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Little Mix
#ToldYouSo is coming at midnight! If there was a song on the album to define us it would be this one... true friendship. No matter what we’ll always look out for each other ♥️ Make sure you pre-order #LM5 to hear it https://t.co/mbXSoK0aG2 the girls x Little Mix's photo on #ToldYouSo
08 Nov, 05:46 PM UTC
Little Mix
#ToldYouSo is out and available for you to listen to right now! Pre-order #LM5 today 👊 https://t.co/mbXSoKhLxA Little Mix's photo on #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 12:00 AM UTC
Pop Crave
.@LittleMix will be releasing a new song titled #ToldYouSo, from their upcoming album, #LM5⁠, at midnight! Pop Crave's photo on #ToldYouSo
08 Nov, 06:03 PM UTC
Rose Luna Ash 😴
@LittleMix Girl, just come round mine tonight i’ve got wine and make-up wipes i'll hold you, I'll hold you we can put the kettle on talk 'bout how he's not the one i told you but I'm never gonna say I told you so I felt that ... I'm literally sobbing here you've done it 😭💙👏🏻👏🏻 #ToldYouSo Rose Luna Ash 😴's photo on #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 12:06 AM UTC
iHeartRadio Canada
We are going to be fed good music soon from @LittleMix! We can't wait for #ToldYouSo ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ #LM5 https://t.co/DvWvvLM3G1
08 Nov, 07:45 PM UTC
Music News Facts
#ToldYouSo the new promo single by @LittleMix is out now! #LM5 https://t.co/DEHupzGDcI Music News Facts's photo on #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 04:43 AM UTC
Mafia Little Mix BR 🌹
[Tradução] Letra de #ToldYouSo, música que as meninas disseram que define a relação delas, pois elas sempre cuidam/vão cuidar umas das outras. A letra fala sobre amizade e sobre apoiar as amigas que estão sofrendo com uma decepção amorosa. O que acharam? 😭❤️ Mafia Little Mix BR 🌹's photo on #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 12:42 AM UTC
Little Mix Japan
✨速報✨ 新アルバム『#LM5』からの新曲「Told You So」が本日解禁になりました🎼🎹❤️今すぐチェックしてね! ♫試聴▷https://t.co/ZTR8x9b53E いよいよ来週11/16金曜アルバムが発売!iTunesで予約をすると #WomanLikeMe #JoanOfArc #ToldYouSo の3曲が今から聴けちゃいます! #MixerJp Little Mix Japan's photo on #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 12:32 AM UTC
𝙊𝘮𝘰𝘪 💚 𝘦𝙓𝘱𝘭𝘪𝘤𝘪𝘵 𝘞𝘈𝘚𝘼𝘉𝘐
Okay, but it's smart to release #ToldYouSo as a promo track after #JoanOfArc and #WomanLikeMe They're all about female empowerment and solidarity, but the songs have SUCH different sounds, they REALLY showcase @LittleMix's versatility #LM5 pre-order here: https://t.co/NvLzM5SlHC
08 Nov, 06:13 PM UTC
Little Mix Japan
新作『 #LM5』発売まであと1週間😍 先ほど公開になった「#ToldYouSo」 🎼は既に配信中の #JoanOfArc や #WomaLikeMe とはまた違う ガールズの美しすぎる歌声が際立つバラード曲♫来週発売の『 #LM5 』はガールズの進化が感じられる最高作品になりそう💜 🎧試聴&予約▷https://t.co/ZTR8x8Tuc6 Little Mix Japan's photo on #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 08:42 AM UTC
ɪ ʷⁱˢʰ ɪ ᶜᵒᵘˡᵈ, ᵇᵘᵗ ɪ ᵈᵒⁿ'ᵗ ʷᵃⁿᵗ ᵗᵒ.
Little mix veio pra mostrar que always be together não era brincadeira e que a amizade delas vai estar sempre firme e forte, rainhas que inventaram a friendship. #ToldYouSo https://t.co/QpJYqiZrVa
09 Nov, 12:42 AM UTC
Little Mix Argentina 🌹 | #WomanLikeMe
Hoy a medianoche sale el 2do single promocional de #LM5, #ToldYouSo!Little Mix Argentina 🌹 | #WomanLikeMe's photo on #ToldYouSo
08 Nov, 05:17 PM UTC
Little Mix Updates
#ToldYouSo is out at midnight! Make sure to pre order #LM5 Little Mix Updates's photo on #ToldYouSo
08 Nov, 08:39 PM UTC
Little Mix Australia
Honestly, you will most definitely not be disappointed with ANY of the songs on #LM5. It is truly @LittleMix best album to date. My personal favourites are #ToldYouSo #Wasabi #Strip #WomansWorld & #MoreThanWords but I honestly love EVERY song on this album! ONE WEEK!! - Alex
09 Nov, 02:26 AM UTC
Caity 🌛
@LittleMix “Be honest, his best friend was hotter than him” #ToldYouSo Caity 🌛's photo on #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 12:02 AM UTC
nick 🌹
told you so é linda demais, little mix tem a amizade mais bonita do mundo #ToldYouSo https://t.co/UrcIGdRZGH
09 Nov, 01:47 AM UTC
God #ToldYouSo is such a masterpiece stylistically, vocally, and lyrically. It literally feels like a hug and a comforting presence. I love the girls so much for releasing something like this. Gonna go cry again brb
09 Nov, 01:41 AM UTC
LM Global®🌹
Don’t forget to stream #ToldYouSo, it’s an amazing song and the girls worked really hard on it! YouTube: https://t.co/JVJgcTDD6S Spotify: https://t.co/4ViREVy7cN
09 Nov, 12:12 AM UTC
Talk fast, romance
"He's never gonna love you like we do" #ToldYouSo Talk fast, romance's photo on #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 03:21 AM UTC
"ele nunca vai te amar como nos te amamos " #ToldYouSo WOMAN LIKE ME 🌹's photo on #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 02:06 AM UTC
Leyla (🐰) & 🐱 🏳️‍🌈
Girl, just come round mine tonight I’ve got wine and make-up wipes I'll hold you, I'll hold you #ToldYouSo Leyla (🐰) & 🐱 🏳️‍🌈's photo on #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 01:10 AM UTC
“See I’m happy. That boy was just playing pretend. We said but you never listened. But finally you found that he’s never gonna love you like we do.” My friends this whole year telling me to let go of a boy who constantly broke my heart. #ToldYouSo Wig_Snatcher_Ariana's photo on #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 01:58 AM UTC
Simon Jones
Adore this song. Written by my girl @Raye with @mnek & @Eyelar. #ToldYouSo by @LittleMix is out now. Pre-order #LM5⁠ ⁠ https://t.co/jin4f3r4S4
09 Nov, 08:59 AM UTC
" I'm never gonna say I told you so I'm never gonna say I warned you " 😭😊❤️ This is genuine friendship- not nudging, simply being a support and shelter for your lost friend. God bless you, @LittleMix for gifting us another BFF anthem, #ToldYouSo is a treasure 💖💞💖
09 Nov, 03:27 AM UTC
g a b y 🎄
bUT I NEVER GONNA SAY TOLD YOU SO #ToldYouSo g a b y 🎄's photo on #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 03:24 AM UTC
09 Nov, 12:39 AM UTC
Spain Little Mix 🌹
❗️• ¿Habeis escuchado ya #toldyouso? ¿Que os parece? https://t.co/LwNIoNLWwm
09 Nov, 07:52 AM UTC
Listen #ToldYouSo here: https://t.co/nBZBMJMfri -Seb InternationalMixers's photo on #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 01:18 AM UTC
Kj Jones
Okay, @LittleMix’s #ToldYouSo is just a beautiful song from its lyrics to its harmonies. If this is how the first three tracks are already, my body is ready for rest of the album. 👑
09 Nov, 03:31 AM UTC
Spain Little Mix 🌹
#Nonstop #toldyouso Spain Little Mix 🌹's photo on #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 07:52 AM UTC
jord 🌹| #LM5
Girl just come round mine tonight, I’ve got wine and Simple x Little Mix makeup wipes available at Boots and other UK retailers 🤪 #ToldYouSo #LM5 @LittleMix
09 Nov, 09:09 AM UTC
Jackelyn Goldwater
What in the mind reading, witchcraft is going on here? Did @LittleMix hack our groupchat?? They just get it. @Steft2719 #ToldYouSo 😂🖤
09 Nov, 09:28 AM UTC
Always maintain positive vibe and fear God #FridayFeeling #ToldYouSo #HereWeGo
09 Nov, 09:34 AM UTC
❄️🎄Charlie agnew🎄❄️
@LittleMix probably my favourite lyric in a song EVER “girl just come round mine tonight, I’ve got wine & make up wipes” 👏🏼🎶 xxx #ToldYouSo
09 Nov, 09:45 AM UTC
Molly Thynne
I swear @LittleMix are getting better and better with every new release!! Had a bit of a tear in my eye listening to #ToldYouSo this morning! They are such great voices for women and for friendship - totally understand the feelings in this song 🙌🏼💜
09 Nov, 09:38 AM UTC
#toldyouso by @LittleMix is soooooo freaking beautiful! How come this is not a single bc 😍😭😍😭😍😭😍😭😍
09 Nov, 09:38 AM UTC
xForeverMixer 🌹
To me, #ToldYouSo is the grown up version of #AlwaysBeTogether But I feel like #LM5 is the more grown up version of DNA
09 Nov, 09:35 AM UTC
09 Nov, 09:34 AM UTC
09 Nov, 09:33 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United Kingdom.

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