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One last thing when it comes to @TeamKaliber I know a lot of you tweet me asking if tK is "dying" or "dead" Every single person that left I love dearly and we are still friends but stuff changes. I will not let tK just die off we will rebuild and do some big things. #tKAllDay <3
13 Aug, 04:37 AM UTC
Don't say it enough and can say I have never said thank you for sticking with me thru thick and thin (views). Your support never goes unnoticed. Love each and every one of you guys/gals for always showing support if you are #tKAllDay or just support me I love you guys <3
13 Aug, 04:18 AM UTC
#tKAllDay #tKAllDay #tKAllDay #tKAllDay #tKAllDay #tKAllDay #tKAllDay Only up from here! Miss even seeing this hashtag tweeted. I want this hashtag to mean something to you guys again.
13 Aug, 05:19 AM UTC
I just want to see @TeamKaliber do big things nothing but love for every #tKAllDay supporter and I love the feedback. I know members have left and if you got a question to ask me,.
13 Aug, 05:56 AM UTC
Big E tK
The hook up though!! Let's gooooo! #TKALLDAY https://t.co/WyHyZP5XrP
12 Aug, 01:49 PM UTC
@HamztK @TeamKaliber Hammy believe in u always #tkallday for life bro
13 Aug, 05:30 AM UTC
@HamztK @TeamKaliber Those who ride and die for tK won’t want to see it die either. Even if they are venturing down their own paths which they see fit for progression in their lives, that’s respectable and if you can remain friends that’s all the better. I know I’m not going anywhere #tKAllDay
13 Aug, 05:21 AM UTC
@HamztK It was just easier when there was something to root for like the cod team, it doesn’t feel like anything happens anymore in TK besides Merch drops/code battles (which doesn’t work for people who can’t buy that stuff). Don’t get me wrong im still #tKAllDay. It was just easier then
13 Aug, 05:28 AM UTC
@HamztK #tKAllDay bby!!!
13 Aug, 05:40 AM UTC
@HamztK @TeamKaliber The fans won’t let it die either, from time to time I still throw up the #tKAllDay in CoD stream. It’s something when you have a back to back CWL team then seemingly fall off the face of the earth which I think in everyone’s opinion is awkward as fuck. I’ll be the one to say it
13 Aug, 05:29 AM UTC
𝑪𝒉𝒓𝒊𝒔 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝒂 𝑪
@HamztK @TeamKaliber Love you hamz #tkallday https://t.co/OWsb7xfIWd
13 Aug, 04:44 AM UTC
@HamztK @TeamKaliber #tKAllDay I do not want to see TK die. TK is still my most favorite team of all time
13 Aug, 08:50 AM UTC
Kenny Worth
@HamztK @TeamKaliber Forgot to finish it off with a #tKAllDay
13 Aug, 08:04 AM UTC
Wonder what #tkallday means? Look it up on https://t.co/AVnTQStckg
13 Aug, 08:02 AM UTC
King Kai'Chien Chisholm
@HamztK @TeamKaliber @KOSDFF #tKAllDay always and forever
13 Aug, 07:09 AM UTC
Jacob Shadow
@HamztK We need that TK logo next to #tKAllDay
13 Aug, 06:52 AM UTC
@HamztK Ive been here since the bo2 days and ive fell in love with the org and every thing about it its time to move forward lets get it #tKAllDay
13 Aug, 06:37 AM UTC
@HamztK @TeamKaliber It’s honestly okay members have left. A lot of us supporters are still here. We choose to be here. That’s what I love about tK, it is just such a great group of people. #tKAllDay
13 Aug, 06:34 AM UTC
@HamztK @TeamKaliber @KOSDFF @Chaosxsilencer @MinnesotaBurns @Sharpp @Goonjar @Neslo And no matter what other teams I support while tK doesn't have a CoD team whether it's @100Thieves or @eUnited, I'll still be #tKAllDay and waiting till they make their way back onto the CoD scene even though that'll be harder with franchising.
13 Aug, 06:18 AM UTC
@HamztK @TeamKaliber tK was the first org I liked and supported starting way back in 2012 when the only people I knew in it was the CoD team, @KOSDFF, @Chaosxsilencer and @MinnesotaBurns. tK will continue to get my support till the end and even after that. #tKAllDay
13 Aug, 06:09 AM UTC
@HamztK I'm always gonna support #tKAllDay but Tk isn't the same anymore to me. The lack of exciting and interesting content is frustrating. I truly miss Tk being a big name in Esports, I was always excited to see Tk play in ww2 I used to skip school just to watch.
13 Aug, 06:07 AM UTC
Raymond Williams
@HamztK Tk for life thu thick and thin #tKAllDay
13 Aug, 05:49 AM UTC
@HamztK Bro #tKAllDay cant wait for #MW
13 Aug, 05:38 AM UTC
@HamztK Well whatever happens I will still be #tKAllDay until the very end
13 Aug, 05:35 AM UTC