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Oddrok Oy
Tako Bubble
I Chen Sheng
Oldham Weather
If only I hadn't panned down then. #thunder #lightning #thundersnow Oldham Weather's photo on #thunder
16 Jan, 07:51 PM UTC
Camilla...🎲🎲|Watch Black Lightning Today
I LOVE THEM #Thunder #Lightning #BlackLightning @blacklightning Camilla...🎲🎲|Watch Black Lightning Today's photo on #thunder
16 Jan, 06:57 PM UTC
The Nylon Calculus
How have teams like the #Thunder, #Heat and #Pistons changed their offensive play types? (by @presidual)… https://t.co/yFqifcJY91
16 Jan, 01:40 PM UTC
Jon Mitchell
#UKSnow in #Hemsworth. Don't be surprised if you see a flash of #lightning and hear a rumble of #thunder. There is… https://t.co/hwFaljkaTd
16 Jan, 05:33 PM UTC
Oldham Weather
BOOM!!!! More #thunder & #lightning. Multi-strike over #Manchester. Oldham Weather's photo on #thunder
16 Jan, 09:13 PM UTC
Lawrence Whittaker
Working hard amending brochure specs for the new #Thunder launch. I really should get to bed... London tomorrow for… https://t.co/3TAp25XMta
16 Jan, 11:10 PM UTC
Oldham Weather
Latest radar: Plenty of showers over the next hour or so, more #hail and #snow to come (even below 200M) and again… https://t.co/vZ1QE3W7Ev
16 Jan, 10:02 PM UTC
Failsworth Weather
#Thunder again! This is bloody remarkable!
16 Jan, 09:11 PM UTC
16.01.18 [INSTAGRAM] sonamufilms IG Story #CaitlinHalderman #ParkSanghyun #Cheondung #Thunder #천둥 #박상현 ⓈⓉⒶⓎ with Ⓜ-ⒷⓁⒶⓆ's photo on #thunder
16 Jan, 11:40 AM UTC
Jackie B
Good grief! that was incredible lightning and the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard. Thought the whole street was rol… https://t.co/IZjx5aNOoP
16 Jan, 09:20 PM UTC
#Thunder @shpthunder mengaku lebih menyukai nasi goreng daripada bibimbap. https://t.co/7bWnLJ7vis kumparan's photo on #thunder
16 Jan, 12:16 PM UTC
[IG] 160118 - Atualização do #Thunder: "Obrigado por tudo #foreverholidayinbali #sonamifilms #meteo_won" cr: thunde… https://t.co/0qeabvrOsd
16 Jan, 09:36 PM UTC
IG: @OfficialMNIB
In all the years of my life here on this #Earth . . . Man has never witnessed such ferocious #Lightning & #Thunder… https://t.co/FhO66sEq30
16 Jan, 09:18 PM UTC
The Nylon Calculus
How have teams like the #Thunder, #Heat and #Pistons changed their offensive play types? (by @presidual)… https://t.co/6tpJ0R1ICs
16 Jan, 09:05 PM UTC
Jangan lupa tulis pertanyaan di kolom komentar ya. コメントに質問書くの忘れないでください。と。 ↓  https://t.co/xEt5wfrTK1 #thunder… https://t.co/OV1v6TrzeK
16 Jan, 11:36 AM UTC
✌♡ 2018.1. 17 チョンドゥンIG更新 ID:thunderslighthouse Thank you for everything #foreverholidayinbali #sonamufilms… https://t.co/zuJG5mYCHY
16 Jan, 11:29 PM UTC
Holy crap, that was some super bright lightning and loud thunder outside my window! #Manchester #thundersnow… https://t.co/pbtYgJMB4r
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
west of england weather
#thunder #snow #hail in south somerset now
16 Jan, 09:07 PM UTC
Milligan's Coaches
Unless this snow miraculously melts overnight or we get a snow plough to clear our road I fear we may be snowed in… https://t.co/50aKi7t4Gs
16 Jan, 10:08 PM UTC
Shaun Farrelly
More thunder and lightning. Can only mean one thing #ThunderBuddies on Twitter">#ThunderBuddies #Thunder #Lightning #Thundersnow #JoinIn247 Shaun Farrelly's photo on #thunder
16 Jan, 09:17 PM UTC
JJ Aldrich
@felderpaul we share good taste in walkout music 👌 #ImagineDragons #Thunder #ufc #UFCSTL @ufc
17 Jan, 12:44 AM UTC
NBA Power Rankings: The #Thunder take a small step back (by @minutemandan) https://t.co/lSe3zkuzYV
16 Jan, 02:05 PM UTC
Jeff Patterson
Via @BDawsonWrites: Billy Donovan likes look of #Thunder's all-bench lineup. https://t.co/AUi26a5HEN Jeff Patterson's photo on #thunder
16 Jan, 11:57 PM UTC
@ChadWeather @MENnewsdesk V. Loud in the city centre! Thought the strike was close! #thunder #lightning #manchester
16 Jan, 09:16 PM UTC
Jane Fergusson
Ok so that #Thunder was really loud #manchester
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
Mucky Bandit
@richpafc @Nitro_159 @mototingle Very Cool 😎👌 just something about a big V-twin, or any twin cylinder bike i just luv 😍 #Thunder 🏍💨💥
16 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC
Sam Owen
Anyone else go, 'One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand', every time there's thunder and lightning? #Poltergeist #Thunder
16 Jan, 10:13 PM UTC
Victoria 🇬🇧🐝
Funny how many people have just publicly declared on social media how they have just shit there self #Thunder 😂⚡️💥🌫
16 Jan, 09:22 PM UTC
Niagara Thunder
Your #Thunder is leading 4-0 after two! Shots are 21-11 in favour of the Thunder! #ThunderVsLeafs
17 Jan, 12:38 AM UTC
#husky #Thunder morning mood ❤️EnJaanVj❤️'s photo on #thunder
17 Jan, 12:34 AM UTC
Thunder City
Everybody wants to do it. Not everybody is willing to do what they have to do to do it. – Nick Saban #sportstar #thunder
17 Jan, 12:30 AM UTC
Lakers News Surge
Previewing the #Thunder and the Los Angeles #Lakers https://t.co/XPgJvLqzXx
17 Jan, 12:01 AM UTC
I Am Brittonius
⚡BLACKLIGHTNING⚡ It's lit yall! cw_blacklightning #blacklightning #thunder #lightning… https://t.co/ntsSHDEKK5
16 Jan, 11:41 PM UTC
Thunder City
I have no sense of humor about losing. – Rafael Nadal #sportstar #thunder
16 Jan, 11:05 PM UTC
Siobhan Anna Kleban
That didnt seem like thunder and lightening at all More like fireworks 😑 #nq #Thunder #lightning #Snowmageddon
16 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Currently snowing in the tropics! Had the lot tonight Thunder, lightning, wind, hail and snow! #weather #thunder… https://t.co/ZfcdHPv8uv
16 Jan, 10:17 PM UTC
Lakers News Surge
#Lakers likely to be without Lonzo Ball, with #BrandonIngram vs. #Thunder https://t.co/aM8Yi2Fz6b
16 Jan, 10:01 PM UTC
Weird weather again with boulder hailstones banging the Velux windows. But nothing quite as weird as that one-off a… https://t.co/JBvxseJAfc
16 Jan, 09:54 PM UTC
IG: @OfficialMNIB
Good #God of mine - Round 2 of #Thunder & #Lightning in #Manchester has just arrived - The #Cat is not pleased - 🐱👀😲⚡
16 Jan, 09:53 PM UTC
LeeLou Photography
When the @bbcweather & @metofficeSWEng apps tell you one thing & the weather outside the house is doing something e… https://t.co/uvF0CLLUoO
16 Jan, 09:50 PM UTC
Thunder City
If you don’t believe in yourself why is anyone else going to believe in you? – Tom Brady #sportstar #thunder
16 Jan, 09:50 PM UTC
~thunderを振り替える~ 私はロスよりも浸るに近くて。 ライブ中からずーっと 『resurrection day』 この曲がぐるぐるしてる。ダニーのresurrection dayぃ~って歌い方が心地よくて大好き🍀😌🍀ホ… https://t.co/z2OWQ9fXd5
16 Jan, 09:49 PM UTC
Master : Aliegorey
im sure ive just heard #thunder ... and no not that dull rock band . #Northwest England
16 Jan, 09:30 PM UTC
Julio Afonso
Wow. That thunder, just parked through the window, look at that. #Thunder #Winter Julio Afonso's photo on #thunder
16 Jan, 09:28 PM UTC
Joe Tewel
At this point in the NBA season, the only team who may challenge golden state is #Timberwolves. Nobody is even talk… https://t.co/YiQfvBa8Gs
16 Jan, 09:26 PM UTC
A Wee Bit Ginger
Thought my dog was I'll but then I heard the #thunder. Poor Percy, he's hiding in his crate.
16 Jan, 09:17 PM UTC
Shabnam Hussain
Omg the sound of #Thunder #Manchester🙎🏽👀💥☈⛈☇🌩 Tonight...
16 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from United Kingdom.

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