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Henry Bushnell
tfw Tobin Heath happens @HenryBushnell's photo on Tobin Heath
11 Jun, 07:53 PM UTC
A West
Once again. @peteeee has pinpointed the exact moment Tobin Heath added another soul to her collection. Pour one out. @ayyy_west's photo on Tobin Heath
11 Jun, 08:33 PM UTC
FOX Soccer
IT'S THREE! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 @LindseyHoran pounces on the loose ball in the box off a Tobin Heath free kick. #FIFAWWC @FOXSoccer's photo on Tobin Heath
11 Jun, 07:37 PM UTC
Bleacher Report
Tobin Heath. FILTHY. 😳 (via @FOXSoccer) @BleacherReport's photo on Tobin Heath
11 Jun, 08:00 PM UTC
Portland Thorns FC
Tobin Heath has no mercy.😳 #ThornsInFrance | #FIFAWWC @ThornsFC's photo on Tobin Heath
11 Jun, 07:56 PM UTC
Before and after Tobin Heath:
11 Jun, 08:06 PM UTC
Caitlin Murray
Tobin Heath is out here just roasting players for fun, but she did one too many and lost the ball. The #USWNT seems to be enjoying themselves.
11 Jun, 07:44 PM UTC
Autumn 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
tobin heath single handedly destroying thailand #USWNT #FIFAWWC
11 Jun, 07:53 PM UTC
Tyler R. Tynes
This is now a Tobin Heath STAN ACCOUNT
11 Jun, 07:45 PM UTC
If they're healthy and confident, Julie Foudy thinks Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath and Megan Rapinoe are the best front line in the world. She joins the Boot Room to talk #FIFAWWC. (📍 @Heineken_US) @ESPNFC's photo on Tobin Heath
11 Jun, 02:22 PM UTC
Planet Fútbol
Just Tobin Heath doing Tobin Heath things 😱 (via @FoxSoccer) @si_soccer's photo on Tobin Heath
11 Jun, 07:57 PM UTC
Tobin Heath’s dribbling is among the world’s best, standing sixth in international play in completed dribbles per 90 minutes since 2017. @FiveThirtyEight's photo on Tobin Heath
11 Jun, 07:37 PM UTC
Banter FC
Tobin Heath said take a seat #USWNT #USA
11 Jun, 07:52 PM UTC
kah FIFAWWC 🇧🇷
se tobin heath vem com a bola na minha direção eu falo opa minha princesa pode passar
11 Jun, 09:11 PM UTC
i just want Tobin Heath to nutmeg me tbh
11 Jun, 09:13 PM UTC
Jake Fields
tobin heath invented soccer
11 Jun, 07:56 PM UTC
Sean Kent
Can Tobin Heath moonlight on the men’s team? #filthy @seankent's photo on Tobin Heath
11 Jun, 11:25 PM UTC
romero. 🇧🇷🇺🇸
gente pelo amor de Deus quem em SÃ CONSCIÊNCIA odeia tobin heath??? isso não existe
11 Jun, 10:50 PM UTC
A Tribe Called Chris
Lmaoooo Tobin Heath and Kyrie Irving have the same handles package.
11 Jun, 11:11 PM UTC
Jake Jortles
@QuinnAFleming Let’s get Tobin Heath jerseys
11 Jun, 11:08 PM UTC
watching the game again because it's slow today and I have pressing questions like, did Tobin Heath manage to play a full 90 minutes without nutmegging anyone
11 Jun, 11:00 PM UTC