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🚨Les piqûres en soirées, festivals ou concerts sont encore très fréquentes.:. On profite de notre notoriété pour mettre en avant le guide de Period Studio pour savoir comment agir si ça vous arrive. Thread ⬇️
22 Jun, 08:15 PM UTC
Nigella Wankshaft
Mother of Gary Lineker pleads for people not to be too hard on her son. "He was only a baby when he came off the Windrush, and he's been through a lot". https://t.co/Jtv1asD1Xl
22 Jun, 10:34 AM UTC
il Donaldo Trumpo
John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Richard Burr, Susan Collins, Bill Cassidy, Roy Blunt, Shelly Moore-Capito, Joni Ernst, Rob Portman, Thom Tillis and Todd Young CAN KISS MY ASS!!! NEVER FORGET THESE NAMES!!!
22 Jun, 07:04 PM UTC
Sophie Corcoran 🇬🇧
Following the news of yet another youngster being kicked out of sixthform for having perfectly normal views, if any other young people are subjected to such behaviour, let me know and I can put you in contact with people to help. Young people can defeat this nonsense together.
22 Jun, 07:17 PM UTC
Keir Starmer
If you live in Wakefield, today is your chance to send a message to the Tories the can’t ignore: Vote for @SimonLightwood. Vote for a fresh start. #VoteLabour
23 Jun, 07:00 AM UTC
abi ★*☽ — BTS Proof (SLOW)
— Celine presentará su colección primavera/verano 2023 y cerraran la temporada de moda masculina con un gran espectáculo, presentando esta colección junto con marcas importantes como Givenchy, Thom Browne, Junya Watanabe Man y más. Taehyung asistirá al show de Celine el (+) https://t.co/euygoGrp5A
23 Jun, 04:34 AM UTC
Chris Stoffer
Ik begrijp dat mijn tweet anders wordt opgevat dan ik bedoel: Thom doet een oproep aan collega’s om ook niet naar Stroe af te reizen: dat vind ik te ver gaan. Wij maken de keuze om, net als vele collega’s, wel in Stroe te zijn.
22 Jun, 11:37 AM UTC
Ready Papi Player One
Masarap na pagkaldag ni @liammoyan kay @Thommie05. Papakaldag ka den ba kay liam or mas bet mo eutin si thom? Follow @uttog_papi for more hot RTs @uttog_papi's media on Thom">https://t.co/jCjHpRT1H7
23 Jun, 04:46 AM UTC
Cộng Đồng Trai Miền Bắc
Ai muốn tê A.s.s hư bé bot này ib ngay cho mình nha. FL+Retweet cho mk để có nhiều kèo thơm. https://t.co/AANSmVf73s
23 Jun, 03:24 AM UTC
Peter Foster
@Jacob_Rees_Mogg @thom_sampson @SDoughtyMP @joelreland @UKandEU This whole exercise is fundamentally cosmetic, while being time-consuming and costly. It is empty-vessel government. But, as one Whitehall insider put it to me: "It's easier than figuring out what you actually want to do in any given area." ENDS Perish the thought. ENDS
22 Jun, 09:10 PM UTC
Cộng Đồng Trai Miền Bắc
Cần tìm người thoả mãn nè. Ai thích ibb mk nha. kèo sáng sớm thơm. Mà nhớ FL cho mk nha https://t.co/z7vTO3AVlm
23 Jun, 01:41 AM UTC
Lets get something out there, the 10% pension rise and reintroduction of the triple lock isnt until next year when it will be too late. @RishiSunak knows it will be too late. They could implement it at the touch of a button today! Never forget it was they who removed it!
23 Jun, 06:17 AM UTC
Alex Kotch
Was great to go on @Thom_Hartmann and talk about a huge problem in the US: Major charitable fund managers bankrolling notorious white nationalist hate groups. https://t.co/abZMPRFitu
22 Jun, 04:48 PM UTC
Kerry Johnson-Sewell
Morning! I've just proudly voted for @simonlightwood in the #Wakefieldbyelection! 🌹 https://t.co/xkOHJ46nEj
23 Jun, 06:28 AM UTC
Jason Guriel
Thom Gunn seems to be having a resurgence. Here is my very favourite Gunn: a poem about community, gentrification, the joys of work, obsessive craft, love. A two-page wonder. https://t.co/Xn532lMMkJ
22 Jun, 03:51 PM UTC
Knoryea Onye Thriftshirts
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23 Jun, 07:04 AM UTC
sapphic lit bot
Sometimes, there is nothing you can do but surrender. There is nothing you can do but stand in your best friend’s dingy kitchen and bake cakes and cry and hope hope hope for something better to come. Kai Cheng Thom, Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars
22 Jun, 10:26 AM UTC
Note to Twitter "He who dares not offend cannot be honest." Thomas Paine
22 Jun, 11:28 PM UTC
The Right-Wing Supreme Court Readies to Help Destroy the Planet || By: Thom Hartmann https://t.co/4pk5CrHh2K
23 Jun, 02:25 AM UTC
Symmetry Recordings
@DrMeaker debuts on Symmetry debut! 'The Neutron' drops this Friday https://t.co/hohaUPBT6j https://t.co/ePep2u1ssv
22 Jun, 11:23 AM UTC
“The pandemic has elevated the threat of learning loss, but it is not new. Every time a child misses a day of school, is excluded from the teaching & learning process, or is burdened w. additional chores, there is learning loss.” @HCPamelaO, on the pressing needs in 🌏 education https://t.co/VVjCpYHPLm
23 Jun, 06:49 AM UTC
Bombshell DAILY 💣
WHO TAKES BRIBES TO PROTECT MASS-SHOOTERS? Mitt Romney (UT) $13,647,676 Richard Burr (NC) $6,987,380 Roy Blunt (MO) $4,555,722 Thom Tillis (NC) $4,421,333 Cory Gardner (CO) $3,939,199 Marco Rubio $3,303,355 Joni Ernst $3,124,773 Rob Portman $3,063,327 https://t.co/LuJ69DlfWl
23 Jun, 05:34 AM UTC
Tiểu My
Anh ơi kèo thơm sao anh bỏ ??? https://t.co/2v1305ir9P
23 Jun, 04:45 AM UTC
Thom Brooks
Polls are open! Getting ready to head out on the #labourdoorstep. Today, vote for @simonlightwood for the fresh start Wakefield deserves. #voteLabour @thom_brooks's photo on Thom
23 Jun, 07:14 AM UTC
Mbundi John
“The power of #philanthropy is that it can act independently of political and time constraints, therefore it has the potential to instil real structural change.” Simon Sommer ~ @Foundation_JF #Schools2030Forum2022 https://t.co/aDEjjSAsvG
23 Jun, 07:05 AM UTC
The power of #play - building ducks with @LEGOfoundation at #Schools2030Forum2022 - and using over 20 skills whilst doing so, including critical thinking and problem-solving. Watch now! 👇 https://t.co/1DYwrSII8X https://t.co/p0oqx9E2Yy
23 Jun, 06:58 AM UTC
“We need to have teachers on the frontline, to give them motivation and financial incentives. We need to make them feel proud to be #teachers.” Hon Lela Muhammad Musa, Minister for Education for Zanzibar. #Schools2030Forum2022 #AssessInnovateShowcase https://t.co/BTEQH921go
23 Jun, 07:22 AM UTC
Thom Brooks
Rwanda policy could create ‘more dangerous’ routes to UK and “evidence of a deterrent effect is highly uncertain” says Home Office's most senior civil servant https://t.co/2gyLCNdkq7
23 Jun, 07:20 AM UTC
Eng. Honester Kasilo
“What we need globally is to agree that there is no #QualityEducation without #InclusiveEducation.” Hon Prof Joao Costa, Minister for Education 🇵🇹 on closing day. #Schools2030Forum2022 https://t.co/Hb3SiTecwt
23 Jun, 07:27 AM UTC