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shannon sharpe
That blank check that Mike Tomlin wouldn’t accept from USC boosters. Lincoln Riley just accepted it. WOW.
28 Nov, 09:34 PM UTC
Alex Kozora
Since Tuesday, Mike Tomlin candidly discussed how big of a week that was. Players said that, no one hid from that fact, and they were all right. And Pittsburgh comes out as flat as they ever have. Embarrassing. #Steelers
28 Nov, 07:06 PM UTC
Mike Mitchell
Y’all saying it’s Tomlin’s fault he doesn’t make tackles or block people. Who y’all wanna replace him with. The man has never had a losing season, super bowl champion like sometimes y’all kill me.
28 Nov, 08:38 PM UTC
Andrew Fillipponi
There have been Tomlin games. Losses to inferior teams. Bad teams. Stinging playoff losses. To Tebow. Jags and worst of all the Browns. But this is as bad as I’ve ever seen the Steelers look. They don’t look like an NFL team today.
28 Nov, 08:36 PM UTC
Jeremy Fowler
Steelers kicker Chris Boswell had a rough patch a few years ago and Mike Tomlin stuck with him. This year, he's 22-of-23 on field goals. Having a Pro Bowl season.
28 Nov, 06:31 PM UTC
Pittsburgh Steelers
Coach Tomlin speaks to the media following today’s game. @steelers's photo on Tomlin
28 Nov, 09:16 PM UTC
Keep Tomlin and hire the best two coordinators you possibly can.
28 Nov, 09:14 PM UTC
Ray Fittipaldo
Tomlin said changes could be coming.
28 Nov, 09:13 PM UTC
Seth Davis
Has anyone asked Mike Tomlin yet if he wants the Oklahoma job?
28 Nov, 10:39 PM UTC
Mike Nicastro
This is one of those times I think I, along with every others #Steelers supporter, would like to just see Mike Tomlin rip into his team after this performance. No “Onto Baltimore.” I want to hear him say “we were embarrassed in a big spot and it better fucking change.”
28 Nov, 08:53 PM UTC
Nick Farabaugh
Tomlin said “you may certainly see changes” to playing time for players on both the offensive and defense line
28 Nov, 09:13 PM UTC
Stop giving Tomlin a pass, he is 100% part of the bullshit.
28 Nov, 07:13 PM UTC
Fernando Von Rossum
Muy calladitos los seguidores @Steelers cuando hace semanas comenté lo mal q estaba el equipo No solo pierden, dan lastima Borregos tiene mejor defensiva en estos momentos Q lastima q sigan defendiendo a Tomlin y a la directiva Triste despedida para Ben Se requieren cambios ya
28 Nov, 08:07 PM UTC
Gerry Dulac
There is still another quarter to go, but the Steelers have already allowed the most points in back-to-back games (75) in Mike Tomlin’s tenure. The old record was 74, set in 2013 in losses to the Chicago Bears (40-23) and Minnesota Vikings (34-27).
28 Nov, 08:13 PM UTC
Post-Gazette Sports
Joe Starkey: If this doesn’t warm up Mike Tomlin’s seat, what will?
28 Nov, 11:27 PM UTC
Gerry Dulac
Heyward: Steelers won’t win another game if they keep playing like this.
29 Nov, 01:05 AM UTC
Stephen Gibbons
The Incredible Shrinking Woman ★★★½ "No one will ever fill her shoes." #JoelSchumacher's directorial debut is a very wacky comedy starring Lily Tomlin as the eponymous lead. Considered a terrible movie by most, but I really like it. Big ideas, great sets and Tomlin is on fire.
28 Nov, 03:11 PM UTC
Adoración: Cuando Dios no es movido por la calidad de nuestra voz pero por la condición de nuestros corazones. -Chris Tomlin
28 Nov, 03:20 AM UTC
Real_Dave_La_Torre 🍿
Great comparison here to how Green Bay parted ways with their longtime coach and got better with a fresh perspective.
29 Nov, 01:44 AM UTC
one of the suitemates just does not rock w me and mollie bruh every time we speak she closes the the door and i’m like ?????? if you can bump your chris tomlin christmas album out loud i can ask mollie how her day went
29 Nov, 02:05 AM UTC
Yinzer Steve 5–5-1
I can’t get over how embarrassing that game was… I hope Tomlin does something to wake those guys up!!
29 Nov, 02:00 AM UTC
$ally ✌Chainz
@stillgotbank it wild to me how when the Steelers are doing good, Mike Tomlin never gets any credit but as soon as they get they ass whooped, it’s completely different 100% his fault 😂😂 and everyone white person is calling for his job
29 Nov, 02:14 AM UTC
David M
@JDHaltigan @PaulZeise Tomlin and Lewis were actually very similar. I’d give Tomlin a slight edge on X’s & O’s and Lewis an edge on building a roster. Don’t think the Steelers would be any worse off with Lewis. Maybe even been better off as I’d think Lewis could have done better with better ownership.
29 Nov, 02:13 AM UTC
@InterSteelers @nflrums Who cares about the non losing seasons. That’s irrelevant. I also highly doubt you want to compare Tomlin and Bellichick. Tomlin is one of the many problems for the Steelers.
29 Nov, 02:13 AM UTC
David Huffman
@BA_YORI @ok78588463 @steelers Nah, Tomlin has the choice on who plays. And Tomlin and his lack of acuity has ruined what should have been great teams with the personnel he has had. #firetomlin is trending on social media. People are starting to get it.
29 Nov, 02:12 AM UTC
@Spcbll_1 Agree. He’s not terrible, but he’s also not perfect. And I agree, his failed trades are crazy. That’s whole other rabbit trail to go down. But this isn’t all on Tomlin.
29 Nov, 02:04 AM UTC
adriana beckwith ❀
i’m convinced Mike Tomlin has all the guys take a nap right before the games, just so he can wake them up and immediately send them out on the field still have asleep.
29 Nov, 02:04 AM UTC
cicada alarmist account
is Kevin Stefanski the biggest idiot in coaching? Mike Tomlin does dumb stuff but idk if I've ever seen a coach call a timeout to avoid a 12 man on the field penalty get called for 12 men on the field immediately after the timeout
29 Nov, 01:59 AM UTC
Diego Emilio
@fvonrossum @steelers Hay muchos seguidores que más parecen porristas y otros que sabemos que desde hace tiempo se debió iniciar un proceso de renovación y hasta la salida del aferrado Tomlin
29 Nov, 01:58 AM UTC