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.@theestallion's history on the #Billboard200: #7, Suga #10, Fever #166, Tina Snow
19 Nov, 04:57 PM UTC
Obi Does
I think it’s safe to say Megan Thee Stallion, Miss Tina Snow, Thee H-Town Hottie, has had the BEST debut album we’ve heard in a minute. https://t.co/ficbQmhCqN
20 Nov, 06:23 AM UTC
Judge Judy Ass Bitch
Tina Snow was prime Meg and I don’t think we getting that back anytime soon, if ever.
20 Nov, 06:40 AM UTC
Sounding like Tina Snow still her best project.
20 Nov, 05:53 AM UTC
I would kill to have tina snow & soundcloud megan back 😭
20 Nov, 06:06 AM UTC
i can’t even spell wellfare.
To preserve my love for Tina Snow, and Tina Snow only. I will not be listening to that new Megan album, I don’t know that woman and that style of music does not resonate within me.
20 Nov, 12:53 PM UTC
elexus jionde
I love Outside bc it’s giving me Good At/Tina Snow vibes
20 Nov, 06:01 AM UTC
Entertainment Weekly
🚨 CALLING ALL HOTTIES🚨 Hot Girl Meg a.k.a. Young Tina Snow a.k.a. Megan @theestallion's debut album, #GoodNews' is here! https://t.co/RS5DOGeQ79
20 Nov, 05:26 AM UTC
Megan has yet to top Tina Snow smh
20 Nov, 06:46 AM UTC
stressed and definitely a mess
Yeah we all want Tina Snow but y'all are not going to sit here and act like #GOODNEWSMEGAN didn't eat. Bye. https://t.co/pUsWfvzpir
20 Nov, 03:27 PM UTC
bitch it’s Tina Snow!!!!
20 Nov, 06:59 AM UTC
nia voodoo always comes back to bite 💙
.@theestallion i’m so proud of you girl 😭 ever since tina snow i knew you were gonna be in this game for a long time! congrats!!! ❤️❤️🎉 #GoodNewsMegan
20 Nov, 03:58 PM UTC
I just wanted Tina Snow back😭 https://t.co/cSKHDtgyMk
20 Nov, 03:13 PM UTC
ACS campaign manager
this is Meg best project since Tina Snow
20 Nov, 04:26 PM UTC
bree thee hottie 🧚🏽‍♀️
I miss Tina Snow https://t.co/YdjcjRoNdm
20 Nov, 04:10 PM UTC
Zhuri James Stan Account
She has yet to top Tina Snow https://t.co/Dfnodb1f7E
20 Nov, 01:48 PM UTC
Lee 🇱🇷
Tina snow.. where are you
20 Nov, 04:07 PM UTC
just finished good news!! it’s a good debut but not the best. she came harder on tina snow
20 Nov, 04:23 PM UTC
Kits 💋
I want her to bring back tina snow fr . https://t.co/hHvnIoD4NF
20 Nov, 04:42 PM UTC
Nothing compares to her Tina Snow era fr https://t.co/EAe5MrhkV1
20 Nov, 04:32 PM UTC
None of Meg’s albums have just done it for me since Tina Snow 😕
20 Nov, 04:36 PM UTC
sag queen 🌞
where is tina snow
20 Nov, 04:32 PM UTC
Tina Snow and Fever are the front runners. Idk about this new new 🤷🏿‍♀️
20 Nov, 04:20 PM UTC
Liya ♡
tina snow stays superior
20 Nov, 04:18 PM UTC
'Tina Snow' is still my favorite Meg project because she was 100% in her pocket. she did exactly what was most comfortable for her and the outcome was perfect. I appreciate her trying to broaden her sound and I'm sure with time she'll figure out how to properly do so.
20 Nov, 04:43 PM UTC
bendito 🧚🏿
@GeekOfStans @nicomander When it came down to Suga there was label issues. I do believe that Tina Snow is her best work for sure.
20 Nov, 04:40 PM UTC
She needed that shit with “Young Tina Snow for them hoes that ain’t know” and then just ain’t give us the damn track.... https://t.co/1vz680heho
20 Nov, 04:36 PM UTC
TO ME....Meg has not topped Tina Snow. That tape was IT
20 Nov, 04:32 PM UTC
@grape_son Tina Snow really washed the other rap girls and boys. She did her thing.
20 Nov, 04:31 PM UTC

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