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Nelba Márquez-Greene
Good morning. Buenos días. Today is Wednesday, July 8 in the year 2020 where I live. It is a perfect day and opportunity to not be awful. We should all try it.
08 Jul, 10:47 AM UTC
Today is Wednesday at saktong natapos ko tong kay Wendy 😭😭😭 sana may lapag ka mamaya bebe. 😬🙏
08 Jul, 10:15 AM UTC
Inspector Derrick🕵🏾‍♂️
Today is Wednesday so why not crush on the @crowns_curls CEO. She out here bringing comfort to you as you sleep. For all heads small or big(mine), you are covered Place your orders today: Whatsapp: 0779505169 Twitter: @crowns_curls Instagram: @crowns_curls
08 Jul, 08:24 AM UTC
😈👑🇪🇸紫雷イオ SpainFAN🇪🇸👑😈
Good Morning, how are you??? I hope you have a great day, I love you ❤️😍 Today is wednesday second night of NXT Great American Bash, Can we see tonight @shirai_io ? 😊👀 😈👑I want to see my champ, she is NXT 😈👑 #WWENXT #WWEGAB #Ioshirai #紫雷イオ
08 Jul, 12:23 PM UTC
Minister of Food Affairs 🍽👨🏽‍🍳🇧🇸
Today is Wednesday Tomorrow is Thursday Then it’s a Holiday Weekend
08 Jul, 12:56 PM UTC
Ela Tenpenny
Today is Wednesday July 8th, 2020 and Governor Phil Murphy is responsible for the deaths of 6300 Nursing Home Patients in the state of NJ.
08 Jul, 11:18 AM UTC
Erik Stolhanske
Today is Wednesday. #keepitsimple @ErikStolhanske's photo on Today is Wednesday
08 Jul, 12:15 PM UTC
Don't waste any opportunity life gives you. Today is Wednesday, visit Banana Home, make purchase and get 15% discount. #bananahomeday
08 Jul, 10:01 AM UTC
Good morning everyone! 😃 Today is Wednesday, July 8th and @realDonaldTrump is the most corrupt president in the history of the United States.
08 Jul, 12:45 PM UTC
What day is it today?
Today is Wednesday.
08 Jul, 12:00 PM UTC
Kevin Peck
Good morning! Today is Wednesday, July 8
08 Jul, 01:08 PM UTC
Joshua Ratliff
Today is Wednesday July 8th 2020 117 days since the murder of #BreonnaTaylor. 117 days no arrest no justice! If this was a white girl would we still be counting the days? #SayHerName #JusticeForBreonna
08 Jul, 01:20 PM UTC
lala chan ³⁹🍒
08 Jul, 01:24 PM UTC
Emily L. Hauser אלה אסתר
Today is Wednesday July 8th, and all this is still real.
08 Jul, 01:02 PM UTC
America or Amerussia... VOTE BLUE !!
Today is Wednesday, July 8, 2020. Does anyone know why @realdonaldtrump (aka #traitortRump) is still in office ?
08 Jul, 12:49 PM UTC
Adewale Onagbesan
As today is Wednesday na😊 Lemme famz my surest Babe😄 The only Babe that when I make her happy, I get credit alerts😂 My beautiful and lovely Mother😍 You have my Wednesday Maami😊 Mama ARISTOKRAT❤❤
08 Jul, 01:51 PM UTC
˜”*°•. ❃ Cყαɳҽα Mσσɳ ✿˜”*°•.~
Good morning from baby my lovelies Today is Wednesday! 🙌🏼💕 I hope everyone has a great day! Remember to be kind to yourself and to others because everyone is struggling one way or the other.💕 Mwauhs!💋🥺
08 Jul, 01:40 PM UTC
Today is Wednesday and you don't want to miss the Wednesday Special. Please call any of the numbers to make your order. Don't be shy.😃💙
08 Jul, 12:13 PM UTC
Tom McLaughlin
Guy being interviewed on CNN is talking about the last thing affects of coronavirus. He said he scored poorly on a test for dementia. Then he said he could tell you today was Thursday. Today is Wednesday.
08 Jul, 12:55 PM UTC
Hii Guys!! 🥰 Today is Wednesday and Wednesday is my vlog day 😍 New video is out on my youtube channel at may panibagong victim nanaman tayo sa kalokohan ko, with my niece and Gucci. 😘 - xoxo 💋
08 Jul, 10:51 AM UTC
Radicalized By Reality⚡️⚡️
Today is Wednesday!
08 Jul, 01:41 PM UTC
Michelle S 🦋🦄👽👻🐱
Good Morning! Today is Wednesday, July 8th. Important things to note today: #BlackLivesMatter Also we need #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor #JusticeForElijahMcClain
08 Jul, 01:05 PM UTC
Today is Wednesday, July 8th 2020.
08 Jul, 01:45 PM UTC
👑 Mac The Black woman lover✊🏿🍫
Grand Risings my Awesome Black people. Today is Wednesday a new day y’all be safe and stay positive today. Know that everything is going to be ok and you’re never alone in this world. Great days are coming your way and you will be happy and you will find your purpose in life 🙏🏾✊🏿
08 Jul, 01:24 PM UTC
Today is Wednesday, July 8, 2020, and Obama was the most corrupt President in our nation's history.
08 Jul, 01:07 PM UTC
Today is Wednesday, July 8, 2020. The Amarillo area is operating at Coronavirus (COVID-19) Level Orange: Extreme Caution. For more information, visit @CityofAmarillo's photo on Today is Wednesday
08 Jul, 01:01 PM UTC
𝐀 回 || ᴾʳᵒᵈ ᴮʸ ᴱᵁᴺᴴᴬ
Omg, i forgot that today is wednesday
08 Jul, 12:57 PM UTC
@pam_sands Good morning Pam. Today is Wednesday, a good "spa day".😀
08 Jul, 01:56 PM UTC
Unorthodox Soul 💫
Today is Wednesday Mercury Day. Seek wisdom and guidance. Don't be afraid to speak on how you feel. Speak with confidence. Blessed Mercury Day 💫
08 Jul, 01:46 PM UTC
Emily Benton
Today is Wednesday and that means 2 more days until @MuscadineBLine releases some new songs 🎉
08 Jul, 01:38 PM UTC

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