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Kay Adams
WE ARE LIVVVVVVVE On @PrimeVideo! Click TNF on prime NOW! #TNFonPrime @heykayadams's photo on #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 12:14 AM UTC
Amazon Prime Video US
The @Chargers giveth and the @Raiders taketh away. Multiple interceptions lead to an early lead for Raider Nation, 10-0. #TNFonPrime #LACvsOAK @PrimeVideo's photo on #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 02:04 AM UTC
Andrea Kremer
Mike Mayock told me that by Week 1, Antonio Brown had missed so many practices that "We weren’t used to having him in the huddle. Everyone had grown into their roles. As talented as he was, we made decision that the building had to come first." #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 03:33 AM UTC
Hannah Storm
Hunter Henry (age 24) is closer in age to Philip Rivers' oldest Halle (17) than to the QB (37). Henry told us he saw all nine Rivers kids together in Florida. "I went over the house and just saw them all sitting there and was like, wow, that's a handful." #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 03:58 AM UTC
Amazon Prime Video US
It's time for the fourth quarter. When it ends, someone will win. But when it starts, the @Raiders are still beating the @Chargers, 20-17 - #TNFonPrime #LACvsOAK @PrimeVideo's photo on #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 03:52 AM UTC
Amazon Prime Video US
.@Raiders Coach Jon Gruden talked to #Hanndrea about 2019’s first-round draft pick, Josh Jacobs. #TNFonPrime @PrimeVideo's photo on #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:19 AM UTC
Robbie Kahar
Get in!!!! The tiredness is kickimg in but fuck me that #Ekeler TD has given me energy!!! #LACvsOAK #BoltUp #Chargers #TNF #TNFonPrime #TNFonFOX #NFLUK #NFL100 https://t.co/huXVMnuvgV
08 Nov, 04:10 AM UTC
#TNFonPrime #LACvsOAK #ThursdayNightFootball Nobody: Raiders fans: https://t.co/eTzLkcuzJm
08 Nov, 04:07 AM UTC
49 Cent Banana
Seems like a good life choice. #LACvsOAK #TNFonPrime #RaiderNation #BlackHole https://t.co/NyfXJOidaZ
08 Nov, 04:04 AM UTC
Jessie L Terry
Philip Rivers is the flag football QB that refuses to throw a crossing route for 10-15 at a time because he wants to go deep #LACvsOAK #TNFonPrime #TNFonFOX
08 Nov, 04:29 AM UTC
Michael LaRocca 🌹
#LACvsOAK has more flags than the United Nations. #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:08 AM UTC
Philip Rivers looks awful throwing the deep ball. They’ve all been crazy overthrown. Not even close. #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:29 AM UTC
Ron Johnson
My dog Josh Jacobs with the go ahead TD. #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:23 AM UTC
Suit Williams
Would you look at that, Phil Rivers is down one score with less than two minutes left! Like sands through the hourglass... #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:22 AM UTC
Ollie Taylor
And here we go. Phillip Rivers having to go the length of the field with 1 min left to win it. Wouldn’t have it any other way 😂 #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:21 AM UTC
Mike Monahan
Joe Buck and Troy Aikman: Oh yeah this is a great game, great battle for AFC West. #TNFonPrime #LACvsOAK What they are clearly feeling on the inside: https://t.co/ewunDTKWca
08 Nov, 04:16 AM UTC
If the #Raiders don’t take Richard out... Jacobs is the guy. #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:15 AM UTC
Alejandro Acosta
Se puso más o menos el duelo de plomos #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:14 AM UTC
OT Bets
Chargers up 4 with under 4 min left #Flames up 4-2 with 13 min left in 3rd Everything else is ✅ 👀 #BoltUp #TNFonPrime https://t.co/ZBPYz7lgX6
08 Nov, 04:11 AM UTC
This is basically how Philip Rivers throws a football now #TNFonPrime https://t.co/awn0JGSsur
08 Nov, 04:10 AM UTC
#Raiders didn’t capitalize on the turnovers early... Penalties cost them 2 more turnovers also. Looks like they are going to lose this game. #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:09 AM UTC
@HeatvsHaters @mikescriba @iRepTeamHEAT @CP3 @shaiglalex @DevinBook I have a life. I'm watching #TNFonPrime #BoltUp vs #RaiderNation https://t.co/cYbZ1Fd9rL
08 Nov, 04:07 AM UTC
Jason Moorisms
Walt is clearly playing against every skill player in this game in his matchups...can’t blame him, it’s crunch time #flagsfordays #TNFonPrime #Chargers #Raiders @TheFFBallers
08 Nov, 04:03 AM UTC
Brandon Boone
Nearly every close game this year will be decided by the @NFLOfficiating #TNFonPrime They have to have their moment in the spotlight too.
08 Nov, 04:29 AM UTC
Matt Dillane
Great battle between the lack of discipline from the Oakland Raiders and the poor accuracy of Philip Rivers. #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:29 AM UTC
Idk if I decline that penalty. #Raiders #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:29 AM UTC
Masanii Rez_woman
Ohhh Holy SheepShitz !! the last seconds of #TNF 🏈 👁👁 #LACvsOAK #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:29 AM UTC
Joyner leg gave out. #Raiders #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:28 AM UTC
The Voice of One!
@Tmraider @NFLOfficiating @NFL 4th & 10-yards to go & refs bail 'em out again 😒 #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:28 AM UTC
Brandon Boone
@NFLOfficiating has gotten SO BAD teams are resorting to throwing it deep and hoping for a flag rather than throwing actual hail Mary’s. #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 04:28 AM UTC

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