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Hajo Meyer's Violin
Why is the BBC using my license fee to help revive the career of that odious racist, sexist, eugenicist Toby Young? #PoliticsLive
11 Jan, 12:28 PM UTC
Jim AK
Toby Young (@toadmeister) 0 Ash Sarkar (@AyoCaesar) 3 And she didn't even appear to be trying hard. Less words and better thought-out ideas & opinions. #PoliticsLive
11 Jan, 01:00 PM UTC
Trevor Warner
Switches television on to watch @BBCPolitics, sees Toby Young and Ian Dale are on the panel and immediately switches off, having decided plucking my nasal hair would be a more productive use of my time. 🙄
11 Jan, 12:26 PM UTC
Victorian Dad
Toby Young and Iain Dale on the same programme!? Won't that create some sort of right wing twat critical mass? #PoliticsLive
11 Jan, 12:19 PM UTC
Andy Freeman
Toby Young conflating the Customs Union with the Single Market ....can @BBCPolitics remind us exactly why this buffoon is allowed to spout his utter bollocks on #politicslive
11 Jan, 12:34 PM UTC
Hajo Meyer's Violin
.@AyoCaesar represents everything Toby Young fears. Apologies for the unpleasant image, but I can sense his testicles retreating into his body every time she looks at him. #PoliticsLive
11 Jan, 12:55 PM UTC
Won'tjustliedown 🔶 #FBPE
Toby Young has just implicitly admitted #Leave would lose a second referendum, saying on #PoliticsLive just now that #ERG members might end up having to support May's deal in order to avert a #NoBrexitAtAll scenario. The Brexit game is up and they KNOW IT 😁 #PeoplesVote 💪💪💪
11 Jan, 12:39 PM UTC
Not Mad Just Disappointed Max 🏳️‍🌈🧜🏿‍♀️
I see homophobic would-be lesbian rapist Toby Young has been given licence fee payers’ money to crap out his poorly formed and unequivocally nasty little opinion pellets on national fucking television again.
11 Jan, 01:59 PM UTC
pete best
Hateful Toby Young says he supports the 2 child UC policy and that parents who choose to have more are to blame for "punishing" the children. Your income has dropped Toby...I just hope if you are forced to claim UC you tell your kids it's your fault they are hungry #PoliticsLive
11 Jan, 02:37 PM UTC
Ade Smith
Melanie Philips and Toby Young locked in a room to spit their bile at each other might be the best solution for the rest of the population #PoliticsLive
11 Jan, 12:57 PM UTC
Scene & Heard
Toby Young or sore thumb? Scene & Heard's photo on Toby Young
11 Jan, 01:06 PM UTC
John Traynor
BBC ended their disgraceful week - Danny Lockwood, Sebastian Gorka, Melanie Philips (twice) - with eugenist and disgraced far-right professional troll Toby Young. #PoliticsLive Clueless. Analysis is not "balanced" by extremist ignorance.
11 Jan, 03:51 PM UTC
The attempted re-inflation of the populist right wing thug Toby Young? #PoliticsLive
11 Jan, 12:47 PM UTC
Phil BC
I thought Toby Young was "blacklisted" and couldn't get a gig in the media. And yet there he's sat in the #PoliticsLive studio.
11 Jan, 12:17 PM UTC
BBC Politics
“Should people who self-identify as women still be able to go on female wards if they still have male genitalia?” @jo_coburn asks #politicslive panellists Ash Sarkar and Toby Young BBC Politics's photo on Toby Young
11 Jan, 01:03 PM UTC
Edna's Son #JC4PM2019 #RespectTheVote
Toby Young one end of the panel Iain Dale the other end. It's as if right-wing nutters can't sit next to each on the BBC #politicslive
11 Jan, 12:24 PM UTC
Keith R
Oh FFS! As if that twat Toby Young wasn't enough to make you switch off, they tag Iain Dale on the end. It's a Tory gobshite fest. No thanks. #PoliticsLive
11 Jan, 12:19 PM UTC
pete best
Hilarious... Toby Young doesn't even know the difference between the Customs Union and the Single Market....add stupidity to the misogyny eugenics anti working class etc 🙄 #PoliticsLive
11 Jan, 02:46 PM UTC
Glynis Elliott
Toby Young...if you can afford to subsidise Harry and Meghans 10 bedroom house you can afford to help children whose families are on benefit. #politicslive
11 Jan, 12:25 PM UTC
pete best
Toby Young writes self pity piece about how people are snubbing him because he's an obnoxious anti working class misogynistic eugenist Tory shill....cue @RobBurl at "hi Toby understand you need to try to reinvent available for #PoliticsLive?"
11 Jan, 02:33 PM UTC
Matt Arnold
That’s no surprise is it, Toby Young waxing lyrical about the 2 child benefit cap and how he agrees with it. If he had his way, people on benefits wouldn’t be allowed to have children at all #politicslive
11 Jan, 02:05 PM UTC
Trizzy Gillespie
@OwenJones84 Let's not forget Toby Young used to be a spectator hack, that was where he pushed his Eugenics pieces
11 Jan, 03:04 AM UTC
Briefcase Michael
Seems the disgraced Toby Young is now fully rehabilitated. Not only is he on #PoliticsLive today but there's a drawing of him on the Home page of the Government's Exiting the EU website. @BBCPolitics Briefcase Michael's photo on Toby Young
11 Jan, 12:21 PM UTC
Pete North
A Corbyn activist, a guardian hack, a Tory radio presenter, Toby Young and a 90's pop singer and the ever vacuous Jo Coburn. The living manifestation of the Bubble. Seriously, what value does this add to the national debate? What does it offer serious adults? #BBC #politicslive
11 Jan, 04:10 PM UTC
Hefin 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Ah good another Toby Young article, I'm sure this one is full of facts and evidence and not entirely based on lazy stereotypes and his own subjective perception of masculinity
11 Jan, 01:49 PM UTC
Andrew Hedges
We need to start asking big questions about @BBCPolitics. How does Andrew Neil still have a regular presenting job? Why do you think Toby Young, a eugenicist no less, is acceptable on a panel? Why do you interview aggressive protestors? #bbctw #bbc
11 Jan, 03:17 PM UTC
Izzy Duddy
Ash Sarkar presenting the facts on transgender issues in a plain and eloquent matter, running circles round Toby Young. Transgender rights are not up for political debate. It’s not about whose rights trump others. #politicslive
11 Jan, 12:45 PM UTC
Mark Hebden
What a surprise. Disgraced eugenecist Toby Young being given a platform again by the BBC.
11 Jan, 04:48 PM UTC
Jill ⚡️
Jarvis looking at Toby Young with a “Did ye, aye?” face is my jam ❤️ Jill ⚡️'s photo on Toby Young
11 Jan, 01:01 PM UTC
Georgia Lewis
Every time Toby Young is trending, I always regret checking why he is trending. See also, Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson, Jeremy Hunt, Liam Fox, Andrea Leadsom, George Galloway, Arron Banks, Aaron Bastani, Nadine Dorries, Ken Livingstone and Piers Morgan.
11 Jan, 01:04 PM UTC
Suzy S
@RickBlaine123 The same Toby Young that forced the UK taxpayer to pay for the schooling of his children in free school experiment. Odious and vile doesn't even come close.
11 Jan, 02:52 PM UTC
Trevor Warner
And to this day Toby Young still can't understand why he was left off the guest list to so many Christmas parties. It couldn't possibly be because he's an odious little turd🤔
11 Jan, 02:33 PM UTC
What's Toby Young doing on the BB... oh, it's edited by Rob Burley. Nevermind.
11 Jan, 01:00 PM UTC
hoopsmcann GTTO
Toby Young is an utter dick. #politicslive
11 Jan, 12:25 PM UTC
Flipper the Priest
#politicslive Toby Young saying to poor people, stop having kids. What a prick!!!
11 Jan, 12:24 PM UTC
Ash Sarkar effortlessly running 3-dimensional rings around Toby Young #politicslive
11 Jan, 12:47 PM UTC
Andy Freeman
Hey! Toby Young is on #politicslive @BBCPolitics Andy Freeman's photo on Toby Young
11 Jan, 12:18 PM UTC
John Traynor
BBC continue to willingly participate in the rehabilitation of extremist idiot and eugenist Toby Young. #PoliticsLive Young is a professional troll who likes to play the victim.
11 Jan, 03:55 PM UTC
Did I miss something? When did Toby Young get rehabilitated? He’s still an objectionable twat and a nasty piece of work and shouldn’t be anywhere near a public forum for a long, long time.
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
Traci Hegner
Just wanted to say, How proud I was as a Creighton Mom (yes Toby isn't playing but still feel like a Creighton mom) The game against Marquette was one of the best games I have ever watched. So proud of how the boys played. @Mitchbballin24 @deemintz1 Way to lead this young team!
11 Jan, 04:49 PM UTC
Rupert Cocking
@thoughtland I thought Jones coped well. Toby Young, you say. He was on telly at lunchtime. When’s someone going to give him his maracas back? Rupert Cocking's photo on Toby Young
11 Jan, 04:49 PM UTC
Маrk Catlin
People like Toby young who were born into wealth and privilege seem to like giving their ill-informed opinion over how people they see as somehow beneath them should live their lives #PoliticsLive
11 Jan, 12:25 PM UTC
I came home from a really bad day , feeling miserable ...turned on Politics Live and burst out laughing and giggling ! Toby Young was on ! How he makes me laugh ! Mutley's photo on Toby Young
11 Jan, 02:18 PM UTC
(((Dr Zircon))) 🖤
"Toby Young" Back again why?#PoliticsLive (((Dr Zircon))) 🖤's photo on Toby Young
11 Jan, 02:04 PM UTC
How Toby Young got where he isn’t today | Stewart Lee
11 Jan, 04:16 PM UTC
Toby Young trending - cant be bothered checking it, to find yet another twitter love-in about everyone's fave, Toby Young.
11 Jan, 05:16 PM UTC
James Doleman
How Toby Young got where he isn’t today
11 Jan, 05:29 PM UTC
@Mr_JDTraynor @ElliotElinor Toby Young kept interrupting a woman. So rude.
11 Jan, 04:23 PM UTC
Why does everybody say horrid things about Toby Young? That's my job. Mutley's photo on Toby Young
11 Jan, 05:33 PM UTC
Jude #FBPE
@GuardianAnushka Thank you for correcting @toadmeister on @BBCPolitics. He incorrectly said that you cannot be a member of the customs union without freedom of movement. This is incorrect, it only applies to the single market. More rubbish from Toby Young. #Brexit Jude #FBPE's photo on Toby Young
11 Jan, 05:44 PM UTC
Fred Barboo
Pretty sure Toby Young is trending because of how many people are asking why Toby Young is trending.
11 Jan, 05:38 PM UTC
Rob Jessel
@apihtawikosisan "I name her as transphobic" It's like you're casting a spell. You guys do believe in magic, Toby Young was right.
11 Jan, 05:44 PM UTC

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