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Blitz Guy
Mike Tomlin: “What the F*ck!” #Steelers #NFL https://t.co/GqhQZz6sjf
02 Oct, 06:23 PM UTC
Unmistakable Latin Flavor
I knew the Steelers were going to lose this week. You know why? Because this is the Steeler Way: They always play down to competition and lose to an opponent they should crush. Doesn't matter if it's Tomlin, Cowher, or Noll. It happens every goddamn year. Every. Year.
02 Oct, 08:15 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
“I thought we needed a spark.” — Mike Tomlin https://t.co/5hl0NXGJGY
02 Oct, 08:38 PM UTC
Chris Vannini
Over the past few days, I've thought a lot about the time Mike Tomlin wouldn't let Ryan Clark play in Denver because the coach was concerned about Clark's sickle cell, even though he was cleared by doctors. Tua, JJ Watt, we gotta have more people looking out for players. @ChrisVannini's photo on Tomlin
02 Oct, 04:41 PM UTC
Pittsburgh Steelers
Coach Tomlin addresses the media following our game against the Jets. @steelers's photo on Tomlin
02 Oct, 08:33 PM UTC
Andrew Fillipponi
No Watt. OK. You have defensive genius Mike Tomlin. And a $108 million worth of players. Disgusting.
02 Oct, 08:10 PM UTC
Adam Crowley
The #Steelers defense blew it. They’ve had horrible moments in the 4th quarter in each of their three losses. Gave up the game-tying TD in the Bengals win. Not good enough. W/ Tomlin, Austin, and Flores. Inexcusable.
02 Oct, 08:22 PM UTC
Colin Dunlap
Hate to be this guy, but Tomlin/Canada look kind of bad here. I know it is just the Jets, but it is clear offense plays with more confidence and Pickett is so much more decisive than Trubisky, So you have to ask why this move wasn’t made earlier this season or at start of season?
02 Oct, 07:52 PM UTC
Dejan Kovacevic
Tomlin said he switched from Mitch Trubisky to Kenny Pickett because he felt the Steelers needed ‘a spark,’ and he credited Pickett for bringing ‘energy’ to the offense.
02 Oct, 08:38 PM UTC
You wanna throw real blame, blame Tomlin for not preparing Kenny to start this game.
02 Oct, 08:29 PM UTC
The Buffalo Jet Fan
Robert Saleh was better than Mike Tomlin today. #Jets
02 Oct, 08:21 PM UTC
Matt Infante
Brian Flores is probably cursing Mike Tomlin under his breath for putting in the rookie QB over the wily veteran.
02 Oct, 06:59 PM UTC
Dejan Kovacevic
Kenny Pickett says he had no inkling he’d have a chance to start today. Adds that Tomlin told him at halftime he was going in, and that was that. … Also, wasn’t told anything about future status after game.
02 Oct, 08:44 PM UTC
Blitzburgh 🎃
Tomlin said the Steelers put Pickett in after halftime because the offense needed a “spark." #Steelers #NFL
02 Oct, 08:31 PM UTC
Dejan Kovacevic
Tomlin’s list of injuries: Terrell Edmunds (concussion protocol), Cam Heyward (elbow, ankle), Minkah Fitzpatrick (knee).
02 Oct, 08:43 PM UTC
Bob Pompeani
Diontae Johnson “Obviously it’s a rebuilding year, Not going to use that as an excuse” I’m guessing Mike Tomlin might not agree with this
02 Oct, 10:13 PM UTC
The totality of Steeler fans do not deserve Mike Tomlin. Part of me wishes he goes to coach a new team so Steeler can suck as bad as the Lions after Jim Caldwell.
02 Oct, 10:06 PM UTC
Audrey Gray
Gammy's furbaby's nestled next to her as her grandbaby slept in her arms all afternoon. And nothing, not even the fact that Tomlin will probably have his 1st losing season ever, will dampen her smile. I hope you're enjoying your Sunday. xo https://t.co/ngurvXIsUf
02 Oct, 09:37 PM UTC
Chris Adamski
Kinda crazy that this was Mike Tomlin's 245th game as an NFL head coach, and today was only the 2nd time he made an in-game QB change (for non-injury reasons) (also Nov 24, 2019; Hodges for Rudolph)
02 Oct, 10:06 PM UTC
Steelers Depot 7⃣🎃
Ray Fittipaldo's Steelers report card: Bad grades all around in loss to Jets https://t.co/17zf3yw93v #Steelers https://t.co/8thfY8Hklc
02 Oct, 10:11 PM UTC
The Voice of One!
@Montejp231 @WardonSports @GregCowboys @5280Keith Is Mike Tomlin's #HereWeGo Pittsburgh Steelers 1st career head coaching loosing season "Fast & Furiously" approaching him? 😬 "Jets 24 - Steelers 20 - Final" #NFLTwitter https://t.co/c9PS2d44f6
02 Oct, 09:46 PM UTC
@rizzosarge It’s on Tomlin. How do you not make the change on a long week? Instead, you give the rookie zero reps then call his number at halftime when they are already losing.
02 Oct, 10:00 PM UTC
@PutridLobster @Trell2turntt_ Bruh do NOT get that in my head. I’d fully turn on Tomlin after that lmao
02 Oct, 10:06 PM UTC
Bernard Oliver
Tomlin and his inferior urban intellect fails again as the Steelers fall to the New York Jets. They should have hired Russ Grimm in 2007 when they had the chance. Maybe if he wasn't too busy buying black shoes, Pittsburgh would be 4-0. FIRE MIKE TOMLIN! https://t.co/W6GkUOsAGK
02 Oct, 10:11 PM UTC
Keetoosya P
@steelgatorcatie I already did those things. Even took Mom to buy her groceries this morning! 😉 Monday is going to be blahhhh.😓 Oh well, at least Pickett played! 🤷🏻 Just hope Tomlin keeps starting him! 🤨
02 Oct, 10:11 PM UTC
@BuffaloJetFan Looks almost a certainty that this will be Tomlin's first losing season as a head coach ... and probably by quite a bit too
02 Oct, 10:10 PM UTC
i trust tomlin… but he needs to pull the trigger https://t.co/VF01p0jIcZ
02 Oct, 10:10 PM UTC
Steve Vierra
@DominicFitz39 💯, dude is a leader, period. Has the swagger you want with QB1. Season starts now, he has the IT factor and everyone sees it…glad Tomlin finally opened his eyes. Guy want to play for him
02 Oct, 10:08 PM UTC
RA Purdie
@steelers_n6tion @william29676007 But every year tomlin remains coach we get closer and closer to Cle and Cincy. Don’t believe me? Read Steelers fan Twitter everyone thankful MT hasn’t had a losing season
02 Oct, 10:06 PM UTC
Daquido Bazzini
The Steelers have been over-rated on Defense for well over 10 years now. These are not elite Defensive players, and Tomlin is not an elite “D” coach. When is that going to be realized????…#Steelers
02 Oct, 10:04 PM UTC