zander's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:59 PM UTC
Anne Marie GERARD
Nasa and @IBM "made it to the moon...failure is not an option"#Think2019 #inspiring #Technology #SpaceProgram Anne Marie GERARD's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:59 PM UTC
Jimmy Mauney
View my verified achievement from IBM Professional Certification on Acclaim. #ibmcloud #IBMCertified #think2019 https://t.co/odasK4rI20
14 Feb, 09:59 PM UTC
IBM Cloud @ Think
@dhinchcliffe @IBMAnalytics @IBMforCIO @IBMBlockchain Great to see your face, Dion! We're thrilled to have you at #Think2019 and glad you are enjoying yourself!
14 Feb, 09:59 PM UTC
Alex Jiménez
Lessons 1️⃣ It’s a business project not IT. 2️⃣ Change is comparable to the original rollout of internet banking. 3️⃣ Engagement of the organization is paramount. #IBMThink #IBMSystems #Think2019 #ITInfrastructure #IBMPartner #fintech #finserv #PSD2 #payments #in Alex Jiménez's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:59 PM UTC
Alvaro Paniagua #Telefonica on their use of #IBM #CloudPrivate to containerized services for their clients #think2019 #DigitalTransformation #MultiCloudManager Evaristus's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:59 PM UTC
IBM Think 2019 – Day 2 recap... #Think2019 https://t.co/PAGo0kNc44
14 Feb, 09:59 PM UTC
Bart G
Dont't miss my session at 4.30 St. Regis hotel how #DHL reduced servers footprint with #PowerVM #Think2019 #IBMChampion
14 Feb, 09:58 PM UTC
Jay Badiani
Excited about this great session starting now at #Think2019 with @fletcherprevin #IBMServices ! Jay Badiani's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:58 PM UTC
Khwaja Shaik
Rising star from .@BollesSchool Taylor Richardson shares her #STEM story of #advocacy, inclusion & hard work at IBM #Think2019. .@astrostarbright You are truly inspiring!! .@mtbarra .@NEFLSTEM2 .@CityofJax .@citizenIBM .@MOSHjax .@WorldAffairsJax .@ChelseaClinton .@ibmlive https://t.co/Kv0e6VmOwj
14 Feb, 09:58 PM UTC
IBM Live @ Think
@neerabose Busy 🐝🐝 at #Think2019!
14 Feb, 09:58 PM UTC
Angela Huang
Write a review on @G2Crowd at #think2019 to help @GirlsWhoCode earn $10 donation. #BeEqual #WatsonIoT #womenintech 👩🏻‍💻👩🏼‍💻👩‍💻👩🏿‍💻👩🏽‍💻 Angela Huang's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:57 PM UTC
Isabelle Waché
An other campus tour for the 🇫🇷delegation is planned at 3 PM to day #Think2019 Join us ! https://t.co/YGqqy0zPfZ
14 Feb, 09:57 PM UTC
Neeraj Manik
The future of HR. Human centric and AI powered @DGherson Amy Wright @Tina_Marron #think2019 https://t.co/vh6aLBwwTt
14 Feb, 09:57 PM UTC
Dennis Mayer
„Seeing the earth from space, will change your life“ - Steve Smith at #ibm #think2019. Please make space flights for normale people like me happen @elonmusk @richardbranson Dennis Mayer's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:56 PM UTC
Maria Munaro
Asistente Digital Inteligente de Bradesco logra 87 millones de interacciones powered by Watson #ia #watson #ibm #think2019 https://t.co/6puVcrMXo3?
14 Feb, 09:56 PM UTC
@RobinHdez on the secret sauce that is #IBM #CloudPrivate for enterprise ready containerized middleware #think2019 #DigitalTransformation #appmodernization #ICP Evaristus's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:55 PM UTC
Anja Schneider
.@CollenASpeer #Think2019 A unified digital platform like @SAP’s, enables clients to leverage their data sources within and across business applications to help drive #innovation quickly and nimbly leveraging the latest technologies. @IBM @sapcp #IBM #sapcp #IntelligentEnterprise https://t.co/KqDfqu0pEx
14 Feb, 09:54 PM UTC
Whitney Holtzman
You know ... that moment at #Think2019 when you’re the preview before @JoeMontana comes on stage. Whitney Holtzman's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:54 PM UTC
IBM Live @ Think
@annebot Have fun Anne! It looks like a great session. #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:53 PM UTC
Data scientists spend 80% of their time *not* doing data science @BigData_paulz @dvellante @LisaMartinTV @theCUBE https://t.co/G4XOEiI30O #think2019 #DataScience theCUBE's photo on #Think2019
14 Feb, 09:53 PM UTC
Amanda Johnston-Pell
#IBMer and #Astronaut Steve Smith shares his missions into space, the lessons around #integrity core to his story #Think2019 #IBM 👩‍🚀🚀🌟🤖 https://t.co/hjx50pKLmK
14 Feb, 09:53 PM UTC

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