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Me & YJ #태현 #연준 https://t.co/rX71AYE9Nv
08 Dec, 03:29 PM UTC
توماج صالحی🌋
🆘We need urgent action from the international community.The Islamic Republic wants to execute a rapper ‌ #SamanYasin⁩,#Mohammad_Borooghani⁩& Dr. #HamidGharehHasanlou. Their lives are in serious danger! ‌ @UN_HRC⁩ ‌ @JavaidRehman⁩ ‌ @hrw⁩ ‌ @UNHumanRights⁩ ‌ @IHRights
08 Dec, 08:53 AM UTC
Salir conmigo implica cuidarme, porque cruzo la calle como si fuera inmortal.
08 Dec, 02:36 PM UTC
vais a empezar el 2023 como dice badbunny?
08 Dec, 10:06 AM UTC
Председник Александар #Vucic @avucic примио је амбасадора Сједињених Америчких Држава Кристофера Хила, са којим је разговарао о билатералним односима, евроинтеграцијама Србије, безбедносној ситуацији на Косову и Метохији и дијалогу Београда и Приштине. https://t.co/7GZs9wAtgF @sns_srbija's photo on Tina
08 Dec, 11:21 AM UTC
Bigg Boss
Tina hui upset unpar lagaaye huye ilzaam ki wajah se, how will she get over this feeling? 😣 Dekhiye #BiggBoss16 Mon-Fri raat 10 baje aur Sat-Sun raat 9 baje, sirf #Colors par. Anytime on @justvoot #BB16 #BiggBoss @beingsalmankhan @iamTinaDatta @BhanotShalin @BiggBoss's photo on Tina
08 Dec, 10:00 AM UTC
Bhai kya ghatiya @BiggBoss hain Iss season mein.. Biased BB be like- Aao behen chugli karein ~ with Nimmo Tina and Shiv! #BB16 #BiggBoss #BiggBoss16
07 Dec, 05:37 PM UTC
Olly 🎾🇬🇧
Federer last night, on ‘The Daily Show’, hilariously talking about the time he was *denied entrance* at the Wimbledon gates 😂🫣🇬🇧 https://t.co/F4sNDgLCdS
08 Dec, 11:10 AM UTC
𝓼𝓱𝓻𝓾𝓽𝓱𝓲 🌙
Sumbul " KARMA " is for real - The way tina is getting the accurate payback along with respective interest is making me feel so good 🤌 Next target - chusa hua sujid & sekha hua chicken banodh 😂
08 Dec, 04:23 AM UTC
Dr. Jayesh Thaker
Why Bigg Boss cut and mute when Tina spoke about Damaad ji of bigg boss in confession room? Someone told me they don't want to listen anything against Damaad ji of bigg boss that's the reason they deliberately cut all negative parts which may go against him.
08 Dec, 10:13 AM UTC
Team Zemmour ⓩ 🇫🇷
Emmanuel Macron ne veut pas que vous RT cette vidéo : #UberFiles #Uber #MacronDestitution #Macron https://t.co/N7KLl6ycGz
07 Dec, 03:33 PM UTC
𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚛𝚞 𝚂𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 🌱
Nimrit is just being her true self , that’s why I’m liking her. She isn’t image conscious, made bonds, put forward her pov only when she feels doesn’t necessarily get into things for screen space unlike Priyanka & Tina ! She is def a sensible & likeable persona. ☺️ #BiggBoss16
08 Dec, 01:43 PM UTC
• Sanam •
I have a feeling that sreejita is gonna make tina a hero by constantly poking her. And be the villain. This time her entire game will be tina only. I hope I am wrong. #BB16 #Biggboss16
07 Dec, 07:39 PM UTC
Aujla Sahab 👑
#priSha & #shAnkit content overloading😍. Priyanka came and Then Sha flirted with her and told her Ankit is flirting with Tina 😂 Haha,so funny. I love their friendship😍🫰 RISING STAR SHALIN #shalinBhanot #shalinKiSena #PriyankaChaharChoudhary #AnkitGupta https://t.co/QUc4KblJ7Q
08 Dec, 09:14 AM UTC
Harsh Chaturvedi BJP
Analysts on NDTV who were all ga ga about BJP's defeat in Gujrat till yesterday are now talking about TINA (There is no alternative) effect in Gujrat😀 #BJPGujarat #GujaratElectionResult
08 Dec, 02:41 PM UTC
Secret Room khol raha Hy for two people #MCStan #Tina 50%50 chance litt's see
08 Dec, 02:16 PM UTC
Aujla Sahab 👑
Once shalin said "mai yaha kisi ka mohtaz nhi hu ,ki mai ye define krta phiru ki mera Tina k sath kya relation ha" @BhanotShalin was bang on! Even Salman was stunned for a sec, forget Paid Audience. RISING STAR SHALIN #ShalinBhanot𓃵 #shalinKiSena #bb16 #biggboss @BhanotShalin https://t.co/l3K8xk4MCS
08 Dec, 02:58 PM UTC
Missing Pets GB
🐕 Tina is still missing we need everyone to know SHE IS NOT YET FOUND Please dont give up on her. Reward for her safe return https://t.co/Qbo36DJbZE
08 Dec, 03:15 PM UTC
Film window
Tina breaks down as she denies the accusation put on her by Soundarya regarding the stealing of ‘tofu’. Keep watching the excitement and drama in ‘Bigg Boss 16’ every Saturday – Sunday at 9.00 PM only on COLORS and Voot. #FilmWindow #BiggBoss16 #BiggBossupdates #colors #voot https://t.co/cWguklNUVW
08 Dec, 09:25 AM UTC
@ColorsTV @justvoot @BeingSalmanKhan @BhanotShalin @iamTinaDatta Thank god😌😌.... Now I want Tina to focus on her game. Bye bye Shitlin😌😌😌 He is the one of the reason y Tina gets so much hatred😑 #RubinaDilaik #TinaDatta
08 Dec, 08:07 AM UTC
Reese (moomoo era)
need tiddies in my mouth RN! 😠
08 Dec, 01:41 PM UTC
08 Dec, 10:37 AM UTC
🏆 Athlete of the Year 🏆 Junior female athlete of the year is Tina Clayton 🇯🇲 ✅ World U20 100m and 4x100m champion ✅ Set a championship record of 10.95 ✅ CARIFTA 100m and 4x100m champion @AthleticsWeekly's photo on Tina
08 Dec, 03:22 PM UTC
sirf pyar 🤍 tina datta 🤎✨
@PartmalX listen me parth they are very good what they dones for tinzi we don't know and they fabulous so appreciate them @IamTinaDattaOFC @_Tina_Datta_FC @Tina_officialFc #TinaDatta
08 Dec, 01:20 PM UTC
Yash Dwivedi
Sumbul ka Karmaaaaaa hai bhai Brand Tina ki barabar band bajayegi ab Sreejita 😂😂🔥🔥 Majja aagaya Sreejita Majja aagaya The OG Rani is back ❤️❤️🔥🔥💫💫 #SreejitaDe #SumbulTouqeerKhan #BiggBoss #BB16 #BiggBoss16 https://t.co/aRTfsRkCEE
07 Dec, 07:05 PM UTC
Rahul Gill
RISING STAR SHALIN Tina kya kheli hai bhai k sath Soo bad
08 Dec, 01:37 PM UTC
So cute 😂🫶🏽 🤍 #PichVoteySaravody #พิชชี่ #mgi2022 #pichy 🇫🇷🤍🇰🇭🇹🇭#tina https://t.co/to3t95lPmG
08 Dec, 03:28 PM UTC
Bhanot shalin is strong contender Should stop chasing Tina asap RISING STAR SHALIN
08 Dec, 03:15 PM UTC
#SreejitaDe khud toh kuch kar nahi paayi lekin aa gayi #tina ke peeche parne What rubbish
08 Dec, 07:29 AM UTC