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Justin Lester
My thoughts are with the Muslim community across New Zealand and, in particular, in Christchurch. This is a tragic and horrible event for all New Zealanders. #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 01:42 AM UTC
Wellington Phoenix
We send our thoughts to all those in Christchurch during this tragic event. Look after each other and stay safe 💛 #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 03:28 AM UTC
Hyundai A-League
Our thoughts are with everyone in Christchurch #TogetherWeStand https://t.co/xLpZKJznc9
15 Mar, 04:40 AM UTC
Adelaide United
Days like today put football in perspective. Our thoughts go out to everyone in Christchurch and New Zealand at this time. #TogetherWeStand https://t.co/vaBMWy4bwH
15 Mar, 04:08 AM UTC
Ruth Dyson
My thoughts are with our Muslim community here in Christchurch and with @nzpolice . Look out for each other and stay our of the 4 Avenues. #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 01:46 AM UTC
Perth Glory FC
Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the tragic events in Christchurch. #TogetherWeStand https://t.co/Ot3pBiFx5C
15 Mar, 05:26 AM UTC
Perth Wildcats
Our thoughts are with everyone in Christchurch #TogetherWeStand https://t.co/3ftxmXxFoH
15 Mar, 05:29 AM UTC
Team Wellington ⚫️🔶
To our football community and all those in Christchurch, our thoughts are with you during this time. Stay strong and be safe. #TogetherWeStand ❤️🖤
15 Mar, 04:24 AM UTC
Charlene Bourlon
En hommage aux victimes de l’attaque à #Christchurch 1 minute de silence a a eu lieu entre les @ChiefsRugby et @Hurricanesrugby à Hamilton ce soir avant le coup d’envoi. #SuperRugby #TogetherWeStand https://t.co/w10TClffwO
15 Mar, 06:40 AM UTC
Olé Football Academy
Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with those who have been affected by the awful violence in Christchurch. This is not our New Zealand #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 07:04 AM UTC
North Shore United
We send our heartfelt condolences to everyone in Christchurch. We are one family in this world. Disgusting acts like these don't belong. #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 04:31 AM UTC
Charlene Bourlon
🙏🏻 #Togetherwestand #Christchurch Charlene Bourlon's photo on #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 05:20 AM UTC
Gavin Mudford
@Schwarzenegger Thank you Sir its a dark day for us kiwis #KiaKaha #TheGardenCity #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 07:52 AM UTC
Central United FC
On behalf the club we'd like to express our condolences to all affected by today's terrorist incident in Christchurch @CU_Dragons @cashmere_tech @MainlandFooty #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 07:17 AM UTC
Poneke Football Club
❤️🖤#TogetherWeStand - Sending love to the city of Christchurch, to our Muslim community and to our first responders. #YouBelong #DonateBlood
15 Mar, 05:22 AM UTC
Bec Moore
Too many arguments happening on social media right now about the devastating events in New Zealand today. Now isn’t the time to be tearing each other down. #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 07:09 AM UTC
Caversham United FC
Caversham United send our thoughts to those affected in Christchurch during last night’s tragic event. Stay safe. #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 06:39 AM UTC
Lower Hutt City AFC
To all those in the footballing (and wider) community in Christchurch we offer our thoughts and prayers on this very dark day. ⚽️💛💚💛⚽ #togetherwestand
15 Mar, 06:03 AM UTC
Nick Arnold
Kia Kaha Christchurch. My heart bleeds for all of New Zealand and all those involved #togetherwestand
15 Mar, 07:08 AM UTC
All Blacks Supporters
Our thoughts and prayers are with Christchurch and everyone involved in this very sad day. R.I.P🥺😧 #togetherwestand https://t.co/1lK71jdeEW
15 Mar, 05:12 AM UTC
Having lived in #NewZealand for a number of years this attacks even more saddening, their people are truly welcoming and friendly, they live and cohabit fantastically, like anywhere there is tensions but am shock they would do this to their own #Christchurch #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 06:48 AM UTC
Alessandro Landolfi
The terror attack in New Zealand is incredibly sad, its horrific how people can be so sick to even think of something so horrific. Just Horrible and Sad. #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 05:43 AM UTC
Please. If you see any form of the video circulating around the internet, report it straight away please. Not only disrespectful to the families that lost loved ones but giving those monsters what they want in exposure. Kia kaha #Togetherwestand
15 Mar, 07:04 AM UTC
Been a fucking rough last couple of hours, for the whole country. Thoughts to everyone down in Christchurch and to everyone affected. My heartbreaks to the families that lost loved ones today. They were kiwis, Hoki i te rangimarie Rest in peace <3 #Togetherwestand #TheyAreUs
15 Mar, 06:41 AM UTC
Edwin Haverkamp
#Togetherwestand our innocence is truly lost when this can happen in NZ. Kia Kaha #chch #ChristchurchAttack https://t.co/7K3AKYrHxM
15 Mar, 05:28 AM UTC
No words to describe how i'm feeling after hearing about the Christchurch news. Thoughts to all those who are affected 😪 #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 07:23 AM UTC
Woke up to the awful news in New Zealand. Thoughts and prayers to everyone involved. #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 06:40 AM UTC
Jamie Fairmaid
Dark day in NZ. Feel for the people of CHCH... 40 confirmed dead... this is NOT NZ #depressed #Christchurch #Togetherwestand
15 Mar, 06:28 AM UTC
Daniel Beckett
My thoughts and prayers are with the families that have lost loved ones from the attack in Christchurch. #Togetherwestand #Christchurch
15 Mar, 06:10 AM UTC
@SnuttTheIft @Seawolves_Rugby @Austin_E_Rugby @usmlr Speaking as a New Zealand based @usmlr fan and a @Seawolves_Rugby fan this gesture is beautiful, and just another example of why rugby is such a great unifier #TogetherWeHunt #TogetherWeStand Aroha Nui
15 Mar, 06:04 AM UTC
Harry Mora
My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families in today’s shooting in Christchurch 💔💔. #ChristchurchMosqueAttack #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 05:36 AM UTC
Vivien Tu
@SparkNZ Thank you team Spark! ❤ #TogetherWeStand #Christchurch
15 Mar, 08:01 AM UTC
OC 202 RE
Truly shocked and saddened to hear of the despicable acts of terror in New Zealand. Our thoughts and condolences go out to all affected. I would also like to thank kind hosts @1BMHC who on our visit this week took time to educate us about Islam and its culture. #Togetherwestand OC 202 RE's photo on #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 07:54 AM UTC
Steven Farrell
Thoughts are with everyone in #Christchurch after today’s terrible events!! #TogetherWeStand !! 🇳🇿🇦🇺 !! #prayers are with those that have affected!! 🙏🙏
15 Mar, 07:53 AM UTC
Norwest United FC
Our thoughts are with all of Christchurch. #Togetherwestand
15 Mar, 07:52 AM UTC
The world is getting worse and brutal ! People nowadays no heart and feeling. Innalillahhiwainailaihirojiun buad saudara sesama islam di bumi New Zealand 😭 #ILOVEISLAM #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 07:50 AM UTC
Gavin Mudford
People were joking recently that NZ wasnt on many maps around the world... they know now... unfortunately for all the wrong reasons 😢 #KiaKaha #TheGardenCity #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 07:37 AM UTC
Gavin Mudford
#KiaKaha to the @nzpolice and StJohns Ambulance and all first responders for their courage and swift actions in the face of such adversary and horror #TogetherWeStand #TheGardenCity
15 Mar, 07:33 AM UTC
Dj Stergi
My thoughts go out to the victims of Christchurch NZ attack it’s very sad that those people had to deal with such horrific circumstances my prayers go out to the people that are okay and their families 🙏🏻❤️ #TogetherWeStand 🇦🇺🤝🇳🇿
15 Mar, 07:30 AM UTC
Shaun Kostizen
The Christchurch terrorist attack makes me feel sick to the stomach. I send my prayers to New Zealand. #TogetherWeStand #prayforchristchurch
15 Mar, 07:13 AM UTC
Antonio Rivera
@fraser_anning I think this tweet highlights the level of stupidity from YOU and all the people that don’t understand that no matter your race, your religion or your sexual preference WE ARE ALL ONE. #Togetherwestand
15 Mar, 07:12 AM UTC
Courtney Boswell
Sad day for New Zealand. My heart breaks for those family’s involved. #Togetherwestand #kiakaha #ChristchurchMosqueAttack https://t.co/zBqyvBxvCR
15 Mar, 07:12 AM UTC
15 Mar, 07:08 AM UTC
Tammie Haddrill
Pray for Christchurch #Togetherwestand https://t.co/KXZQReBW3p
15 Mar, 06:36 AM UTC
Marco Cravero
#love #upsanddowns #togetherwestand #iloveyou #happyanniversary #insta #london @ Around The-World https://t.co/iygnoWMaKR
15 Mar, 06:22 AM UTC
Alison Foletta
New Zealand has always shown herself to be a strong and united country. I believe in people coming together in the face of adversity. New Zealand STRONG. #Christchurch #togetherwestand #strongertogether
15 Mar, 06:17 AM UTC
Andrew WT
@TamimOfficial28 @BCBtigers Sorry. From all of Christchurch. #Togetherwestand
15 Mar, 06:11 AM UTC
Wanganui Athletic
Thought and prayers goes out to Christchurch during these horrific events. A sad, sad day to be a New Zealander 😰 #togetherwestand
15 Mar, 05:57 AM UTC
15 Mar, 05:56 AM UTC
Just goes to show that the real monsters are human. 🇳🇿 ❤️#Togetherwestand #SPNFamiIy Jarn’s's photo on #TogetherWeStand
15 Mar, 05:51 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Australia.

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