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I’d don’t matter what Ari do she gonna be labeled bitter. Might as well take it all the way there and beat Tiana ass .. @RareRobinson_'s photo on Tiana
09 Oct, 01:06 PM UTC
Disney Parks
VIDEO: We invited 8-year-old Sydney Russell and her family back to Magic Kingdom Park where we learned more about her unforgettable performance that touched so many people! https://t.co/lh5Bft7VSg @DisneyParks's photo on Tiana
08 Oct, 09:57 PM UTC
naomi campbellton
Lmao girl what? Ari has a hair boutique, she has a degree, she models and she get booked to host events & she collabed w| a lash tech so she get a share in that too. That’s 4/5 incomes right there. Now what does tiana do.. https://t.co/4kcaBHj6EH
09 Oct, 12:38 PM UTC
Lex Thee MUA 🦄
If she don’t want her kid around tiana then don’t bring him around her .. especially if you said you wouldn’t. You ever seen the baby around getvonta? NOPE now should she have said all the other stuff? No‼️ we did not need to know that man got herpes 😭
09 Oct, 08:11 AM UTC
spooky szn hunter
I don’t know why tiana is trending but stan the princess and the frog https://t.co/OgRkQsHjWy
09 Oct, 04:44 PM UTC
The fact that you illiterate fucks got tania and tiana trending😂😂😩
09 Oct, 04:13 PM UTC
Herb probably been knew Bibby hit that bitch 😂💯 shid if anything Bibby probably the one who told Herb to get on Tiana ass.
09 Oct, 01:12 PM UTC
Throughout her pregnancy until she delivered and got diagnosed with postpartum g herbo was out cheating with tiana then g herbo agreed with ari not to have tiana around. Ari ain't right in her delivery but g herbo is foul https://t.co/BXOuE9JzEr
09 Oct, 04:17 PM UTC
Charles Robinson
On Drew Brees: I've heard he's pushing to get back before week 9 bye, but #Saints want to be cautious, especially given Teddy Bridgewater's performance. Team seems to be eyeing week 10 return, but Brees has apparently been living in the training room in hopes of targeting week 8.
09 Oct, 05:53 PM UTC
Ari has that baby around her bf 24/7. Even tweeted about Gervonta coming in late af one night screaming and waking him up. So it’s okay for the baby to be around that & them physically fighting all the time but not around Tiana when Herb has been w/ her almost a year? Bitter BM.
09 Oct, 03:57 PM UTC
evangeline the vampire queen
Idk why Tiana is trending but stan Princess and the Frog https://t.co/3JRjU1D9tI
09 Oct, 05:48 PM UTC
Tiana is the best Disney princess and that's that.She had dreams,she was hardworking,kind,smart and she DOESN'T fall in love easily.She didn't wait for someone to grant her wishes,she did it all by herself.Princess And The Frog was a great movie too. Ah I fucking loved the songs https://t.co/ZjAtE8undw
09 Oct, 05:04 PM UTC
sharia board 👳🏻‍♂️👻🎃
The NBA bent the knee to China, only days after South Park exposed them and a handful of other American corporations for doing the same. @TianaTheFirst hashes the whole thing out with me this week. Listen/subscribe: Apple: https://t.co/syUqTDNpy7 Spotify: https://t.co/0sSe1i4hBA
08 Oct, 07:16 PM UTC
Strahan Sara and Keke
Let’s boogie Sydney 🕺💃 The 8-year-old teaches @michaelstrahan, @sarahaines & @KekePalmer her viral Princess Tiana dance. #SSK @StrahanSaraKeke's photo on Tiana
09 Oct, 06:07 PM UTC
Soooo...@shonrp2 locks up two of the best receivers in the league, two weeks in a row and still isn’t the NFC Defensive Player of the week?? GARBAGE!
09 Oct, 03:29 PM UTC
Adoptable #Dog #Tiana_CCSTCA_05 first time at pet food express! She was such a good girl and got lots of love! https://t.co/hzfZQaKW5e https://t.co/wPJcWWuRxQ
09 Oct, 01:56 PM UTC
TIANA VS ARI 👀‼️🥊 HERB VS GERVONTAE ‼️👀🥊 Twitter lets set this up 😭💪🏾
09 Oct, 05:10 PM UTC
Energy Change Impact
Noch etwas Substanz für die Diskussion zur #Energiewende? Das Forum für Wissen #FfW19 bietet ein reichhaltiges Angebot! https://t.co/j9KCN0SiL1 @walt_roman @raffi931 @MarieClaireGraf @RESMyc @FelixZRH @FelixNipkow @felix_moser @tiana_moser @WSL_research https://t.co/QHTztYFXcp
09 Oct, 01:43 PM UTC
Great Value Lance Gross🏁
I need to see more AJ Green and Saints tweets, get those rumblings going lol
09 Oct, 06:19 PM UTC
Lmaooo I’m like why is Tiana trending? 🤔😂 https://t.co/Ql24EZ16kf
09 Oct, 06:22 PM UTC
Niki Hughes
We all need to be like Tiana I love her
09 Oct, 06:38 PM UTC
Great Value Lance Gross🏁
👀👀👀 https://t.co/7EV9fuvwOX
09 Oct, 06:19 PM UTC
Oop me and tiana almost watched this last night, is it good? https://t.co/zMsf72DcOR
09 Oct, 06:44 PM UTC
Ogladam ksiezniczka i żaba i :(((((( kocham tą bajke :(((( tiana is my bae
09 Oct, 06:42 PM UTC
Princess Tiana, MBA, BSHS♍️
@tweetsbykeezy 👀
09 Oct, 06:39 PM UTC
@EbkNoah her whole "point" to that rant was that she ain't want tiana close to her son but she be off and on wit the dude she fw. Also bitch say anything, I mean not like I know em but I don't think she did
09 Oct, 06:36 PM UTC
im weak at tiana and tania trending💀💀 that is not her name
09 Oct, 06:32 PM UTC
I cried when I sent it idc what nobody say Tiana did that for his bday https://t.co/FE4sj2ijo7
09 Oct, 06:44 PM UTC
Princess Tiana, MBA, BSHS♍️
@FameAdventura It happens lol
09 Oct, 06:44 PM UTC
Princess Tiana, MBA, BSHS♍️
@Dipaintshit 13,500 if I calculated accurately 😂
09 Oct, 06:43 PM UTC

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