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Bobby Don Welch
@AdamParkhomenko I miss Tim Russert, he was great on Meet the Press. @Bobby_Don_Welch's photo on Tim Russert
22 Nov, 04:02 PM UTC
Chuck Todd is a National Embarrassment He should not be the anchor of a formerly highly respected Sunday Show let alone the Political Director of NBC if he does stuff like this ⬇️ Tim Russert is spinning in his grave Again https://t.co/S4oZteFHAa
22 Nov, 03:56 PM UTC
Tomi T Ahonen
Chuck Todd is the Eric Trump of Meet The Press hosts And obviously, Rachel Maddow is the reincarnation of Tim Russert. #FireChuckTodd #BoycottMTP #BoycottMeetThePress #ToddTheFraud @tomiahonen's photo on Tim Russert
22 Nov, 04:59 PM UTC
Shari Lynn
We knew Tim Russert, Tim Russert was a friend of ours- and you, Chuck Todd, are NO Tim Russert.
22 Nov, 04:19 PM UTC
Rheta Dorr
@MattNegrin @chucktodd @MeetThePress When @NBCNews @NBCPolitics finally dumps @chucktodd it will be because of stunts like this. Tim Russert did not pave the way for lying liars and those who encourage and enanble them.
22 Nov, 03:09 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
The GOP savaged Obama for 4 deaths in Benghazi. Had 16 investigations. COVID deaths? 256,000. GOP silence. No investigations. Craven assholes. #COVIDIOTS #AMJoy Chuck Todd Chris Christie Michael Conway Huntington Beach Tim Russert Meet the Press Lee Harvey Oswald @SteveRustad1's photo on Tim Russert
22 Nov, 05:51 PM UTC
Kenny BooYah!
The fact that people are still talking about Tim Russert tells you everything you need to know about Chuck Todd and the current state of affairs of Meet The Press.
22 Nov, 06:52 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
Fascism can't happen here? You're seeing it RIGHT NOW. Trump will go down, but democracy will continue to be threatened by the treasonous GOP & their MAGA Cult. #Resist #COVIDIOTS #AMJoy Chuck Todd Chris Christie Michael Conway Huntington Beach Tim Russert Lee Harvey Oswald https://t.co/fkKGCVWotz
22 Nov, 05:37 PM UTC
Holly Robinson Peete😷🥰
I miss Tim Russert. @hollyrpeete's photo on Tim Russert
22 Nov, 07:17 PM UTC
Nima Shirazi
Psssst, you can correctly point out how utterly fucking terrible Chuck Todd is while also being honest about how Tim Russert was also utterly fucking terrible.
22 Nov, 06:03 PM UTC
Erik Loomis
Time for a much needed intervention! Yes, Chuck Todd is terrible. However, Tim Russert was also terrible. Absolutely terrible.
22 Nov, 05:35 PM UTC
@djrothkopf @MSNBC The legacies of Meet the Press and the late great Tim Russert deserve better
22 Nov, 04:17 PM UTC
Tomi T Ahonen
@bluesfan_alliha @maddow Rachel is wicked smart, fast wit. She's super-prepared, always over-prepared for her guests.. like Tim Russert. She pulls no punches but does it kindly. And Maddow show has probably best TEAM of producers & researchers... she's the real deal
22 Nov, 05:22 PM UTC
Ben Decade
Rachel Maddow would be an excellent person to carry on the legacy of Tim Russert on @MeetThePress. If you aren't holding power to account, what are you even doing?
22 Nov, 05:29 PM UTC
Sean the Leprechaun
Chuck Todd is so bad he wakes Tim Russert to trend from the grave.
22 Nov, 08:55 PM UTC
Ron *Thug* Hall
Chuck Todd Is To "Filling Tim Russert's Shoes" As Donald Trump Is To "Filling Barack Obama's Shoes!" (No Shoe-Filling Going On, They Just Shit On The Shoes, Run Over The Shoes w/ A Steam Roller, & Throw The Shoes In A Dumpster Fire!) https://t.co/GY4rCozeBV
22 Nov, 05:10 PM UTC
@HawaiiDelilah Tim Russert allowed Bush officials to lie repeatedly about the Iraq War.
22 Nov, 08:46 PM UTC
@KevinMKruse @murphdogg29 They should’ve canceled it when Tim Russert died. He was great. Chuck is an embarrassment.
22 Nov, 08:59 PM UTC
I'll say, one of them thinks Rachel Maddow is like Tim Russert (a old moderate, kids). https://t.co/vfCUdmBdMv
22 Nov, 08:47 PM UTC
Chrisanne Eastwood
While in NOLA covering Katrina, I met Tim Russert in Jean La Fitte’s, the only bar open. It was canned Buds and lights on strings, but it was all us journos having beers after long days. I got a pic of him and me, but lord knows where it is. Journalism misses you, Timbo. https://t.co/KNUgcDXXzj
22 Nov, 08:44 PM UTC
@msmyrafaye @chucktodd I miss Tim Russert so very much!
22 Nov, 08:44 PM UTC
Matthew Campbell
An embarrassment to the great Tim Russert https://t.co/bSYD1BT8xV
22 Nov, 08:42 PM UTC
People saying that Chuck Todd is no Tim Russert because of today's MTP are suffering from a collective short term memory. Russert would have been as deferential. Find a better argument to criticize Todd because this one doesn't work.
22 Nov, 08:59 PM UTC
Get In Good Trouble, Necessary Trouble @BabbooWi
@PalmerReport Never watched him....still miss Tim Russert.
22 Nov, 08:59 PM UTC
Sue Bernat
@lindyli @NBCNews at this point Chuck Todd is an embarrassment to your broadcast station. Longing for a time when Tim Russert was the voice of reason and intelligence.
22 Nov, 08:59 PM UTC
Gabriella West
I remember telling my then-boss at an alternative weekly paper, back in 2008, that Tim Russert had died.
22 Nov, 08:58 PM UTC
@KevinMKruse Gone are the days of Tim russert
22 Nov, 08:54 PM UTC
No don't cancel it, bring on @mehdirhasan as host and see the ratings go off the roof. We've seen since the late Tim Russert, no one, I mean no one has come close to the credibility brought to the show by the Brilliant Mr.Russert. Mehdir will turn it around. https://t.co/GwyrfeIhUF
22 Nov, 08:52 PM UTC
Anita Paul
@LynnSharig8 Tim Russert was no Tim Russert. He let Cheney lie is into war with Iraq with no push back. People said Cheney picked MTP because they said it was their best format.
22 Nov, 08:51 PM UTC
Nation of Kekistan in Portland
@SteveRustad1 #spam #SocialMediaBias #Resist #COVIDIOTS #AMJoy Chuck Todd Chris Christie Michael Conway Huntington Beach Tim Russert Lee Harvey Oswald https://t.co/CoyDPBZugF
22 Nov, 08:50 PM UTC

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